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  1. I know it makes the minis cost more, but I personally prefer to use the metal bases whenever possible. So, I like seeing all those in the pic. I look forward to trashing them on the table top.


    Oh, and just for grins..



    9x phalanx



    9x phalanx



    8x phalanx


    1261 points


    Ya the preference for the bases actually came from playing on the old sand tables at the shop. They looked awesome and realistic but top heavy mini's with plastic bases couldn't stay standing.


    Ohh and I'm well aware of the point values because this little merry band is actually only half of my available points. Those painting saga's will come later.

  2. Sooooo long time ago in a shop far far away I got my hands on the cool new unit...which is still cool but not new. With the release of Warlord 2.0 I decided it was time to dust them off and get them into the game, their friends in the normal Overlord troops were having all the fun.


    Sooo its time to paint 26...yep 26 Phalanx, and two Meracks.


    The whole gang, based but unprimed



    Merack number 1, with some base coating in place.


  3. Hey gang I and the rest of the folks at Think Tank Paintball would like to invite you out to the first ever Battle Buddy Challenge.


    Its going to be a fun and exciting two man tourney focusing on some basic principles and techniques as well as just a ton of fun.


    The event will be held on Sunday June 21st at DFW Adventure Park in North Texas.


    registration and more information are here http://bbc2009.eventbrite.com/


    Hope to see you all out there!



    P.S. I'm afraid I'll be running events so participation does not give you a chance to shoot me. ::D:

  4. Something cool is being added to make the CFP on the Dragonfly make sence and be usable.


    I will personally take a look at the Sov, she is one of the first mini's I ever painted up and is one of my sculpt favorites so I'll see what we can do.


    As for the rest we'll take it up in committee

  5. So every once and awhile I like to poke the badgers and get their opinions on the cards in play.


    So take this chance to Say "I'd change X card" But more importantly WHY. Please don't just say "Well it needs more guns" Give me an example of why the changes matter, what they will do for the game over all.

  6. Hey gang, I'll be up at the shop doing demos and answering questions about CAV! If you need a refresher or want to get a demo come on up to the shop and we'll go over what ever you need. This will be a more open format for demos so come and go as you need. We will also have plenty of space for pick up games so bring your forces!


    Sat Jun 21, 2008 10am - 2pm


    Mad Pat

  7. That is correct one list that will be turned in before the first scenario is in play. You will not be allowed to add to or adjust your lists once the first game has started.


    Please make sure to have your lists printed out in a legible fashion.

  8. Ohhh yes those sheets were put together for a more generic format so that we can use them in the future as well as folks will be free to use them for their own games. By building them out with out specified terrain they become a bit more generic.


    Trust me I for one would not want to play on a open field with no terrain and I'm not going to make you guys do the same!

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