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  1. Yes read it learn it love it. it will be your new best friend. No really you should be at least familiar with the rules set even before the V2 stuff. thats just one BL officer to another. Mad Pat
  2. Mad Pat

    CAV 2 Merchandising

    You will probably not see CAV's that often in AICOM. Which is probably much better, its kinda like having dragons in Warlord, sure we have stats but when it eats your warlord its kinda a downer Mad Pat
  3. Ohhhh Acolyte of naughty people, it is not wise to anger those who can make accounts "accidentally" disappear. But no actually the FAQ and Errata section are awaiting that information being handed over to the web team. The powers that be will hand it over when they are happy it answers all the needed questions with the correct information. Mad Pat
  4. The wins in the BoP map count for the home region of the winner. Soo if you win while visiting another region the win goes home with you, but if your beaten in that region your visiting then the win stays with who ever won the game. Mad Pat
  5. At this time we do not have stats for a BL Dictator. Mad Pat
  6. its one of the most expensive because its one of the most dangerous. Mad Pat
  7. Keep in mind that there is a retail magic number that both customers and retailers will go for. look dollar wise at the other starter sets that reaper has produced, and use that as a bench mark. I mean it would be great to put two platoons from two factions in a deluxe box set but what is that price folks are gona pay. Mad Pat
  8. Mad Pat

    Firehawks Return!!

    pretty good stories man. Keep them coming Mad Pat
  9. Looks good now, not sure what you were seeing. Mad Pat
  10. DethStryker have you checked the store finder http://cavhq.reapergames.com/?nav=Main⊂=R.A.G.E.%20Stores Other then driving across TN once, i have no knowledge if any of these stores are near but it couldn't hurt to check. Mad Pat
  11. smaller and a touch wider. Mad Pat
  12. hehe thanks for the save Digital, but ya they are a bit large, i had forgotten i was going to shorten them to make them look a little more in prespective. I would have rather had a better shot of the despot as well but its all i had handy. Mad Pat
  13. Your aperture range is going to be pretty standard so find a camera in your price range with a good macro. Really for what we do a 2 inch macro is great. If your buying a Digital that isn't a SLR make sure you have some manual control over it other wise it won't matter what your Aperture range is as you won't be able to adjust it by hand. Mad Pat
  14. its supposed to be the unit looses its stealth if it SCANS, thus when you go active to find a foe they can see you. Hope that helps. Mad Pat
  15. Here is a quick and dirty with what i had laying around. Mad Pat
  16. I know that when i do a WL demo I use just the boxed armies, and then show the folks where on the shelf they can buy the army they just played with or the other cool ones avalible. Your right its a great tactic. As for chocolate mini's we joked about it, but there was the whole problem with casters eating more then they produced. Mad Pat
  17. Mad Pat


    ya ya ya, its been fixed. Mad Pat
  18. I have someone in mind for our third, i'll know when they get back to me. As for Terrain, as part of the challange I got to choose the Terrain, so I will set up something Uber cool on the table we have been provided. We may do something to choose deployment side, that would be fair. Mad Pat
  19. On a related note, I think Matt mentioned this already in his email with the new stuff. Sence we have alpha points in and you can now assemble forces, you are now able to register these Beta games as part of the CAVHQ system. For our benifit if you would please note first thing in the notes for the game that it is a beta game. Mad Pat
  20. Dude we would love to have your table, but we are not going to have the room to set it up at all. The game will be played on a standard 4*8 We have to work with what we have sense they are being nice enough to make this a scheduled event. We have not picked a third, and we may not have one till closer to the event. Mad Pat
  21. Ya some of those were typos, thanks for the catches. As for the Oni...i'll give you a hint, look at its SA's Mad Pat
  22. two main reasons for the color difference in the two shots is one the Green background does color shift the entire photo, if you have ever worked in a photo lab in texas during bluebonnet season you'll know my pain. Baby, bright cloths, blue and green background. its very difficult in color development to get all three of those objects their true color. The second color shift reason comes from the lighting, the green background photo is a touch lighter, thus washing the colors out a bit, the second color remains darker thus closer to the natural color states. the box is fantastic, the grunts shot looks great!!! Mad Pat
  23. Thanks for the catch on the 70, as for a order to the data cards, dude we got you data cards with points, that didn't cut in half on the page....next thing you know your gona want them color coded *grin* Mad Pat
  24. Mad Pat

    1/60 despot

    lets see some photos man! Mad Pat
  25. There was some discussion with the Hobby Town USA at Walnut Hill and 75 in Dallas, but i'm not sure if they have picked up the line yet. Mad Pat
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