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  1. Aperture range other wise known as depth of field or f stop is how much of the photo is in focus. thats the quick and dirty layman's explanation. a low aperture only the point in space that your camera is focused on is in focus, like on a mini you might focus on the mini and your camera only picks up the sword, or it picks up the body and the sword is out of focus. A high aperture everything the lens sees will be in focus. Thus a high aperture will have the sword, the body, and the background all in focus, but this tends to make the photo seem flat sense there is no visual que of where that object resides in space. real world examples, most portraits are shot at about f 5 so the subject is in focus and the background is soft. Landscapes are shot around a f 22 thus everything is in focus. I have found that a f5 or f 7 is a great f-stop for shooting mini's with a macro lens. Mad Pat "look ma all that collage is being put to use"
  2. Ahh you evil GM's and your lures of XP. to the bets of my knowledge other then the Polish site that was just mentioned there are no Warlord fan sites up. Mad Pat
  3. Right now Lady Storm has been nice enough to schedual me as doing a event for the time slot of the game, but all the other reaper folks will be working the convention. sooooo it may be just Litch and I against the three of you. But i guess thats more fair in the long run. Mad Pat.
  4. Nope sorry addressing other issues. Mad Pat
  5. Seeee now the problem is that Sooners are from Oklahoma, which is a fine state, just not where we are from. We are from Texas, home of Texas A&M, University of Texas and several other fine schools, none of which are the OU Sooners. Now if you Mil-Net Kansas boys want to call yourself the Wildcats thats fine, but you may call us the Reaper Folks, The Grim Reapers, or even Your benevolent overlords. Mad Pat
  6. Ya i caught the issue on the Sultan last week, and the Rhino has been addressed as well. but good catch on both. test out your drift suggestion and let us know how well it works. Mad Pat
  7. working on those, getting some points calculated out Mad Pat
  8. I believe that calling a group of folks who happen to be lead by a native texan "sooners" would not be in your best interest. Mad Pat
  9. I'm in for this one, and I say we do a CAV in April. Mad Pat
  10. Ya you guys think a bow string burn is bad, you should see a misfire burn from a harquebus, now that tingles... I love the new Archers, can't wait to get the rest of the grunts!!! Mad Pat
  11. Mad Pat


    Sneaky Ninja Coding Squirrels have heard request...see what we can come up with.....must go meditate at the digital shrine for guidance. Mad Pat
  12. Well the featured downloads are meant to be a special perk for those folks who have taken the time to sign up. We have some items opened to the public for general consumption, but new cooler things will be appearing in the Featured downloads are for our members of the ReaperGames community only. Mad Pat
  13. for those of you with mixed forces going forward You can still paint up all your Koda works gear to be a Terran faction, you just will be unable to use any of the terran faction special abilities. But your force could quite easily represent a pre Galaxy war unit stocked full of hardware that was bought before it was made by the enemy. You would still play your games fighting for the glory of your faction, just with out the benefits of a all faction outfitted unit. Mad Pat
  14. the sultian has linked PBG's and a single IF attack that can use the Cluster munitions upgrade that comes standard on that ride. Mad Pat
  15. If you guys really really really want it we'll put chain fire on the spector. thanks for the data card checks. Mad Pat
  16. Ya well you guys can Allude to all you want, she's one of the best and I'm upset she had to leave, but she does have to run the Con, so you kids best be nice or we'll end up with no where to play. ohh wait she wouldn't do that because she's a better person then we are. Mad Pat
  17. yes you can conduct IF attacks against models anywhere on the board, but you suffer a -2 RAV modifier for both drift and damage for every range band you cross. Mad Pat
  18. Mad Pat

    CAV 2 Beta

    Ok, lets talk about this one, other then because it was on the CAV1 datacard why does the specter need chain fire. We had a diffrent design process for the stats for CAV2 we looked at the fluff and the mini and went from there. So if neither of those sources popped up and yelled chain fire it didn't get added. now that doesn't mean it can't still be added. Patrick
  19. Mad Pat

    CAV Choice Help

    i think though as DChihorn has shown with some of the CAV's he's brought up here, that your going to get a fantastic base coat and some detail work once you've gotten the hand of the airbrush. Mad Pat
  20. ya i've used my girlfriends hair in the past, just make sure you she knows what its for, other wise you get accused of making voodo dolls because you don't love her anymore and it just spirals down from there. But i've found one hair from a woman with long hair can string a entire squad if you do it right. Mad Pat
  21. We will have a reaper supplied system for you to demonstrate basics on, I'll see to it personally. Mad Pat
  22. Mad Pat

    CAV Choice Help

    Ya as a rule of thumb i test fit everything first and then assemble the sections i think i can paint easily and then paint the rest in parts. for spray painting i highly recommend hunting down hangers with the clamps attached like they use for womans skirts. you can clip weapons spurs to them and even some cav torsos and it makes it much easier to spray paint them. Mad Pat
  23. Mad Pat

    CAV2 Beta

    Who says the Khan's cockpit is unarmored? Just because its see through doesn't mean its armor. keep the suggestions coming guys. Mad Pat
  24. What region are you in Terminal? Mad Pat
  25. Soo 2000 points per player, with standard book upgrades to stock CAV's? i think were all good with that. Mad Pat
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