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  1. I'll make sure the gang down stairs sees. Thanks! Mad Pat
  2. Sence they made the comment we offered what we would like to see. If it is desided that they would like to have open CAV's will full modifications and rebuilds then so be it. Though at that point we'll probably want a third party to glance over all the units for validation. Not saying any one would cheat but just so there is never a question on either side. Mad Pat
  3. Accepted. Right now the Reaper team is Myself, Litch, and Lady Storm. Stock CAV's only, weapons upgrades for infantry only, and pilot upgrades for cav's Mad Pat
  4. There really is no take to give, AICOMM is set for release after CAV2 which is what is being worked on now. Trust me some of us want to see it as soon as possible as well, but we can only do so much. Mad Pat
  5. Mad Pat

    CAV 2 Beta

    hehehe probably because thats what was playing on the MP3 player next to me when i was posting. its the merc theam son if ever there was one. Mad Pat
  6. Mad Pat

    CAV 2 Beta

    There is more then just approving the new datacards, Matt is a very very busy guy. One other side project you beta testers can do while your waiting. go through each of the faction lists, and find where they are missing specialty units, I.E. the RACH don't seem to have a AA unit. or I don't see any Terrian light scouts. I'm not asking for stats or units themselfs, just a idea on the units that are needed for each army. The easiest way to think about it is in warlord each army has a swordsman, a breaker, and a archer. Each of the CAV armies needs at least some representation of most if not all of the SA's. Now some units can and will cover multipul roles, so keep that in mind when looking at units. Ok, off you hounds of hell and find your prey. Mad Pat
  7. Mad Pat

    Newbie CAV'er

    ya know Spartan, I might just help Crome win the bidding war just so i can do a happy dance on your CAV with my Hawk6 for all the "Pat is gona need help" comments. As was said earlier the JOR's and the first CAV rule book will still be great resources for historical data, so don't pitch them. 99.9% of all the cav mini's will be moving forward into CAV2 that was a mandate of Matt's and one that we've been happy to fulfill. To many game companies release rules and opps sorry those 10 dollar mini's you bought well gee we feel they are unbalancing so we've removed them from the game. Other then that, pretty much everything has been said here already... Now you also said that there aren't any BL guys or gals in your area? When you get to know the rules and feel that you want to help get other folks involved in CAV, think about joining the Black Lightning program yourself. Mad Pat
  8. I would like to state that at least the Jr. portion of the web staff is even more shameless, Web Squirrels like our bribes in small denominations and unmarked, non sequential. Mad Pat
  9. just give us a heads up Mad Pat
  10. I've seen the new carry bags and they are SWEET. Look for them, all together now ...SOON Mad Pat
  11. Well that does figure in my driving so you might want to add a hour onto that. I don't slow down for highway patrol till I reach Texas, then I'm really polite. Mad Pat.
  12. Well Spartan you can leave your home city and by 10am and be in Dallas by 3 or so. Thats usually how it goes when i split my denver drive in two. Mad Pat
  13. Mad Pat

    CAV 2 Beta

    The new batch of data cards are in to Matt, he's making some changes based on things you guys have said here and in house testing. But as always Matt is doing the work of many many men so all i can say is Soon *smile* Mad Pat
  14. You are correct, it should and it will. We are addressing the technical problem now, and hopefully should have it displaying properly soon. if you do a roll over with your mouse you will show RMI as having the only win. the problem is with the realtime image creation system that makes that map. Mad Pat
  15. Mad Pat


    ohh woops heheheh yes it will as soon as i get that turned on, thanks for the reminder. Mad Pat
  16. Mad Pat

    Private Messages

    I'll write up some text for the message center so you monkies will understand our technology better Mad Pat
  17. Mad Pat

    CAV 2 Beta

    We really don't have a top or bottom target date, sence our main goal is to make the CAV 2 stats reflect the CAV mini's they will end up as expenisve or as cheap as they need to be. We get to do kinda the reverse from warlord, they had cool descriptions and stats and then make the mini's to match.... Mad Pat
  18. Mad Pat


    hehehehe thats funny Crome didn't recognize a cav emblem.... Mad Pat
  19. Mad Pat

    CAV 2 Beta

    haven't seen any suggestions on costs for SA's or comments on existing data cards as far as woooh that Rhino is tough.... so how can we put points in the next batch sooo guess we'll have to lable the release of the next batch as ...lets all say it together..... Soon!!! Mad Pat
  20. I would like to point out that this has been Bryans policy for some time, and he's stated it here before. Just remember while we do listen, we just some times can't use every suggestion made. Mad Pat
  21. Mad Pat

    CAV 2 Beta

    On a side note please do not at this time report CAV 2 Beta games in the battle report system on CAVHQ. Untill we get point values in the beta data cards this wouldn't be fair. For now just stick to CAV for the battle reports. Mad Pat
  22. Last time it was discussed ya, there should be a painting guide in it, what all that entails I'm not sure. I would probably say no, as Reaper does not produce decals for any of its games right now. I personally would recommend contacting the manufacturer for tips and tricks. I know the great guys at Fighting Pirannha Graphics are great about helping folks out with their decals.
  23. Two things. One the new camera looks fantastic, the shots are wonderful, if you can a slight suggestion up the fstop a bit so you have a deeper depth of field that way the front and the back of the mini will all be in focus even under macro. it took me a long time to figure that one out. two...when ya gona paint a cav man....come on...i'll even send you one. Mad Pat
  24. The big trick for Demos is to make sure the parents stay involved, and that they don't try to turn you into a short term baby sitter. that is something I really don't allow at demos. The parents help keep the kids focused, as well if find its just better to make sure they are part of what's going on, keeps them in the loop and they tend to not worry so much about the games the kids are playing. ohh and don't let the kids demo darkspawn *grin* Mad Pat
  25. Mad Pat

    Yellow Jackets

    About the best source for a paint job for the Yellow Jackets is the Rhino on the cover of JOR1. Other then that it comes down to How do you think the yellow jackets you field should paint thier CAVS? Mad Pat
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