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  1. Per the post I just made to the ReaperCon thread the Beta Docs and Cards will be the official addendum and cards for the ReaperCon tourney. As has been pointed out we missed the window, and are two close to the event for us to push new cards.
  2. Due to some delays we are going ahead with use of the Beta docs for this Friday's tournament. Plans to push out the updated official docs were delayed to much to make it reasonable to you the players to use doc's released this close to the actual event. We will though use this as an opportunity to field test the cards in a harsher environment then some of the games you've previously played and review if changes to the scope or roles of those cards need to be made. If you are unhappy with this situation you may discuss it with me in length this weekend and I will express my regrets and apologies to you then. Data Cards Rules Errata/Addendum
  3. Dragonfly's CFP is not in error and thus will not be changing.
  4. Cheryl isn't running the tournament. I am and I will take into account the delay in getting the final cards out. If you base your army lists off the current beta cards you will be with in 98% of the final costs as no major changes are being made just tweaks found during the beta.
  5. well just know that it doesn't matter what size the mini is its still 100% fully legal for play.
  6. If the Chronicles are official the Datacards will be official as well and the new official batch will be posted as soon as I get the go ahead from the powers that be. Most of the changes in the new cards are minor tweaks and fixes found during the beta phase there should be no surprises.
  7. its just like warlord, kill the caster first.
  8. The cards that are currently published are not the final cards, thus the Beta markings on them. We will push updated final cards upon approval and in theory with plenty of times for folks to make force adjustments. Also some items marked as errors by beta testers were in fact not errors, but changes to the card. I am double checking everything again though just in case.
  9. Everything is technically in place were just waiting on seals of approval. Everything will be slotted in and available before ReaperCon as RC08 will be the official Errata in play.
  10. No time table yet That is the current plan, which of course is always subject to change by those higher up on the food chain.
  11. Thats a good question for now i would consider the missile a member of that team and keep its card in the deck till the missile is gone. I'll make sure we get a more official answer but that processes there should get you through testing.
  12. The theory was with modern communications and real time data starting to emerge for modern soldiers the tactical spacing for units is going to be at a point in the CAV world where it would be difficult to depict on a normal game table. Maybe some rules for REALLY big games spanning floors of space might address it but for most tables even the huge ones StubbDog is expert at building you wont' need to worry about it.
  13. AICom or Advanced Infantry Combat has always been the working title for the SciFi skirmish game set in the CAV universe. Thus the new scifi grunts being released in the chronoscope range were originally called AICOM grunts. The person who placed it in a book was using a standard term for a standard project Ed Discusses AICOM not slotting into the current rules set for CAV2 Greens for 07-11-04 clearly show the prototype grunt, Aicom Ritterlich Infantry is shown on 05-17-05 Please don't say it was a Rumor reaper customers and fans are smarter then that. Will the working title of AICom be changed? Ya probably it was only ever a working title. Did I probably just ruin my chance to help out when the RoTD project is stable enough to develop the new project , probably yes
  14. Mil-Net Designs batch is posted. Please go over these and all the others I'd like to kill all the bugs by Fri at the latest.
  15. Yes the Eagle is slated for release but we have no time frame yet. There actually is a small bit of fluff in JOR1 under either the Kikyu or Tsuiseki that talks about the diffrent UCORS who bought the license to produce these units.
  16. What he meant to say, is that It will be finalized with Trans/4. We were still in discussion when the Terran cards were pushed out so she still shows Trans/3 on the Beta card....but thats why their called Beta Cards.
  17. I'd say soon but i'd get shot. I'll try to fire those up tonight or tomorrow for everyone. Very busy time of year for me. As for the Cougar, to lower its points we would have to drop DT's which would then make it easier to kill, thus less sustainable on the battle field. There is no way to arbitrarily drop its cost, it costs what it does because of the stat lines presented.
  18. I'm sorry you feel that way about the Emperor, But we feel the card now reflects the beast it is supposed to be. As for releasing the Rach cards last, it actually had nothing to do with that, I wanted to surprise the rach players with the two brand new cards for them.
  19. Ya the hostile intent stuff is awesome, I saw some out at GenCon and his magnetic base adapters work great for CAV aircraft. Right now about the only starship game i've found being played with any regularity in the DFW area is Fed Commander. But they are all using the paper counters.
  20. Ok gang all the cards should now be up accept the Kit Bash sets. Those will be in the morning. Please Please Please play the hell out of these this weekend. I would like to address any huge issues monday and try to get them into Ed's hands for final approval.
  21. Hey gang real life got hard core in the way today, expect the open market and rach and kit bash cards up tomorrow.
  22. you've got a good point we had a diffrent view of own when they were first put together. I'm just afraid that changing it now might cause more confusion then it solves so at this time well chalk it up to a game qwerk and move on I know where your coming from though I had to travle to flint and argue with the rental car folks that yes they did have to get me a specific make of rental car to visit my client
  23. The LEM designation was the quickest way we had to designate the non faction units their is no plan to change them at this time and it hasn't come up as a issue
  24. Perhaps I've been staring at cards too long but I have no idea what your asking here?
  25. Ya because its primary role is still as an Attack gunship. Its now closer to the old Hind-24's
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