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    Ohh sorry man, thought you said you wanted me to teach HIM how to play not you, I mean really you had the book already *grin* Mad Pat
  2. Ohh no Kit we as reaper folks get to enter the Master Level compitition and paint off against the likes of Anne and her legion of uber painters.... I'm just hoping the judges don't laugh too much while scoring mine. Mad Pat
  3. It was a mistake on my part, it will be in the next release. and before you ask i'm not sure when that will be but I would say soon. Mad Pat
  4. My Guess and sense Ladystorm is setting up the schedule for the gaming we'll have to get her final answer on it. That there will be more CAV then CAV 2 planned. And Leech we'll actually have to get a game in this year, sense I won't be able to take your title away from you at Origins...you luck out due to the rules.. Mad Pat
  5. You have to remember that ontop of the task of actually setting up the colored photos in the store, that means there needs to be color photos of every mini painted. That means that we have to get painted versions of EVERY mini produced. this also could mean a delay in new mini's getting added to the store when they are first released because each of them will need to be painted as well. Mabey when we have a version of every mini produced in a quality that we are proud of and you guys have come to expect then this might be a option then again I'm just a coding squirrel Mad Pat
  6. While at this time its only the Warlord figures, you can also see mini's painted by customers in the Fan Mini Gallery head on over to ReaperGames.com and check it out. Mad Pat
  7. Due to some shuffling around CAV day has been moved to Jan 22, 2005. Come have some fun with CAV, and get a peek at CAV 2 beta testing! Mad Pat
  8. I would see Reptus in more shallow draft vessels for navigating swamp and rivers. Umm and who says the dwarfs have to have boats...perhaps when it comes to the sea battles they have to hire out mercs. I mean really waste deep to a human is not the same as waste deep to a dwarf *grin* now you know who i could see in the chinese style junk.. Reven. I could also see the crusaders in a roman style trireme.
  9. in Nov we played a 4000 point per side Elves vs. Crusaders game. It took a couple of hours and was allot of fun...sadly not so much for my Crusaders themselfs but for me it was allot of fun. a good rule of thumb is scale the game based on your skill level. Mad Pat
  10. Mad Pat


    Well you could get released but not finished, not cool, and not up to the standards you guys deserve as loyal CAV players, or you can get Soon... I chose Soon. Mad Pat
  11. Mad Pat


    The site your seeing at CAVHQ.com has not been updated in some time and will be replaced with the new ReaperGames.com version soon. Mad Pat
  12. I'm working on one for us. Don't have a ETA yet. Mad Pat
  13. Mad Pat

    CAV 2 Beta

    Good Questions Erion I will endeavor to get you some answers on this. Mad Pat
  14. Erion, none of the points currently should be considered correct until final publication, sorry wish i had a better answer then that for you on that. Thats why when Matt sent out the beta info he mentioned play with out points in mind, play to test the stats and the rules. Joel47, as for making the calculations public, that is a question for way above my pay grade, and I would probably say it would be a negative answer. Ok as for point costs to SA's, Instants and Upgrades lets do this break them down into three point cost structures, low, med, high Thus if you think Hunter is powerful but not to bad you might rate it a med level, where as the WMD FIST instant makes you queasy when you see it on the field you would rate it a High level. Mad Pat
  15. All of the data shown on the data cards is calcualted using some proven systems. Nothing is just pulled out of thin air, but thank you for the suggestions. Everything is being tested before the points are locked down, that why this first batch of units had arbitrary numbers shown. Mad Pat
  16. Since i don' have a say in such things this is a unqualified guess and WILL NOT be taken as law, but i would say after we get all the current units locked down. right now what we really need is feed back on the units that are already out there. Suggestions on point costs for SA's and concerns with the units as they are shown now. I've seen allot of good suggestions on rules and such but i would like to hear concerns with the units that were sent out as well. Mad Pat
  17. Some of the new units have already been slated to fill in gaps in armies for special abilitys and special rolls. I would hold off stating them out for a bit. Mad Pat
  18. Ya safety tip to everyone. do not and I repeat DO NOT try to fish a marshmallow out of the crucible...no matter what every one else tells you there is no 5 second rule in the casting area. Mad Pat
  19. wow thats exactly what it looks like outside on the sign....... couse its slush in the streets, umm nothing better then a slush ball fight. Mad Pat
  20. The sky is falling...white stuff coming from the sky...must find shelter...... Hi I'm a native Texan and we don't do snow well, just ask my beloved who lives in Denver she still giggles with the thought of me driving on snow.... Happy holidays even if they are snow covered. Mad Pat
  21. Ya that MaximOne Sentry gun we put in works wonders, but leaves a hell of a mess.....really gotta work on that...humm....... Mad Pat "Nothing says love like a Maxim One, get yours before the xmas rush!"
  22. Rugged has already been pulled from the units that as you pointed out didn't make sense on. the repair numbers for those units has been adjusted to make up for this fact. But thank you guys for point it out. Mad Pat
  23. Yes if a faction looses a game a win is subtracted from their monthly total but no lower then zero, so you can not take your faction to negative status. Also the reason the numbers your seeing in your member profile and the Balance of power map don't match up is the Map only shows this months detail with one exception. At the end of the month the map totals reset to a degree. The leader has their wins set to be the amount of their lead before the reset and every one else is set to zero, and the whole mess starts again!!! That way if one faction is very very strong you still have a chance to wrestle control away from them. This information can be found in our newly installed Handbook http://warlordhq.reapergames.com/?nav=Help...ce%20of%20Power Mad Pat
  24. umm well you could always us the entrails of your enemies....ohh wait thats not practical is it....dam...ummm i guess we'll just have to live with string. Mad Pat
  25. Mad Pat

    beta discussion

    Nope nothing new, just agreeing with your statement that you really really don't want to stand still. This was driven home to me again on Sun when I was again playing Paintball, stand still and your a target, move and well you have a better chance. We have so many ways to become a target in CAV 2 that it just makes since to keep moving and use the terrain to your advantage. Force them to move, keep the game flowing and it will be much more enjoyable. Mad Pat
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