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    beta discussion

    You guys are correct and I was incorrect on sat. There is no max range at which you can set your target for scan for fire. And another clarification as well. Specter decides to shoot at dictator. Specter scans for fire, and targets the dictator. Thus range is 42+6 for IF attack, times 2. Your specter is now shooting at 96 inches to soften up the other team on their way into the board. As for Scan for fire being limited to IF only, not gona happen. If your Rhino really wants to sit still and Scan for fire all day and waste all his non combat actions on scanning and not moving, well more power to him, because he's going to find out that Speed is life, stagnation leads to death. it was a great day having all that CAV played on Sat, thanks to everyone who came out. By the way folks, the guys were using small unit int decks, comprised of one card per CAV in the platoon. And using much to Darksouls grumbling the defensive fire reserves optional rule found on page 131 of JOR1. Obviously modified for CAV2. Another quick recommendation for testing. When playing large games with multiple opponents, IE team a, b and c. When a unit is stealthing, place a stealth token down for each opponent team, and only remove stealth tokens for the teams that successfully remove stealth. Thus unit from team a scans a stealthed unit from team b, and removes the stealth token, but team c has yet to scan that unit and it is still hidden electronicly from them. Mad Pat
  2. Ahhhh and just when it got added..... Mad Pat *Grin* Have a great weekend everyone
  3. The fourth victim was known to me and we know about his death, they haven't released it to the news because all of his family has not been notified. His emergency contact was though. His name has just been added to a newsday story http://www.newsday.com/news/nationworld/na...omepage-big-pix
  4. Painted, based armies in a good setting will be accepted into the gallery. Rule of thumb would be, could i see this photo in a layout of a game-book or trade publication. We would love to see folks armies displayed for show, but some standards do need to be meet. On the regional lists, if you pull up a users profile you will also see a link where you can send them a short message as either a challenge to play a game, or a general contact to say Hi, wana play? Patrick
  5. the other member of the band that was shot was a man doing security for them on the road, he was a long time friend of the band members and did quite a bit of work for them here in Dallas where most of Pantera lived and grew up. he will be missed.
  6. Yes one CAV Platoon, any 4 CAV's of your choice. I don't belive it will run very late as i know of at least three Holiday parties going on that night. Mad Pat
  7. Oh there will be something planned for Warlord at Reapercon next year. If you guys from down south don't mind a one day road trip we might be able to put together a one day event at the Asylum in the mean time. Mad Pat
  8. Thats right we will be having a small tourney to test the BETA 2 rules. No experience necessary. I should have a prize for the first two places!! Bring any 4 cav's you want to use, or we will have some on hand to borrow. we will start the fight at 12, please be there by 11:30 to sign up. Mad Pat
  9. Mad Pat

    CAV 2 Beta

    see i thought you were asking about normal combat not cover fire. if the chart shows +1 for each Attacking model then thats what it is. My post earlier was in refrence to normal attacks not cover fire. Sorry for any confusion. Mad Pat
  10. Mad Pat

    CAV 2 Beta

    I'll have to check on question one. but question two, Direct attack modifiers like Shredder, PBG, and Hunter apply to all the normal direct attacks. so you fire your vanquisher at a infantry unit and its two shredder attacks. if you salvo and fire your two shredders then its one normal rav attack and two shredder attacks. don't forget those modifiers also apply to defensive fire so infantry be sure you know what your shooting at.
  11. I'll see about making it down on the 18th. I'll see about getting some starter armies together to bring down with me for demo games. Mad Pat
  12. That is correct at this time there is no mechanic for multiple players in a single game. It has been discussed but at this time we have not put it in. The only simple solution for this would be for everyone at the table to agree that the winning players will submit single reports for a game played against the opponent directly across the table from them. That would be the quickest and easiest solution. Mad Pat
  13. If your free tommorow GoldenEagle and I are being insane and putting down 4000 points of Crusaders vs. 4000 points of elves. come on by the shop and watch the carnage. Mad Pat
  14. Just to let you guys in on a secret. I added a new toy for you yesterday. If you go to your member profile on Warlordhq, it will actually show you everyone in your region and what city and state they live in... see and you guys don't think we care.. Mad Pat the caring web flunky
  15. hey Dave with enough notice, ya know three hours isn't that long a drive to come down and play some good games with new folks. Keep us informed. Mad Pat Dallas Texas
  16. Mad Pat

    First Playtest

    This is actually not true, I personally chose not to take a few of my defensive fire shots when attacked by indirect to help speed things up abit. And poor Tabasco had the math of range/shooting at a T-Bird going against him. He actually wanted to take his defensive attacks against the T-Bird, but after figuring the range mod of -2 to his 3 rav gave him a rav of 1, attempting to beat a DV of effectively a 14 after modifiers meant he had to roll a perfect 10 which wouldn't have worked sense he was outside his first range band. Mad Pat
  17. That cool thing got side tracked by Work here and personal life at home, I'll try to finish it up this week. Sorry guys was really hoping to reward you guys with putting up with Bryan and I's teasing of you. As for what's on Deck, not sure. Mad Pat
  18. Ya DarkSoul but untill some one does that no one is gona take our CAV painting seriously, we will always be looked upon as painting freeks by the establishment. patrick
  19. Mad Pat

    CAV 2 Beta

    by moving into base to base contact with a infantry stand you are then entering close combat with Infantry....the infantry should then teach you the error of your ways. Mad Pat
  20. The spray paint I use is the testors model master line, the main reason is that the paint in the can is identical to the paint in the bottle. This is key to touching up spots the spray didn't hit. If i have everything lined up right and the free time to do it, with my spray method i can do a group of 4 to 5 CAV's in one day. My personal Sir Hawkins paint jobs are reaper pro and now master series paints this takes quite awhile to brush on my base coats and do the detail work. My next step is to take some tips Jester gave me at the RAC and work on airbrushing the base coats on. Mad Pat
  21. Mad Pat

    CAV 2 Beta

    PapaBees Volley was the original name for Salvo, where you see Volley read Salvo. As for the discrepancy you guys are seeing with upgrades listed in with the SA's That is my fault if you read the SA list, you would see I did not put in part of that listing. If you will look in the SA list there is one listed as "Upgrade()" Thus overdrive should be listed on the datacard as "Upgrade(Overdrive)". This has been fixed on the datacards. another quick one, you are correct PBG by its nature of being a Particle Bolt Gun does not affect indirect shots. Mad Pat
  22. If you mean the special BL Dictator we will probably have some stats for it, but not sure yet. Mad Pat
  23. Mad Pat

    CAV 2 Beta

    Extrapolate that same theory and you have the other fun one. If you have line of site for direct fire you may do a defensive shot against a IF attack!. so be sure your really hard to hit before you pop off that IF attack! Mad Pat
  24. Mad Pat

    CAV 2 Beta

    Remember there is almost no such thing as out of range, just less chance of hitting. Most of the CAV's with counter battery are going to have the same if not more range then those other cav's doing IA attacks upon it. Mad Pat
  25. Well guys its Fri morning and Brian and I had planed to have something very cool to show you, but I ran out of time yesterday with family commitments. So the cool will have to come Monday morning. in the mean time, here is the Gallery shot of our newest CAV The KDM Tiger http://www.reapermini.com/gallery/cav/7106_G Mad Pat
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