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  1. Ya thats the first mini he's posted because thats the first one he's painted. and he attempted NMM on his first mini.... couple of tags short of a full page if you ask me Mad Pat
  2. Chris bring your camera to RAC and I'll help you get some good shots. Granted my lighting at the moment isn't the best but i've got shooting down. Mad Pat
  3. You folks need to think out of the box. How about a mercenary army made up of L5R minis!!!! I've been thinking about it for awhile, i think it would be cool! but thats just me. I also want a goblin captian so i can field a all Goblin reven force!! Mad Pat
  4. Any why would you be partial to the Thai influence?? I'm going with Reptus as my primary army, but I've been giggling at the thought of a Reven offshoot goblin army...if I could just get a goblin captain or warlord!! Mad Pat
  5. Hey Brian, you know its actually today all the way until midnight just this side of the date line, so you have PLENTY of time *grin* Mad Pat Dallas Texas
  6. Love the Jeep, where did you get those. I have a single N Scale willis resin jeep i picked up some time ago, haven't gotten it converted over yet. Mad Pat
  7. My "Privateers" are made up of the CAV's I like. I have gone with a theme of quick moving strike units. So lots of hover tanks fast moving attack transports and fast hard hitting CAV's. But primarily I also go for what I like and what I want to use. There is no set way to build a Pirate faction, As others have said, some view it as using older eq, with the one or two newer units that were picked up as salvage. I look at it as if you want a newer CAV or Tank or such, to steal it. in the end its all about style. Mad Pat
  8. You guys should see the halloween familiars, they are really really cool. Mad Pat.
  9. Well painted CAVs have done quite well in the monthly painting contest. They usally though do not win the popular vote, and will usally fall behind in the other judging catagories. to win the DYOM something on the mini paintjob has to catch the judges eyes, something special. They also ran a DYOM on a online auction.
  10. Mad Pat

    Tango Incursion

    I'm really digging the stealth fighter transport proxy and the large heavy lander, i see parts of a aliens transport in there, what else? Mad Pat
  11. My personal apologies to anyone who showed up on Sat to play CAV. I was forced to shift my plans for Sat at the last min. Hopefully the bag o'CAV's and the scenario I left came in handy and everyone had a good time anyway. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  12. dude i have that same mini....mine sucks......sigh.....I've been painting Mecha to long, I suck at organics. Mad Pat
  13. Actually they do make armor for womens special needs, any big paintball store should be able to get it for you. As for our monsters, we have some pretty well made bodyarmor, when you get hit you feel the impact but no pain. Now a little back on topic, be sure to pack your warlord and cav armies, I mean sure its a artists confrence, and folks are gona paint and stuff, but its also a dam good excuse to game. Mad Pat
  14. I'll be there on Sat running demos, grab me if your gona run some tests. Mad Pat
  15. I'm not so sure about saying the entire pro line is bad. I've got good colors in Vallejo that are horrible. I've got Pro Colors that are horrible. I'm not going to slam both lines. your lay out of dropping one drop of water into Vallejo and one drop into pro colors doesn't fly. I do that all the time, and have never seen the exact results your describing. Infact I find I have to work my thinning agents into the Vallejo colors both game and model a bit better to smooth them out. I'm looking forward to the new colors, mainly for another choice. personally I'm still using enamels for metallic because they coat the best and have the best look to them. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  16. Jester any tips for thinning out Reaper pro paints. I know we'll have to revisit this again when the master level paints come out. but for some base coats of some CAVs i am tired of brush paiting it all on. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  17. Dallas Police is looking to hire 250 officers ASAP. http://recruiting.dallaspolice.net/index.cfm?subnav=0 Mad Pat
  18. Jester, I'm afraid the place is only open on Fri and Sat nights, but i'll make sure to have some info up at the shop before the confrence starts. As for the "poor" monsters, they take on avarage hundreds of hits a hour, but we armor them up pretty well, and EVERY one of them wears a industry rated mask to protect thier face and eyes. its rather amusing to me, but most of them are teenage kids who haven't realised they are mortal and breakable. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  19. Don't worry about having them rushed for this weekend, We have some Shop CAV's as well as my own personal mini's If you know there is something specific you want to run, then perhaps bring that incase we either don't have enough or don't have one handy. Take your time make them look the way you want them too. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  20. If you guys get board in the evenings and don't mind a bit of a drive (1hour) I'll be working at a Haunted House in the DFW area as well as running Demo's at Reaper. Its pretty fun, the area I work in as a Air tech uses paintball guns mounted to the hay ride wagons so you can shoot at the monsters as they approach the wagons. I'll try to have a stack of flyers with me to put in the break room. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  21. Yep I'll be there Running CAV this weekend, normally I try to be there to help out with Demo's for the games but Had stuff to do on Sat. If we have enough time I can give you a quick run through on the Warlord rules as well. Really easy to learn the games once you've picked up one of the reaper systems. Once they all move to the RAGE system it will be even easier. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  22. We'll while its not Warlord releated, I know what i'm gona be doing tommorow at the Asylum...I've gota do something about all those Red and Blue CAV's...ugg forgot about those. time for some detail work! Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  23. Looks really nice man. Mad Pat
  24. Right now there is no official start time other then when the store opens at 10. I would say so that we have plenty of time to play a good big game show up as soon as you can. I'll always work hard to fitting late comers in, you just probably will have to make due with what's on the board already, instead of getting to field what you want. I would also say most games won't start or be fun to hope into after about 3 in the after noon. Now Big tourney days or something like that, we'll have a bit more of a structured time frame, and it will be more difficult to work late comers into that, but you'll all have PLENTY of advanced notice when that's going to happen. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  25. Please don't count me as a ticket slot taken, I'm Working the event not attending. I'm the DFW area demo guy so I'll be in the Asylum doing demos or talking to folks all weekend, no nifty painting classes for me. Anyways I would hate to take any beatings away from Jestor. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
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