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  1. Really like the ax good colors! Mad Pat p.s. Gabe what are you using to shoot these with, they look great!
  2. YA the store is only open for buisness Sat only. You can't go up there during the week and shop. Thats probably what they ment when they turned your brother away. During the day on Sat they are more then happy to sell you anything from the reaper line as well as some tools of the trade. They've got everything you need to put a mini together from glue to basing material to dull coat. Mad Pat
  3. I can answer part of your question. They fit well into trading card holders with plenty of room to spare. infact probably enough room for you to put a scrap of paper in with notes for the character on them. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  4. As far as goog point totals. What I would recommend at this point is buy the CAV's you like first. There is nothing wrong with fielding a section of CAV's because you think they look cool. Then play a few games and find the balance of forces that work well for the way you play. There is no good set ratio of units for the "perfect" unit. Its always good to have some of each, but the ratio is up to the way you like to play. As for having a decent understanding of the rules, no worries there, even if we have to help you out your first couple of turns you'll find after that you won't even have to think about it. ohh and on a side note, remember were playing in the reaper pro shop..they have cav's there to buy...*grin* In fact may be the best place to pick up new releases. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  5. Yes to back up one thing Anne said, there are sand tables set up in the new store, and I'll be there with all my CAV's as well as the quite extensive shop set of CAV's and Warlord minis. We will be providing demos all day as well as pick up games. So its not all just about the painting, you can take a break for your eyes and hands and play some cool games. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  6. You've never had to endure Anne's conversation about the Purple Ladies Merc unit she wants to build. She decided after I taught her to play CAV that she wanted to build a unit of "cheerleader" types who drove bright purple or pink CAV's. the horror... Mad Pat
  7. Well right now the Plan is this. Show up, Bring CAVs, Kill CAVs. We won't be able to pin down a point total till we see how many folks we have available to play and get a good idea on skill level. If we have a bunch of guys show up who've played a couple of games and are comfortable with the rules then we'll put together a good scenario to run. Other wise it might be something simple I'll be there starting at 10 when the shop opens, and we can go from there. This is more a relaxed cav day. Preset games and tourneys will come soon, then we'll have more info available ahead of time, both here and at the shop. Mad Pat
  8. The Asylum is Reapers R&D area/ game room. We've been having a great time the last two weekends. Anne Forrester the Reaper pro painter sets up in the backroom area and gives out painting tips while she paints some fantastic minis. Bring your mini's and paints and get free tips and tricks!!! Up front this past Sat, we played a 4000 point warlord game. 4 folks on a fantastic 4*8 table with 1000 points each. John and I took 1000 points of Reven each, with almost identical armies, and MAN was that allot of orks on the board We faced off against the Necropolis and their forces of undead. What won the game for ourside was mass numbers and some unbelievable lucky rolls on our side... We're planning a CAV day on the 25th I'm trying to convince all the cav folks I know to head up so we can get a big game going. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  9. ya Reaper HQ is on the Boarder of Denton and we'll be starting up a montly CAV day there. We should be firing up the CAV's on the 25th so come on down, I can give you a run down on the rules in no time and we should have a pretty good crew for a big game. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  10. Ya he kept trying to tell us that his Army did poorly because it was a Crusader army and he wasn't playing his normal mummies. Personally I think it was because he got caught between the undead and the Reven like a fly on a screen door. But I could be wrong....though the Reven playing soccor with the Dukes head seemed to say other wise. Mad Pat
  11. I think that I also prefer the 45min time limit and the combat effective damage win/loss. I'm going to talk to the folks up at the shop on Sat hopefully I can run this with in the next few weeks and I'll let you know. Mad Pat
  12. If you don't mind I'm going to try to set up a mini Tourney day at the Asylum with in the next month. I'd like to use this format since we want to run one day events. I really can't see anything that you guys haven't already thought of and it looks great! Though I think we need to come up with a better name. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  13. Mad Pat

    CAV AFV roles?

    I like to use Sabers as AA screens as well, our last game, they made a end run up the side of the board for recon, spotted a Fenri flying by with a inf stand in it and well those rotary guns arn't just for show ya know. I love light fast soft units. I'll probably pick up some bits to make some of the hard target sabers, those look cool as well as should work well. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  14. Boys this is a web site were talking about, to stress test it all you need is a monkey and a case of jolt cola. course put the monkey with a case of jolt cola in Spires Ride and it would be kinda amusing too. NO MONKEY dont LAS the Highway patrol!! bad monkey bad...ohh what the hell HEAT UP! Mad Pat
  15. Mad Pat

    New Cavs

    Saw these guys up close this weekend, while yes I am waiting for new CAV's these guys are great!. Mad Pat
  16. We had a great day, I've got photos that I'll post here this evening. Lots of folks showed up, we had a couple of good games of Warlord. ReaperBryan even played the store Crusaders army, and was being very crusaderish in his hunting of the Necropolis army on the board, just in time for my Reven Hoard to come smashing down and walk away with the Dukes head, just before getting smashed themselves from the sneaky reptus army hiding in the woods. all in all a great day, and we'll see you guys out there again next Sat! Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  17. looks great Gabe, i like it allot. Mad Pat
  18. Hey its Sir Hawkins, Privateers live and die on Rep. We keep the bright colors on the CAV's so you all know who just took your girlfriend *grin* Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  19. Actually Dull code ruins the color, you would have to see it on the table away from the harsh undiffused lights of my mini photo stand. I'll see if i can get a good photo with some of her team mates. I haven't built a section around it yet. Ohh and Leech....bring it baby. Mad Pat
  20. Here she is, my T-Bird in my Sir Hawkins Colors. Hope you guys enjoy. She still needs her basing and the rest of her decals, then some protective coatings to take the shine down a bit. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  21. Dude, I want a Mom like you...man...My Mom's Fantastic but she doesn't build Herc's. They look great, glad they survived the trips too.
  22. As long as you have a hex base near by for refrence there shouldn't be too many issues. the only other one not mentioned here is direction of drift on IF fire, but no biggie there. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  23. Mad Pat

    Just a reminder

    Hey gang just a reminder for all you DFW folks. CAV games at Gen X in HEB tommorow. Details can be find in the Lighting Strike events on this board. Look forward to seeing everyone. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  24. As the gods of Bellar joints are my witnesses there will be CAV, even if I have to set up a table and terrain in the parking lot!!!! sorry, just had to get that off my chest. I'll be trying to set up with Bryan and the reaper gods some sort of CAV distractions for the weekend when you guys aren't in the painting classes. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  25. well about the only way we could get around that would be to allow you to break a single move action into two phases. so if your grunt has a arbitrary 8 inch move, you get two 4inch move actions. I don't see much of a problem with effectively doing a move/shoot set of actions but be able to move like in CAV. Move up to the point of fire, conduct ranged combat then use remaining movement. Thus you still get penalized movement by only getting half your available moves, but would still allow for fluid movement. now I would caveat that by saying It shouldn't be a option to all model types. Hvy Infantry shouldn't be that nimble, but basic grunts in med armor I have no problems with fluid movement. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
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