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  1. Thats right he's not he's a Limey just ask the waitress at Chilies.. Humm ReaperCon UK...now that would be amusing.... Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  2. "Did you say you wanted to sell that to me, Pat???" The BL Dictator! I'll see what we can do Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  3. Mad Pat

    Thank You!!

    let me know Flit I'll get shots up as well, trust me it all the praise was well earned.. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  4. As promissed a few extra photos.. Frank "Leech" Vickers Running our first capture the flag game. Another photo of the New Memphis sand table, and we mean sand, and the 14 sections put together to defend it And of course the lovely ladies behind the sales counter, Carol and Jay All in all we had a great time doing demos and meeting tons of folks Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  5. I still have a BL dictator new in the bilster, never got a chance to have a tourny for it. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  6. "Debby, I did exactly the same thing... my camera didn't even see the light of day :o(" No worries Leech, I got photos of you running CAV Demos so we could prove we actually had players *grin* Patrick"Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  7. Ya running the CAV demos over next to the check out stand was highly amusing to me to watch all of you shovle your bits on to the counter to purchase. but hey the more we buy the more willing they will be to do this all over again next year. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  8. ya well we do what we can, we were trying to field almost 12 sections of infantry for a scenario, there was a whole lot of cloning of sections and sometimes there would be a error. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  9. From the other side of the fence, thanks to everyone who came and played CAV or ran through a quick Demo. Really was fun to watch you guys learn the game and try to solve the puzzle frank and I layed out. Remember protect those Hedgehogs!!! Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  10. There were a few small issues that popped up when Frank and I were entering 14 sections in one roster for the defending force of new Memphis... but then again we were doing it on my iBook, running os X, running Virtual PC, running Windows 2000, running CAV-RC...soo I have to go back and do some repeat testing to see if they were indeed issues. That and Frank had issues because those weird brits use weird paper...funny brits.. other then that it worked great, folks liked having their sections on one page, everything was easy to read and easy to find. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  11. I agree I would finish out the CAV, I like it. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  12. Wow that's great Brian, we were just gona head out into the Field out back for ready made open grassland terrain. Humm I'll see if I can build us some temp terrain can't promises anything. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  13. Wow 10, i've only got 8 in my demo team, thats pretty cool. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  14. Ohh I'm gona convert us all to feet over inches, so if you have one bring a tape measure that is at least 50ft, I should have a 60+ tape with me. I would say the cloth construction types are best then we don't have to worry about cutting anyones fingers off with the metal ones. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  15. Mad Pat

    Russian Mecha

    A follow up here is the developers site, with english translation http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/u...u%2fastroid.php Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  16. Mad Pat

    Russian Mecha

    I found the Mecha photos on a game site... http://www.tehnolog.ru/box.php?t=13&b=0〈=1 full listing under the Astroid section http://www.tehnolog.ru/games.php?lang=1 Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  17. Mad Pat

    CAV as RPing

    so I guess I'll pony up and ask the question, Why are you still here? You obviously have a passion for the system and what we have so far but from everything I've seen lately has been less productive and more negative? I don't mean to slam you but I'm just trying to figure out why your not more supportive? Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  18. Ya but the range on a US airsoft gun is longer if i remember correctly and I knwo where to get a Scale airsoft tank, won't be hard to use or retro the weapons. But be very very quite, ED used to play warship games with balsa wood boats that shot bb's...if anyone starts showing up with working 1/60's it won't be long till were in trouble big time. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  19. Ok so we'll shoot for Sat afternoon, I'll pick us up some army men, and I'm probably going to be making some cardboard cut out CAV's so other folks can play that might not have their own 1/60's Might make some surprises. now we just have to hope that Matt and Ed don't desided to field their own airpower, IE RC planes dropping powder bombs on our CAV's Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  20. Mad Pat

    CAV as RPing

    Well its really easy, REAPER isn't discussing it, WERE talking about how cool it would be. I've heard it bantered around because I know Reaper folks out of the office, but its in no way product on paper until they put it on the official roadmap. We as players and fans of the games think it would be cool to develop the game past the cockpits of our CAV's But again I tend to look for the brighter side of things, and believe in this game.. late product schedules, flaws in mini's or not, I see the potential not just what we don't have in front of us now. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  21. I've had good luck with the Alcohol based Vallejo's but they are very hard to clean the brushes. the other issue with them is Price. With as little of the Metallic that I use a giant bottle for 5 plus dollars is a expensive option for paints. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  22. That would be very cool, if you let me know who makes them I'll look into getting us a couple more. Ok, so we also have to figure out a time frame that we want to pay this. I can look over the schedule and pick some good times but I would rather have your input on what time would be good for everyone else. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  23. Mad Pat

    CAV as RPing

    Ya a CAV RPG has been bantered around but last I heard there were more important projects to consider. It would still be very very cool. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  24. Anyone? Anyone? Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  25. I can always put someones face on Dana's body, but i just don't think it will be the same...amusing but not the same. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
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