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  1. I'm in for CAV Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  2. My only concern with any of this would be a return to the complexity of Battletech were this type of gear was prevalent. But that's my humble opinion. I found uses for all of it, but one of our big selling points these days is that it ISN't Battletech. Mad Pat Dallas Texas
  3. I've got a Revenent, and she's sweet, Its big and heavy, though I guess I didn't pay attention to the price change. Ohh well...we'll see what comes of it. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  4. hey gang they snuck the new releases out on the online store!! http://www.reapermini.com/store/customer/home.php I ordered mine! Ummm more airborne goodness. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  5. as we say here in texas the Revenants are Purdy...I've seen them, held them and well made lustfull comments about them... then Ivy made me put it back on her desk. I'm probably going to have a nice Mark 4 section of three Wights and a Revenant. I'll put a list to gether and we'll go from there Leech Mad Pat Dallas Texas
  6. hey guys i stumbled across this photo, gives a good idea of the 6mm scale Old Crow dropship in relation to those "other" mecha's http://www.rottenlead.com/postnuke/modules...=view_photo.php Mad Pat Dallas Texas
  7. Hey guys if your having any problems with the paints or Inks, contact reaper and let them know, don't just post it here. They are making great strides on the QA issues and want all of us happy users to be happy. Drop Jay a line at Consumer Information & Questions Jay Ragan (972) 434-3088 x104 [email protected] let her know about the problem and she'll get you fixed up. Mad Pat Dallas Texas
  8. Leech you need CAV's? I'll trade you CAV's hell i'll drive over to the company and buy them right out of the back room.. I may be looking into trading some of those Old Crow 6mm mini's Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  9. Dude tease us and then don't give the site address, thats cold. sence i'm the helpfull type here is the address http://www.oldcrowmodels.co.uk/6mm.htm Mad Pat Dallas Texas
  10. Nov releases got pushed back we should see something new for CAV any day now, I saw two of the Vehicles getting their photos done for the web, don't remember which two off the top of my head. Mad Pat Dallas Texas
  11. Looks like a blast Ghost, how big was your track? I might have this as a back up for a con on Sat, should be fun. Mad Pat
  12. I tried using the retarder yesterday and it is a gel based product, mixed in well and worked well, but i had to add more water to thin the paint down. If it wasn't such a big bottle that cost me 8 bucks i would pitch it and go get some folkart, but hey what the hell right. Mad Pat
  13. I've seen the Sophie up close and the photos don't do it justice...the wings look like they were made from real leather. WELL DONE ANNE!!! Mad Pat.
  14. Has anyone used the Retarder or Flow improver by Golden Artist Colors Inc? I just picked up a bottle of the Golden Retarder and was wondering if anyone had used the flow improver as well. Seems a bit easer to get then the flow improver and the extender. http://www.goldenpaints.com/prodadd.htm Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  15. I'm with you Ironwolf, i'm lucky in that i already had a copy of pc emulation software on my Ibook. But a Mac OS native version would be nice, but we are a miniority. Though..if the program was built in Java simular to the PCGen suite of softwares then it can be ported to diffrent platforms with little to no problem This though would take a entirly new rewrite of the system. Perhaps though once the guys have locked down the code and recived the proper approvals from Reaper, we can investigate moving the VB code over to a mac friendly code base with little to no change. Mad Pat
  16. Umm if its being built in VB there is the possiblity we can port it over into RealBasic which would make it usable for OS X, As for Linux dono thats a ruff one. Mad Pat Dallas Texas
  17. ya i like the time or lap penilties more then the drawing fire. Though it is a amusing concept with the fans firing on the racers. Mad Pat
  18. It came to me in a flash! While listing to Nascar drivers woof about restrictor plates! We artificially limit the power output of the Breeders which gives them less available power, which limits them to a shoot move or less shoot more move type restrictions. This allows us to concentrate on driving while still having some weapons available!. Breeder Reactor Restrictor Plates! Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas, Texas
  19. Ya my guys here are used to tweeking BattleMechs this should be a fun challange. Soo Med and below say 6 damage track max, 500 point cap. so the question is how do we keep them racing and not just gunning everyone down. Mad Pat
  20. ya your right, i'll have to sit ddown and see what points look like after several refits and upgrades. Perhaps insted we should figure a damage track limit Mad Pat
  21. I think 500 points is a bit high, I think we should cut that in half or at least 300 500 will by you a lower end Rhino I won't be running this till around thanksgiving though I might try to run a beta sometime soon i'll let everyone know. Mad Pat
  22. we used to do something like this in Battletech, It can be allot of fun. And ya you really want to limit it to Light CAV's Actually guys I just had a brilliant thought, I've got a Con the weekend of Thanksgiving here in Dallas, I can try this out there and see how it goes. Send me your suggestions. Mad Pat Dallas Texas
  23. I actually got to hold the CAV universe 28mm Green a couple of months ago while I was up bugging Matt about something, and they are gona be cool!! Mad Pat
  24. those are great buildings, have you guys worked with any of their 6mm ships? Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  25. By the way Crome, I looked at the Army Builder data set creation tool, and all i can say is this. I'm not worthy, I bow down at your work on this matter. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
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