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  1. Give the man his Prize...What's he win Sal....Well he wins a Brand new Attack unit for the Malvernis...Thanks Sal and now back to the show! Yes but we felt she was better suited for main line combat.
  2. That is correct when the larger units start out with a much lower number it will degrade and that usually means it ends on a zero. Its unfortunate but its much better then the old days when they ended on a negative.
  3. As soon as I get all the Core units done I'm going to post the kitbash as a beta as well, and then I'll be posting the New cards from Shards as a production release package.
  4. Those are indeed place holders for me, Open Market is going to take the most time, and Rach...well I want to save them for last. The Kit Bash units have been updated as well and will be put up too, but were more concerned with the core units at the moment. No worries they will be posted!
  5. They are just waiting for me to finish before they light the torches.
  6. Here are the proposed BETA Data Cards for the CAV version of RC08. Please note until such time as they are approved by Reaper and published as part of RC08 they are to be considered beta and subject to change. Please post any questions, concerns or errors in this thread. Please also note that while we appreciate your opinions on the roles and capabilities of any models listed with in we are mainly interested in, obvious errors, inconsistencies among cards or forgotten units. ** I will be posting the packets as I get them finalized. RC08 Adon Beta added 4/7/2008 2:45pm cst RC08 Malvernis Beta added 4/7/2008 3:40pm cst RC08 OpenMarket Beta added 4/10/2008 5:20pm cst RC08 Rach Beta added 4/10/2008 5:45pm cst RC08 Ritterlich Beta added 4/8/2008 11:05am cst RC08 Templar Beta added 4/8/2008 12:02pm cst RC08 Terran Beta added 4/8/2008 3:14pm cst RC08 Mil-Net Designs Beta added 4/16/2008 2:22pm cst
  7. Thought you guys would be interested in this. New "white" for cold navy
  8. yes if you don't see the card in the currently published errata then the card is unchanged.
  9. your all fired ok thats the end of it, I'm going to ask we lock this thread as we have not only beaten, cooked and feasted on the dead horse but now your trying to turn it into a ghost rider diorama. If the original question or concern wasn't answered please let me know. We are looking at flamers, but they probably won't be explosive in nature.
  10. CFP wouldn't even be an option on Defensive fire. Defensive fire is a snap shot back at the attacking model not a coordinated attack. EST works on all the other items you've listed as long as you or your team mate have manged to spend the action for a target lock.
  11. Yep they can take pods, but the cost traditionally makes them prohibitive.
  12. With our current abstract damage system it would be difficult to come up with a fair option for extra damage based on a volatile substance. I'm going to go with the fluff writers excuse of advances in technology rendering the fuel inert until x, y and z take place, thus its safe for the battle field. I really think we've beaten this horse to death, and then set it on fire with said flamer. Well look more at the flamer for the future but for now, it is what it is.
  13. I will say that fire from a source like a fire bomb or flamer is still effective against a hard target like a tank. Though agreeably not as effective as it should be against a soft target. But remember when you put a sticky based fire onto a tank it happens to heat things up, sucking the oxygen out of the object its burning and cooking off the soft bits inside. Moe may be able to discuss this further from his tanker days.
  14. Please explain your problem with the rule as written?
  15. As a general rule, you should never tell some one no you can't know what I have. But ya keeping strikes a secret till they are deployed is always fun, as long as you have them clearly notated somewhere and in what quantity. Its all about what we call "Open Playing" Each player knows if asked they will give full clear answers to the specific questions asked. The fun is that neither of you ask unless you really really need to know the info. Someone who continually tries to get full disclosure of everything before the dice even start rolling will usually find themselves with out an opponent.
  16. Just remember that if you say TL a specific target, your second weapon firing at a second target would not gain the benefits of that TL action. Other then that, fire away. It is feasible for a Rhino to shoot at 4 different targets with each of its four weapons.
  17. I understand what both of you guys are saying but were kinda stuck right now with the two core line of sight resolutions. What we are looking at is should we have a set hight for all models with move type air, regardless of model scale size or base size. Or do we just lay out what the hight of the models on a new base should see. What were looking for is input on these two suggested resolution to the current LOS system, anything beyond that we'll have to look at post RC08
  18. That would be bad these days I'm getting ready to enter my 3 months of having no weekends and little time. I'd be really happy with Shaun!
  19. Ed is managing CAV ReaperShaun took on Convention support.
  20. Actually it was never our intention to restrict transports in a flight from carrying infantry. I will double check that with the powers that be to make sure that was their vision as well. Damage should be applied at the end of the activation, unless specifically specified that it should be applied sooner. All of the examples assume that the end step of applying damage is at the end of the activation
  21. The intent is for the CC damage to be treated just like any other type of damage and applied at the end of the activation. We will look at making sure that is cleared up..
  22. By the way it reads yes its single cost for the section, and yes because we have no precedence or instructions other wise deployment via these special actions take up non of your available actions.
  23. I guess I don't understand the question? If your asking does the simple action of conducting the PopUp SA prohibit Defensive fire, then the technical answer would be no. If I was standing in the open and conducted the popup then my target would get to shoot back. Popup simply allows you to drop back down BEFORE defensive fire is conducted. So I would still need valid cover to deny my target its defensive shot. My view on what constitutes upper body for eye to eye LOS contact is center mass. Thus the dome on a Recluse is an appendage, still fairly big but wouldn't offer enough target for effective targeting. My view on eye level for units with no base is center of the model at eye level from the shooter to center mass of the model on the target. Again thats my view and comes from just simply playing and drawing line of site. So a weapon sticking over a wall or a leg around a building wouldn't be valid LOS to me.
  24. Actually you've got it in reverse. If you read the rules listing for determining and the use of models with out a base you'll see the multi leg units can actually hide in allot of places other units can't. CAV 2 Rules page 61 (pdf 73) "If a Model lacks a base, conduct all measurement from the center of the Model" In both descriptions on how to draw LOS, you have to use the center of the scorp or spider as your target point for incoming and outgoing fire. So unless the center point of the model is with in a 1/4 of an inch from the edge of the wall your always safe behind it. Plus if your scorp can't fit behind a 3 inch wide wall you should look at bending in the legs a touch. as a side note a fun tactic is to have a scorp hiding behind another scorp and preforming pop up. Thus only one of your two units takes the incoming fire during your opponents turn. its not perfect but if you keep swapping them back and forth it allows you to squeeze allot of fire power in a small space.
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