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  1. Hopefully soon this little AO will be moving from Dallas to Denver, but right now I have to find a job in Denver which is easier then it sounds. At that time you bet i'll be setting up as many CAV events as I can Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  2. How about this, just turn the movement stats for the whisper or ripper launcher to Airborne, and ignore the +2 auto damage from the missile I honestly wouldn't make it a torp I would make it a sea born air to surface missile, like a exsoset other then that I really like the idea Mad Pat Dallas Texas
  3. Mad Pat

    New cavs!!!

    just on the heals of new releases more new releases. My local game store has three new JoR2 CAV's and the Archer from JoR1 new from JoR2 The Ripper Missile Saber AFV (3 to a pack!!) and the Dictator 2!!! Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  4. Mad Pat

    Jor 2 preview

    Guys I've seen the art work for JoR2 some time back, and got to read some of the Fluff too....were talking needing to hit the discount store for a gross of napkins and bibs..I'm a tank guy and they have TONS of new vehicals..may start seeing some all Tank armies showing up soon. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton AO 00092 Dallas Texas
  5. Mad Pat

    Jor 2 preview

    umm is that point total correct? 440 points for a 6 track unit? just thought i would check. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton
  6. Mad Pat

    New mini's out

    yep Big World and Texas Game Company as well as any of the Lone Star comics, I have not checked some of the others but with the high saturation of Lone Stars there should be some cav mini's near you. Game chest in Valley View carries maybe two cav's in stock but they are more then happy to special order any of them you want. Look for demos to start back up in many of the major game stores in June once my stint at the local fair ends my weekends will free up and then its game on!! Patrick " Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  7. Mad Pat

    New mini's out

    saw the hunter tank and weapons pack three out at my local game store, the hunter is a very nice addition to the vehicle line! Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas
  8. Mad Pat

    New cavs?

    JoR2 pant drool pant drool....I've seen some of the pics and gotten to read some of the fluff. well well worth any wait which won't be a wait at all. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton US2002021130
  9. Ya Gel super glue to me is the best stuff to find and the main reason is, for the most part it stays where you put it, you don't have to worry about it running down the mini onto your fingers or such. and yes lets all try to avoid creating chemical agents of mass destruction on our hobby desk... though.....we never have discussed that for anti infantry work *Grin* Mad Pat AO00092
  10. We had discussed this in the play testing of Soccer but a few of the players felt it would add a level of confusion to the game. At the time I took that into consideration and left it out of the Soccer rules. Personally I liked it. And #### if there was some way to flip a switch in Armybuilder to cut all ranges in half it would make it that much easier to print the sheets that way. Mad Pat AO 00092
  11. Mad Pat

    Weapon packs

    ya i've seen them in all the local game stores, even the ones that don't carry much CAV. I think pack 1 is the fun one with Rhino Arms and Dictator arms....been contemplating putting the Rhino arms on a Oger for giggles. Mad Pat ao00092
  12. I have to say I really like this rule, actually the 3 to 1 ratio worked great. We've been finishing up the soccer rules, and played one game where the other team went for cheap cav's with super pilot and gunners, the other team went for mid size cav's no upgrades... the game went to the upgrades. I like the rule and I agree it should be made a standard rule that can be quite easily suspended for the benefit of scenario or specific games. Mad Pat AO 00092
  13. personally I like the idea, Really prevents folks from just beefing up their sections. Ran another Beta of Soccer yesterday, one team took smaller light CAV's but advanced Gunners, they did some pretty heavy damage to the team that had mid range and higher CAV's but no upgrades. I really like this allot. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton AO 00092
  14. Ok Umm I made the last post on this, and haven't heard anything back...which rules are we going with?? Mad Pat
  15. Mad Pat


    if you add a light specificly for the background most colors will work, but again as it was pointed out if your lab isn't on top of their game you will end up with a color shift. i'm personally dieing with out my studio light sets...ohh well someday I will have them again. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton AO 00092
  16. I don't know I'm just having problems visualizing a CAV being destroyed for going through any type of building. I guess its my youth growing up watching lots and lots of Robotech and other menga where you get that one scene of a Mecha bursting through a building to surprise the enemy from behind. That's why I suggested the DT total applied to the other target. That way CAV's can run amuck through lighter buildings but think twice when hitting bunkers and reinforced structures. flyers hitting buildings is would be toast unless we start getting some super heavy flyers. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton AO00092
  17. Umm I like the Idea of P.A.C.E (Power Armored Combat Engineers) I also think you bring up a good point. You drive a car in to a wood shack..what happens, you drive through the shack trashing the shack. You drive a car in to a bunker...You wreck the car. I think the easiest way to solve the CAV ramming a building idea is this. apply the amount of damage tracks each item has as auto damage to the other object. Dictator with 5 damage tracks hits a three damage track building. it applies 5 damage tracks to the building, come out the other side while the building collapses because its taken more damage then available damage tracks. The Dictator, takes three tracks worth of damage, for his stupidity which really doesn't kill it but sure as #### doesn't make him combat ready for the Ogre stalking around the other side of the street. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton AO 0092
  18. A Little ill conceved Christmas Ditty! On the first day of Christmas General Drake gave to me... 1. A Dictator from Koda Works.. 2. Two Poltergeist 3. Three Tsuisekis 4. Four Whisper Missiles 5. Five Rhino's Charging (Oh ####!!) 6. Six Puma's Flaming 7. Seven Kikyu's strafing 8. Eight Lance Tanks Advancing 9. Nine Heavy Mortars Thumping 10. Ten Khan's a Creeping 11. Eleven Sovereign Suppressing 12. Twelve Ogers Stalking...(and we thought the Rhinos were bad) Happy Holidays Gang, which ever one you celebrate! Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton AO 00092
  19. quickest way to solve the shooting each other as opposed to shooting the buildings is make it part of the scenario that the prize is in the building and they have to destroy them to get to the prize. a search for Jimmy Hoffa or something. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton AO 00092
  20. I think it looks great, course I'm scared to death at the possiblity of Feilding the 14's as standard EQ. Mad Pat AO 00092
  21. Umm you know what we need guys.... A 1/60 scale Rhino so we could run the Kill the Rhino Demo on 1/60 scale....we could call it the visually impaired version... Talk about a eye catching Demo. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton 00092 Dallas Texas
  22. Mad Pat

    The beast!

    I love the Oger but I have to agree on the legs, actually not from a ascetics standpoint but from a painting stand point. They are REALLY tough to paint. But man is it mean looking. I really can't wait for the new rhino's as well. I've got My Black Lightning Rhino finished and have my personal Rhino primed, I might just paint him up for a second Demo Rhino and wait to field one with my unit till a new CAD one comes to a store near me. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Addict #00092 Dallas Texas
  23. Sorry but causing trouble is my job in life. have you taken into account a dense urban area, where one building collapsing could possibly bring down all of them. I also don't know how I feel about a unit being destroyed if it decides to ram a building...or did I miss a change in that. Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton AO 00092
  24. Ok I'll put them where you guys can get them. It will probably be later today, as I need to correlate all my notes Ya I'm a Black Lightning Team member, Matt taught me how to play mentioned they needed folks, and boom I was suckered in as easy as that. Just recently got on the forums and started posting. So thanks for the warm welcome Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton Dallas Texas Inmate #000092
  25. If your looking for something a bit odd, but ton's of fun, I wouldn't mind having another AO run it and put it through its paces Its CAV Soccer, yep nothing like fully armed combat machines running around playing soccer and blowing the heck out of one another. I ran it recently at a small con here for the first time, though it was the first time it was ever run, it had some great reviews and lots of chuckles from all involved. I'm more then happy to let you run it, I just ask you give me a after action so I can adjust it before finalizing the rules. Patrick "Mad Pat :p " Haughton Dallas Texas
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