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  1. When I said that the concept of DV generated 4 opinions i was referencing how to value that number. should the offensive power of a unit cost the same as its defensive power? How many points should units pay for one point of DV? Its not as strait forward as saying add the pips together, that would be a battletech concept. You have to take into account the units DT level as well as its DV level. Remember that DV is more then just the armor bolted on the frame.


    Now back to our discussion on Adon, with the concept that they are long range shooters with superior electronics but moderate level of protection, what kind of holes need to be filled?

  2. Crome's statement is far from bogus. All and I repeat All of the potential doctrine benefits were developed around a theory of adding value to a model or group of models. That statement comes from not only a knowledge of the development process and mindset but an experience level with the game as well. Time and time again the Adon ability to disperse their formations has proven an advantage against units who can not preform the same open formations. The scenarios you outline seem to be based on a simple face to face strait line movement engagement, with little or no regard to use of terrain, strategic maneuvering or combined asset deployment. When properly deployed the Adon ability to disperse their formations, maneuver for shots and "dance" outside of their opponents effective ranges all the while having better numbers for their attacks can be quite decisive. This is inversely true for the Rach's ability to close the gap to the "fist fight" ranges where their weapons become most effective.


    Costs are always being looked at, the issue comes around to how folks value each item. For example the Cost of DV generated 4 different opinions on its value both game wise and how it should be weighed out in the overall point structure in one meeting alone.


    As for which Adon abilities your concerned with I'm honestly at a loss. Outside of their factional doctrines they have the same abilities as all the other units, If your discussing electronic warfare then use they most certainly will cost an action to preform as there must be a cost in time, and effort as well as points for gaining the types of bonuses given.


    I haven't heard many concerns with setups but if you would start a new thread in the general rules area describing your concerns I'd be interested in seeing them. The setup system is fairly strait forward and in line with most major game systems.

  3. Actually their armor is on par with the Rach who don't have the cool range to offset the lower DV's.


    The Dragonfly is actually in scale. You just have to see the cockpit design to fully understand it. The pilot is not sitting down like a traditional aircraft. Its a single seater and his seat looks more like a speed bike. He flies the aircraft almost laying prone. The aircraft it self is nothing more then a ridged skin ultralight. Its a cool aircraft but you've got to be nuts to fly it into a warzone.

  4. Still doesn't mean you want to fire it off in a closed space just because you can, because remember what uncle sam says you can do and what you really want to subject yourself two are often not the same.


    My view would be this.


    The SA was actually meant really to be for anti infantry protection.


    I would say no to heavy weapons as its gun ports not gun hatches (but that could be a new SA down the line)


    I would say no to defensive fire from units within the apc as they don't have full situation awareness.


    I would say yes to defensive fire against the APC if the infantry inside decide to poke the bear with a stick, as the AI's usually don't care if it was some poor dumb private who fired his rifle out a view slit or a crew served weapon the just know that that large target over there tried to hurt it.

  5. I am the other half of the OP's CAV gaming group. Honestly we both came from BattleTech so we like the fact that the came is not centered around the 'giant stompy robots'. I did notice from the diagrams in the rulesbook that what appears to be a standard gameboard is much smaller and significantly more urban than anything we've been using. We're playing on a 6' x 8' table with only a limited amount of hills and woods. This in and of itself keeps infantry from being overpowerful.



    Those are basic layouts, most game stores or individual players don't have access to playing area's larger then 4*6 on average. We really want to encourage folks to play with bigger forces on bigger boards every chance they have.


    Our design guide was to make the game playable in a small fashion on a kitchen table, thus a small 1500 point game on a 4*4 or smaller is completely doable. Does it show case what CAV is all about or let you play with ALL the toys, no. But that first time you get to drop a 5000 point or bigger force on a good sized board and go to town you really see how things can come together, how different aspects of the game can be stacked together and unfold into the perfect plan, and then of course watch that plan completely collapse in front of your eyes because your opponent got to bring all the toys too!


    One of the best Sat mornings I've had playing this game was at StubbDog's house playing on his table so big it filled the garage, and had a area cut out of the center on one side so we could get to the middle. Four of us were on that board and had tons of room to play and maneuver.

  6. After speaking with the other CAV oriented BL, and several of our players I am going to unfortunately call the CAV Tourney for the 5th. Or should I say at this point the BL team will not be sponsoring an event. I highly recommend folks get in some open gaming at the shop, and prepare them selfs for .....wait for it....





    2/2/2008 we will be hosting a very special event, hopefully simultaneously with several other stores all across the country if not the globe!!!!!


    Again my apologies with the holidays it just didn't fall together, and you deserve better then an event just slapped together at the last min.

  7. well we would probably have to run some demos and open gaming for the gang who hasn't played before. We generally try to only put folks in the tourney's who've had at least some prior exposure, unless everyone playing in the tourney has the same level.


    I'm sure we can put something together but we won't be able to run with everyone playing in the same event.

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