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  1. yes that is correct the TC value for both mortar teams is 2, Michale made the change to those cards some time ago in preparation for a errata release with the warlord and Sov 3. I missed them on the list and did not get them published. I will check to see if I can update the sheet that was just released.

  2. The wording for the Action and the SA are not the same, so based on the exact writeup the model doing a TL action must specify a specific target for his action. The Model using the EST SA or possessing the EST SA may use its TL bonus against ANY target. This inconsistency has been reported and we will see what Reapers final ruling is on it, but at the moment this is how its written.


    by the wording the Target Lock action is against a single model


    The Model spends an action to “Target Lock”

    an enemy Model and adds a Target Lock bonus

    equal to its TC to all of its Attack Rolls versus

    that model.


    The EST SA is against any model.



    A Model with the EST SA that conducts a Target

    Lock Action will not only add its Target Lock

    bonus equal to its TC to all of its Attack Rolls

    versus any model. It will also add this bonus

    to all friendly Models within an AOE, and the

    AOE lasts until the model’s next Activation.

  3. Our discussion about the barrier at the tournament actually centered around removing it from the board via ranged attack or moving through it. I don't believe we actually encountered a issue about LOS.


    I'm afraid the rules as written are really vague as they state it can be between 1/2 and 1 inch tall. I have done a search through the document and the only other rules that relate are the Eye Level LOS rules, if the model at eye level is blocked then its blocked.


    I'll see if we can't come up with a better clarification on this.

  4. Also, I like the idea of a CAV satchel charge. It doesn't seem far fetched at all to strap a bunch of grape canisters or flechette pods to the legs of a CAV.


    that was the original purpose of the AP gear SA in the 1.5 rules. We can go back and look at that, but probably after looking at CC as a whole first.

  5. The only thing that makes this tactic really really nasty is the current incarnation of Shock, after this is looked at I think you'll see it even out a bit, because remember that nice group of infantry and its transport that just dropped a round on your head from orbit, make a really nice target them selfs.

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