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  1. Yep as written those actions are fully legal.
  2. Nope and lord knows my CAV's have watched Stubdog do it enough times. I think just simply stating that a stand can either mount or dismount once per turn would simplify the problem, and still allow for the Shock SA, and allow units most of their tactics.
  3. Interesting conversation with Tabasco last night, "So Pat how do you get rid of the bubble the Panther is putting out?" "Ohh thats simple, just kill the Panther" "Humm OK."
  4. Thanks to everyone who came out for our very first official CAV 2 tourney! Mad Pat
  5. I also remember the last time we played Ent was using a freelance force and none of his were below 4 models. Mad Pat
  6. With the release of the rules the word of the day for Saturday will be "Flexibility"
  7. There will be plenty of CAV at ReaperCon and after my yearly break from weekends we will have a better schedual of events starting in June. I'm sure EE will also have some CAV events of his own at the shop.
  8. I believe the intention was to reduce the minimum unit size thus you would be able to take only two of the three attack units. We'll have to let EE make the final call on that.
  9. GenCon SoCal has been canceled http://www.gencon.com/2007/socal/press/Open-Letter.aspx
  10. Saturdays Tourney will be 1500 points, three rounds, 1 hour per round. We will be using the new tournament scoring system, which means you will take your best two out of three games for your final scoring. Faction SA's apply. Normal force organization rules apply. Sign in starts at 11:30 with the first round starting at Noon. Please bring two copies of your force list one for you to use and one to turn in at sign in.
  11. Actually it is shots fired. Mad Pat
  12. If you are planning on attending this Saturday's CAV2 tourney at the Asylum please shout out! Mad Pat
  13. there currently no data card for the Herc. Mad Pat
  14. Thats actually not that big a problem Reaper ships them UPS. Thanks to Brown Reaper can have Deathseekers anywhere in the world next day AM delivery!! Mad Pat
  15. We will be running three rounds during the tourney, at least two of those will have an objective/scenrio does anyone have any preferences or something they would like to see? Mad Pat
  16. If you think having dedicated Data Cards for weapon teams insted of a single data card with a weapon line referenced in the book, please send that feed back to Ed. This is the sort of suggestion and solutions to issues they are looking for. Mad Pat
  17. Mark your calenders now for the first CAV tourney of the year! More details to come soon!
  18. Congrats Gus, one word of advice as one who formally held one of those nifty tags on their name, watch out for those "As other duties required" you will learn to love the wheel of pain...ohh yes you will. Mad Pat
  19. yes the force construction rules have changed from CAV1. Mad Pat
  20. Reaper already does a good job at keeping a eye on just how much "skin" is flashed by most of its mini's. But at the end of the day its the adults who buy most of the products. When i do demos for Warlord, I tend to stick with the what I call the all environment friendly armies, crusaders, orks, dwarfs, elves, necropolis. Most of those armies are safe for most environments, everyone understands the basic nature of the armies. I've even been known to field just crusaders vs necropolis for a demo in Waco home of Baylor university...nothing like a old fashioned good vs evil battle to wow the southern baptists. it all comes down to know your environment know your audience. I have expressed levels of kid friendly to parents who's kids just played a demo and want to take home a army of their own. And honestly I've seen very very few kids ever gravitate towards some of what folks would consider a adult themed army.
  21. If i might make a suggestion, I would say any grunt or adept with a RAV then simply just any model with a RAV. some casters actually have a RAV and it would be amusing to consider them part of your shooter list. Mad Pat
  22. sounds good Gus I thought it was a max size issue, and thanks for the merc update Jason.
  23. Hey guys I downloaded the files last night and found one small issue. It won't allow you to take more then one Onyx Zephyr in a Overlord army. Might be a issue with the unit size attribute for the individual model. I tried several ways to add more then one of the model type, both using the GUI and using the adjust model count option, no joy on either. Mad Pat
  24. Hope you guys have fun, I'll be down south that weekend. Ohh and please remember there is more then one local Black Lightning rep
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