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  1. Saturdays Tourney will be 1500 points, three rounds, 1 hour per round. We will be using the new tournament scoring system, which means you will take your best two out of three games for your final scoring.


    Faction SA's apply.

    Normal force organization rules apply.


    Sign in starts at 11:30 with the first round starting at Noon.


    Please bring two copies of your force list one for you to use and one to turn in at sign in.

  2. Reaper already does a good job at keeping a eye on just how much "skin" is flashed by most of its mini's. But at the end of the day its the adults who buy most of the products.


    When i do demos for Warlord, I tend to stick with the what I call the all environment friendly armies, crusaders, orks, dwarfs, elves, necropolis. Most of those armies are safe for most environments, everyone understands the basic nature of the armies. I've even been known to field just crusaders vs necropolis for a demo in Waco home of Baylor university...nothing like a old fashioned good vs evil battle to wow the southern baptists.


    it all comes down to know your environment know your audience.


    I have expressed levels of kid friendly to parents who's kids just played a demo and want to take home a army of their own. And honestly I've seen very very few kids ever gravitate towards some of what folks would consider a adult themed army.

  3. Hey guys I downloaded the files last night and found one small issue. It won't allow you to take more then one Onyx Zephyr in a Overlord army. Might be a issue with the unit size attribute for the individual model. I tried several ways to add more then one of the model type, both using the GUI and using the adjust model count option, no joy on either.


    Mad Pat

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