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  1. Well some of us around here have been thinking about setting up a weekend event that just gaming, probably throw in a couple of other game companies as well, but we think it would be cool to be able to have some really good games and hard core tournys with out folks having to worry about classes and such.


    Mad Pat

  2. A good quick game for when you only have at max two hours is usally 1500 points per person, usally no more then 4 folks.


    for a good weekend afternoon game kick that up to 3000 points.


    now some thing to keep in mind, when you become more familiar with the rules play tends to speed up so you can either play quicker games or start bumping up your point costs accordingly


    but as a good rule of thumb 1500 per person works well for a quick pick up game in a hour or two.


    Mad Pat

  3. as per page 7 beta doc 1.5 there is no longer a restriction to the attack being conducted in the first range band, see below for special point blank rule.


    Critical Hit Damage

    When conducting certain Actions, a Perfect Ten may result in additional damaged caused by what is considered to be an exceptionally good hit. This exceptionally lucky attack is called a Critical Hit. When a Critical Hit is scored, roll the attack again with all the same modifiers and versus the same target value. For every point by which this second roll beats the target value, the attack does an additional point of damage.



    A Model with a current +6 RAV including all modifiers conducts a Ranged Attack against a Model with a current DV of 11. The Attacker rolls a Perfect Ten. The attack is a hit, scoring its normal point of damage. The attacker rolls again and again it adds its current +6 RAV versus the target Model's current DV of 11. The die result is a 7 and so the final modified roll is 13 (7+6 RAV), which is more than the DV of 11 by a margin of 2 (13-11 = 2). The attacker inflicts two extra points of damage for a grand total of 3 (one normal point of damage for a successful hit and two bonus points of Critical Hit Damage).


    Point Black Bonus Damage

    Unless otherwise specified, a Critical Hit Damage roll at a target within Point Blank Range that equals zero or less is automatically considered a one. Therefore, a Critical Hit Damage roll always yields at least a single point of bonus damage when within Point Blank Range in addition to the point of normal



    this is a prime example on why you should read and undestand the rules even if your playing games with someone who is helping to create them.

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