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  1. Well EntilZha had a pretty good game of CAV up at GameWyze last night. Small single platoon game but he ended up wiping me out with only one dead Dictator on his side. I'll be there running CAV again next thur night. Mad Pat
  2. Ok well I guess if nobody shows up by 8 at GameWyze I'll head on home.
  3. Michael will be at the Asylum on Thur night at least for the time being, We really have to justify his keeping the shop open with attendance and patronage of the store. I'm taking care of the GameWyze side as a option for those folks who can't or don't want to drive out to the company store on Thursday nights. Better to have two options then none. Mad Pat
  4. In case anyone hasn't mentioned it we got the data cards sorting by rank then by alpha. hope this helps Mad Pat
  5. Gotta note from the manager of the Lewisville GameWyze and he told me what terrain they have on hand which should be plenty for our needs so don't stress the Terrain unless you want to bring something cool to show off. Mad Pat
  6. If you will head on over to www.reapergames.com register to create your free account, in the CAV section you'll find a Featured Downloads section. There you will find the last public beta set of downloads. Mad Pat
  7. When you guys are ready to post them to the Wolflair site let me know, I've got their direct contact info right here. And a side note to anyone attending GenCon stop by and see the Wolflair guys, they are a great bunch of guys, and on top of that they hold two seminars during the convention on how to build data sets. Both a beginner and advanced class. I got to go to the Advanced class last year and it was really really helpful! Mad Pat
  8. Ya scenario objectives fit in well, to any style of play. Swiss style is where the first round match ups are completely random, then you rank everyone based on their win loss points and sort the list top to bottom and pair up based on top points, and then resort after the second round. what should happen is the top players should play each other and then it should shake down the list based on skill levels. Mad Pat
  9. Ya I went with GameWyze for a second alternative to those folks who don't want to drive to the Asylum and for those younger folks who are dependent on a ride from their folks. between the two shops we should be able to meet every ones gaming needs! I'll be at Vista Ridge to help oversee things there, so for those of you not wanting to make the trip head on over. Mad Pat
  10. For a first time tourny with first time players I highly recommend a 750 point tourniment that allows folks who have only purchased a starter set to field what they currently own. then has you get more players your next few tourniments increase in points costs. best bet is to run three one hour rounds using the swiss style. I've done this quite a bit and it works really well, this gives everyone a chance to play at least three other players, and sorts out the top folks to fight each other.
  11. With the sudden closure of the Jasco store many of you have wondered "Well now what am I going to do with my Thursday nights?" I have a answer! The nice folks at GameWyze have opened their arms to us for a place to meet and play on Thursday nights or when ever we want!. I will be up there between 6:30 and 7 with some CAV ready to go, and we will have three other tables available for Warlord and CAV. If you have some small portable terrain, please bring it as our current terrain selection at their newer store is limited. So come on out and join me at Vista Ridge Mall, dow
  12. We had a small game the other night 1000 points I had Merick and 10 phalanx in a nice little block that did pretty well, and Lorenth and two zephyrs. my only disappointment was the zephyrs themselves don't have first strike. But when Lorenth and his two sidekicks caught a unlucky razig out in the open it made for a very quick exchange. I really wished we had gotten a second damage track on the phalanx to let them at least survive a blow through attack or go up against elves. an amusing tactic when testing the lock shields ability vs. razig is to lock shields until they are dumb en
  13. The cards follow rank because thats how they are layed out in the book. Would rank + Alpha be acceptable? Mad Pat
  14. Dono i'm thinking those CAV numbers are a bit high...might have to recheck the formulas. Mad Pat
  15. I've sent out everyones game reports if you won a game against a player who had a reaper games ID. Mad Pat
  16. Honestly I'd rather see us explore a option out side of the asylum. Especally if we want to hold a really really big tourny for both CAV and Warlord. Mad Pat
  17. ok the true question is what do folks want? cav tourny warlord tourny painting demos sculpting demos panel discussions general gaming those are just some of the normal things that go on, a massive two day tourny has been discussed much like GW does with their grand tournies. but what do you folks want
  18. Hey just a quick heads up Michael mentioned to me last week that he was off this week so we may not hear info on the July tourney till he comes back. Mad Pat
  19. As promised a couple of shots of the days action. After a fun filled scramble for flags in the first round ice breaker the real one on one action starts at the top of round 2. With almost a packed house. Darren's Elves taking the field with their captured flags from round one, giving him a free standard upgrade for each troop with a flag. Emmel Eitch and Saint Vierzehn go head to head in round 3 it was a hard fought game for both of them. Darren and Gus set up for the final match up for round 4, on the dreaded snow table provided by Stubdog for the day. Everyon
  20. I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks to all the folks who came out and joined us at Jasco today. Congrats to the winner of the day Gus Landt! I'll be posting full results and some photos of the event soon. Thanks again to Mark for giving us a great place to pay, and to Stubdog for some great terrain. Mad Pat
  21. Hey gang couple of quick reminders. Be sure to get there early, in plenty of time to check in. Be sure to please bring a nice legible Printed force list, the easier it is for myself and you to read the better it is in the long run. Please bring dice and a measuring device along with your mini's If you forget Mark has plenty for purchase. If you have not already signed up at the shop, or contacted the manager by phone or email to sign up do so ASAP, we only have a few slots left. Please be sure to write down your ReaperGames ID and bring it with you. Can't wait to see ever
  22. Ya we will not be using the points system from the previous Asylum tourney. Spells bought will count full price with the death of the caster if they have been used or not. As for the 25% merc rule, we won't be using that for this tourney though that might change in the future.
  23. Since i don't even know what the Asylum rules for victory points are I am going to say no. Mad Pat
  24. dropped a WIP shot in the first post, not too bad photo is too dark to show the metalic armor. nothing special here this is game quality not show quality Mad Pat
  25. Yes i will shoot another shot of him tonight. I've got the primary armor base coat on and most of the leather work done. And yes i have been known to do some minor painting during long flights in WoW. ohh and tabasco i find that it helps get a good starting color to prime my keyboard not the other way around. Mad Pat
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