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  1. Basically it has a thick layer of gloss coat sprayed onto it (about three times what I would normally do) then another thick sprayed layer of Dull coat fixer. This prevents most scratching... after about three months or so you might see a few little chips.
  2. I am back from the dead since I now have a decent camera for macro shooting (thanks to a casino's free point based give away system.... I got it absolutely free since I only used my free money each week to collect points) The character is: 14350: Khamsin Herdsman, Nefsokar Grunt I can basically create any customized keychain from any metal or plastic figure now.
  3. updated it with a longer shutter speed and pulled it one setting back.... it's good but I don;t know why it is blurring his staff
  4. well that helps a great deal just using the sensitivity setting... this is the first attempt which was to turn sensitivity all the way to my highest setting... nothing else was changed.
  5. actually I am not using .raw I just meant an image I hadn played with. I use a DMC-TZ3 from panasonic.... it's a profesional level camera that I bought about 3 years ago... exposure compensation is set to + 1 shutter speed I think is set to 1/8 other then that I do not find any of the other settings on the digital camera's menu system. lens length should be for zoom I am guessing? I always shoot in macro mode and never push the manual zoom beyond 2/10 Wes
  6. Not that I have not been painting.... however I have recently been very frustrated trying to take any images of my miniatures. I don;t have good access to the sun/the sun here in the desert actually distorts miniatures as bad as the artificial lights. I need to find some way to either adjust the lighting/image from photoshop or adjust it before I take a picture that doesn't require.... well.... so much space..... I live in a home with other people who use most of the available space and already my one table is crammed with miniatures in progress.... four bookcases filled with material on research and books I am reading... .ect. anyone have any clues? I could post a raw image on here but I doubt anyone can do anything with them as they are...
  7. No... thank you for producing so many great miniatures.... I looked for over five hours before coming across a fox/human miniature... starting to think I'd have to sculpt parts I needed.
  8. thanks froggy!!! no clue why searching for fox wouldn't show that.....
  9. Not sure if this is really a reaper miniature or not but I keep seeing it pop up lasted as one at "CMON" and I desperately need it for converting purposes if at all possible.... I've checked everywhere I can think of including the figure finder and can;t locate it anywhere... It was supposedly called "foxy Lady" and it's a fox/human anthromorphic character wielding a bow. Link below: http://www.coolminiornot.com/187181 What I really need are the tail/head form the figure.... if at all possible.... does anyone have one I could purchase or does Reaper make these on special order possibly? Wes/Murakumo
  10. Probably an odd question... but if someone was interested in working for Reaper where would we send in resumes/cover letters? Is their someone at reaper that would be best to contact? I tried searching through the website and contacts and theirs an HR department listed... just wondering if that would be the best place to go. thanks, Wes
  11. Yes I can confirm that reaper does have the tiny skulls in with the empty bodies... however I don;t think their as detailed as someone would want for conversions. I'd much rather for a similar price buy the "skull pack" that has several different races skulls.
  12. Copper, brass etc will not play nice in acrylic paint bottles. Then again, stainless steel (or at least many of the common stainless alloys) won't either. They will corrode in acrylic paint. And acrylic airbrush medium will severely pit a stainless steel ball in a month or 2. Hmm well thanks to my own stupidity Reaper made a large sale of empty dipper bottles.... been meaning to buy some anyways since I don't like the off brand ones another site sold me but I wasn;t planning on redoing my whole paint set >.>
  13. See I bought a load of BB pellets form the exact same store... but apparently their slowly leaching stuff into my paints.... which is bad.... obviously... do you know if these weights are treated in any way? Thanks, Wes
  14. ahhh... if only you knew..... *laughs evily before coughing since he has the flu* meck.... actually Just joking... I wouldn't destroy a mini for no reason... if all else fails I have some magic treasure objects I'll never use that are a good enough size to fit in a pot.
  15. Yeah Reaper actually adds a tiny pewter skull to each MSP paint bottle. Thanks to a late night cutting binge with my sprue cutter I now have a hundred tiny pewter bits to add to my paint.
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