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  1. I've read the books for a few days now... and like it. It looks streamlined and pretty tight - as in everything is an unified whole. It's not as complex as 3.5E and a tad more mini-centric, but I don't mind the latter. For complexity - I enjoyed complexity fr a time, but nowadays, I like something "tight" and compact, like Savage Worlds. 4E gives me that, combined with D&D trappings. But seriously, this is not a evolution of D&D, as in 3E++, but more like old Battlestar <-> re-imagined Battlestar. It looks more like a RPG built from ground up to recreate D&D themes. I, for one, like that, because I want a fast system that gives a lot of freedom and value story over mechanics -> simple, straightforward mechanics = good for me. But I see why people dislike it, because the rules system of previous D&D incarnations has its charm. Cheers, LT.
  2. Thanks for the kind words, guys. I got a load of infos from this forum, as well as from other sites - so I guess, if they're looking good, that's due to the many brilliant tutorials and tips on the internet (for example, the eyes of the minis after the first three or four were painted according to the tutorial on the Reaper homepage - without it, they'd still look like frogs or would have a lot more glowing eyes). :) And for the camera, yeah, that's already the macro mode... but the camera is already more than five years old. I'll try to get the hang of it, perhaps I can eke out a bit more - especially with better lighting! Cheers, LT.
  3. Okay... a load of minis. I'm painting for a bit more than half a year (started last August), after a sort of crash course by some friends (though I've painted on canvas before, so I'm somewhat used to acrylics). The first shot was made with a much better camera (borrowed one), the following ones... well they're blurry because my own camera has a crappy macro mode. Well, I guess that's enough talk... so more showing: First ones... painted in the order from the left to the right: Back of the minis The rest is linked for your convenience: Then, a knight. He has a base now... but didn't had time to retake the pictures: 3048 - Sir William, Peace Maker (front) 3048 - Sir William, Peace Maker (back) And the same for the wizard: 2905 - A. Wanderhat (front) 2905 - A. Wanderhat (back) Then, I got my fingers on a tentacled horror, which was fun to paint, and the cloak was a nice lesson. And he also has a base now: 2116 - Cthal T'Chuk (front) 2116 - Cthal T'Chuk (back) After a 2 month hiatus, I picked up my paints again, and produced this guy: 2973 - Cullen, Ranger (front) 2973 - Cullen, Ranger (back) Followed by this gal - great sculpt... but I'm neither satisfied with my paintjob, nor the base (hint: need suggestions!): 2961 - Angel of Shadow (front) 2961 - Angel of Shadow (back) And this Klocke-sculpt is definitively my favourite paintjob, I wish I could have pulled this off on the angel... perhaps, I'll get another angel: 3072 - Aviriel Tellerion, Elf Paladin (front) 3072 - Aviriel Tellerion, Elf Paladin (back) And finished by my mediocre attempt on lighting. Just... don't talk about the scroll: 2449 - Callus Darklore (front) 2449 - Callus Darklore (back) Okay, that was a load of stuff... if you guys can offer tips, criticism, whatever... feel free to give it, I need it. And for the camera - I'm working on it. Cheers, LT.
  4. Nah, you're not really weird. I fare well with a lot of (partially clumsy) programs and OS, like Linux, Photoshop, MATLAB... but hate GIMP's structure with a burning passion. Until I've found GIMPShop, which is a GIMP with a Photoshop-alike GUI. It helped me, even if it's not as advanced as the newest GIMP versions, perhaps it's to your liking. Cheers, LT.
  5. Like that duelist. Funnily, I've looked for a nice female warrior mini with skirt some days ago. Now I can expect it as Klockenbooty. Fun. :) Cheers, LT.
  6. Well, I know that Paizo produces these "Compleat Encounters", some game stats, a map tile and a set of usually three miniatures - here's the link - but I have no clue, who produces them. I guess Paizo would produce Pathfinder stuff through the same channel. Cheers, LT.
  7. Thanks for the all the advice. Especially the link was appreciated! Cheers, LT.
  8. Well, I'm sitting here in the UK... and while my FLGS has a fair share of minis, it still doesn't match the full range the Reaper store can offer, of course. And the shops here have either Vallejo, Rackham or GW paints. And I've heard a lot of praise about the Reaper paints - so I probably want to try 'em out at some point. But, since I'm in the UK, I'm far away - and get the international shipping rates. So I'm asking for experiences with international shipping or even alternatives - since international shipping isn't exactly what I'd call cheap. So, any experiences or other advice? Cheers, LT.
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