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  1. I thought part of the Kickstarter results was the production of Bones being moved to Texas? What's with the 200 masters going to China?
  2. OH, FANTASIC job on bringing production back to the States guys! It's worth $100 just for that.
  3. Sorry, I didn't mean in THIS Kickstarter, just in general. Maybe NEXT one? I think Reaper making some 3D tiles would sell even better....
  4. With the incredible response to the Kickstarter, how about some plastic 3D Dungeon Tiles!?!!? I think there's a market for these. Something nicer than the 2D mats and tiles from various manufacturers, something less expensive than Dwarven Forge, and something less labor intensive than molds. My buddy has been ASSAULTING me to buy into the kickstarter. Thing is, I haven;t done fantasy in forever and really have/had(?) no plans to! Something along these lines would tip my hand I thinks......
  5. Don't have an image per-se. Planning on free handing the shields.
  6. How about Reaper's limited edition color 9651 Hallowed Orange for the Jack O Lanterns? That's probably good, but I'm looking for 3 colors, shadow, base and highlight.
  7. I'm looking to free hand some jack o lantern faces on fantasy shields. Any recommendations on colors? I was thinking the fire triad set. Is that too red?
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