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    I am a historical gamer but I love to paint fantasy and large scale (54 typically) figures. †I paint for others at times. †I like to trade figures for paint jobs.

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  1. Hello Everyone, Well I am finally finished except for taking a decent pic of this, This is a scan since I am waiting on a new camera to arrive. When I have the camera I will take better pics. Let me know what you think though. Thanks Steve Reaper King
  2. Nice job there Polo, I love the design on the cloak, gives me inspiration to try my own. Nice overall work, I like the NMM, does not look too fake, the only point i see is that the hair and skin tone from the overhead shot seem to be about the same tone, maybe highlight the top of the head a little more. Great work Steve
  3. hello everyone, I am looking at doing this guy in lighter tones than I usually do. So I have chosen a light sky blue for the clothing and have not decided on the trim colors, my color wheel says to use either yellow orange, pale yellow, pink, or red orange. I will be doing some free hand glyphs on the front sash as well. Thanks steveMy Webpage
  4. Hello everyone!! After a long hiatus I am back with my first shots of my project, I hope to quickly catch up to everyone. Let me know what you think. :D my yahoo webpage I dont have the mouth done yet but will soon Thanks Steve
  5. The best way I have found id to paint the eyes first and then when you basecoat the face, make sure to leave an outline around the eye socket in black. this is much easier than painting the face first and then trying to do the eye after.
  6. I use Vallejo and WN Series 7 brushes and with good care (washing after each session) I have not had these fail. Matter of fact the Series 7 brush I have when dry looks like a bad hair day but as soon as you wet it it straightens out perfectly. A good place to get cheaper supplies is Dick Blick art supplies Dick Blick Art Supplies Good Luck Steve
  7. If you are up for it I could point you to a lot of historical sites that deal with painting in acrylics. Problem is most of them are either Spanish or German. If you want I can get a list together. Steve
  8. Aryanun, Thanks for the help. I think that I will do like Stern says and focus on taking better pics with a better set up so that I don't have to edit them so much. I just had time on my hands at work and was trying to figure this stuff out. Thanks Steve
  9. Aryanun, I ended up with that file size after cropping and resizing. It is on my website on the frontpage at: http://smchobbies.tripod.com I was real happy with the photo but am unable to put it on yahoo or any other place to readily share. I will still play with it and see what I can do. Thanks for the help. Steve
  10. Hello everyone, I need help (or I need to read the manuals) I was playing around with my photo editor, I use Corel at work so that is what I use with photos, on a few pics messing around with sharpness and brightness and I took what was around 70k and when I finished with what turned out to be a very close represntation of the actual figure, I had a monster 655K file at screen size. This being over the 100K max upload for most places, I don't want to send the 70K one and get bad reviews. What do I do to make the large file smaller and not lose the quality? Thanks Steve
  11. I agree with Lili on the Euro Modelisimo books. Also, any of the books from Andrea are quite good as well. Modelers Resource Magazine is a good place for tips and hints on different techniques, materials, etc. This magazine is mainly plastic and resin model kits but the theory is still the same. Hope this helps. Steve
  12. Thanks everyone for responding so quickly. Once I figure out how to put pics up here I will show you what I have done. Ofcourse I went the opposite direction and started with the dark color before I asked for help. Thanks Steve
  13. Hey, Has anyone got a decent way of painting checkerboard patterns on figures? I am painting a couple of the knight type figures and want to paint checkerboard patterns but I am not sure as which way to do it. Do I paint a base color and then add the other color with the pattern, and how do i go about shading and highlighting this? Thanks Steve
  14. You might also try to use a dark but thin (mostly water) wash just before your last highlight. This will soften most of the hard lines depending of course on how hard the lines are. The trick with layering is that you want to reduce the size of the previous area painted. Like you are painting a square and each layer of the square gets smaller and smaller until you have a pin point left to paint on. Hope this helps. Steve
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