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  1. The mini's are Golden Deamon winners of course, but they're not worse than alot of average gamer paint jobs. The rules have good and bad spots. It's not a bad game, worse than some, better than others.


    BUT, it does have clone troopers and that makes it bad butt.


    And the new Arc Trooper Sniper for the Nov Clone Wars set is nice.

  2. Thanks for the kind words about my dungeon Jackal. Your pics look real good. I'm already formulating ideas for the new dungeon layout for next year, so make sure that you swing by.


    I took my camera thingie with me, but it never came out of my back pack. Every time I thought of it I was too busy to bother. I guess armydillo is right, next year we will have to make Jackal the official photographer........


    The thing about pics is that I can tell people about this site and the products, but a lot of people want visual images to go along with things and many seem to like to read after action reports. It's kinda limiting to promote a product beyond what I can do in person (which is on my time) or via the web. A perfect opportunity to promote the product by spreading images across the various forums.


    Castle, you made that dungeon? Holy smokes that thing looked huge. Well done. Looks like it would take a fork lift to move it. ::):



    The Reaper related image I have stuck in my brain is looking down the long tables of cool terrain surrounded by gamers, with Ed Pugh (Reaper CEO) sitting way down on the end cap running the Reich games. The one I would like to have seen was when Ed played the Night of the Solstice, and his minions ran into the brothel and then refused to leave...... (His gaming minis, not the BL reps....)




    Oh those naughty mini's. :rolleyes:

  3. Thanks for sharing Jackal. :) I was hoping other people who had attended might have taken one of those camera thingies with them. Most of my other forums have a fair bit of GenCon posts/pics so I was bit dissapointed by the lack of it here. Perhaps Reaper could make you the "official" picture taker dude for GenCon 09. ;)

  4. These are the kind of mini's I actually break down and paint. While I really dislike painting, I'm always glad when I'm done and the figs look nice, and in my style. :)


    Some pride in doing one's own work.


    I'd like a mix of male/female NOVA troopers.

  5. A NOVA pack would be nice. How about the same basic two (or three) bodies with arm/head varieties? They do look sharp.


    Anyone have any of the SST MI troopers you might be able to match them size wise up for me and let me know how they compare? I need to fill out my unit.

  6. We used to buy tickets for hockey games that were connected, but that was usually for multiple matches between the same two teams, or in a series. Stranger things have been done/proposed; like that one stadium that doesn't want people to stand up during games. Odd.

  7. Hmmm, on 2nd thought, this did take place in England. What with their gun control and all, maybe this was his form of personal protection. Maybe he just pulled the chainsaw from his shoulder holster and was preparing to clean and oil the blade and it went off, and so did his head.

  8. The armored bug looks like the little ones from the SST CGI, that were hanging around the brain bug. I'd like to see them next to some figures for comparison.


    The big ol'beetle doesn't fit in with what we game.


    I'll let my group know. Thanks for the heads-up.

  9. Actually we can do better than just tell you, Here are some pictures of the events from ORIGINS that will be run at GENCONShameless self promotion


    Nice, thank you Sir. That's the kinda stuff I like to pass onto others interested in the game. I mainly frequent the wargaming forums, and Reaper figs come up as topics every so often. It's nice to be able to point people here to the site, but doubly helpful to point them at figures actually in use.


    I may not agree with several others on here on various things, but I think we all can agree that it's a good thing to promote Reaper and the cool figs they have. If nothing else, at least we can help each other out with that.......other differences aside. Yes?


    Thanks again Sergei. ::): I'll pass that link along.

  10. There will be Kroid minis on the Reich table. Those are finished and ready to play. The American are still proxies since the minis for those aren't out yet. I cannot say what, if any, Reich minis will be available at GenCon.




    Cool beans. The other guys are interested in seeing what they look like. The pics posted in the other threads are good, but you know how you always like to see thing things in person.


    For the demo people, no one has been told by me that the mini's will be available, just possibly there to be seen.


    Just trying to promote Reaper, that's all.

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