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  1. I didn't tell them the figures were available so don't worry; I said the figures might be there for them to see. I would think if they're doing demos, they'll probably be using "official" Reaper figures. I'm some ReaperPeep will advise us one way or another.
  2. Sweet. I was yaking on another board and the subject of Reaper figs came up. I wanted to give them a heads up if Reaper was gonna be at the Con so they could make time to see them. They're interested in the RotD figures. By any chance do you know what booth # Reaper will have? Thanks for the info Bill Disregard, I saw on the Gencon page they'll have booth 1521. Should have thought to look there first. Duhhhh
  3. Sorry if this was posted elsewhere. Will Reaper be at Gencon, and what events will Reaper be running there? I thought it had been mentioned elsewhere that they were, but maybe I was thinking of Origins. Thanks
  4. I've got a tournament this weekend at the bigger of game stores. Haven't checked thier stuff in a month. They usually have a HUGE supply of Reaper, so I'm hoping they have the new zombies. I could use some diversity for my hordes.
  5. Hmmmm, so will Viacom sift through the records for stuff that pertains to them only? Or will they dig and muck up anything? Ok, I like Steve Wariner and I enjoy listening to his songs Domino Theory and The Weekend and I have the albums, but I enjoy watching the videos. Even though Steve Wariner is with Capital Music Group/EMI is Viacom going to go after the people posting his songs? Or just their own stuff? Will they dog me out for posting his stuff? Or let other Corporations worry about their own stuff? This is gonna be a cluster-F with the average Jane and Joe in the middle.
  6. Holy dog poo, you guys have me worried now. Next thing you know, the sky will be falling.
  7. Don't worry. All Viacom will probably do is dig through the info and then turn everyone over to Homeland Security.
  8. Discuss. Well, I would guess that the average schumk who justs view the videos won't be affected; where as, the members who posted videos might have some issues to deal with.
  9. Is Enterprise still around? I left Orlando back in '91, but that was the closest place within walking distance to the base for gaming supplies. Yes, but it's been re-named Sci-Fi City due to legal reasons (or so I was told). Now part of a three store chain. Locally, lots of people still like Sci-Fi for their variety of gaming stuff, but in the same breath alot of people have come to dislike the percieved attitudes of several of the store employees (unless your a free-spending GW player). :) Rhubarb has been an upcoming game store. Smaller, but very gamer friendly. A new one just opened up on Aloma over by Forsyth. Lots of open tables, no scenery, but they're an ok bunch.
  10. I'm not surprised. Orlando has over 200,000 people and 2 million in the metro area and we have only 1 dedicated game store, 1 game/comic store, with maybe 3 more comic stores w/game stuff. Not much better pickings in the surrounding areas either. Kinda sucks all over at times.
  11. Nice. I didn't realize those were paper at first; but, I think your right, that would be a copy of ink cartridges. Of course, it would save time for a non-painting fool like me.
  12. Who's your Rack Daddy? Ed's your Rack Daddy, baby.
  13. Man, that sucks. Damn Reaper. Hey, tell what I'll do, I'll take you Swag points and force myself to by some junk. That way you don't have too. Let me know. Bill (the team player)
  14. Today, ReaperBryan.............tomorrow, Darth Bryan. There can be only one. Oh mighty ReaperEd, where art thou?
  15. Those are some ugly zombies, which makes 'em perfect. If you can post a pic of them all together, I'd be interested in seeing how well they blend. I'm gonna snag a box of DDM today, hopefully I'll get some chillborns. And where's the love for ReaperEd? I don't see any, does he not deserve?
  16. Funny. Brings back some old PBS memories.
  17. Now, if you add a few of the D&D Chillborn zombies, and maybe one or two from Heroscape, you'll have a diverse zombie horde. All prepainted too.
  18. Naughty Tank Girls. You can never really have to many of them. What about the rest of the crew?
  19. Yo yo, homeslice. I was advised that JAPL is the code for the correctional facility in Land of Lakes. If the arrest record has that for the Disposition Code, it means the scumbag of interest is incarcerated there. Hope that helps.
  20. Tsk tsk. Shame on you. Munckins are rather tasty if you get the glazed kind, or even the powder sugared kind.
  21. JAPL is a Pasco County code if I recall correctly. I'll check with our guys tomorrow and find out what it means, since we don't use it, and get back to you. This for a family member, friend, or scumbag of interest?
  22. lol, that's just begging for "You? You looking at me?" note underneath it.
  23. That explains why the hairs on the back of my neck have been going up. Spiderbreath will do it every time.
  24. You too? I hear bumper stickers have already appeared that say "I brake for ReaperB". He just needs three more miracles and he'll get Sainthood.
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