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  1. Thank you, Sir. It seems like some pop up like gophers, and then dart off leaving me wonder if I really did see them or not. And then there are a few that are bulwarks, always there, always helping out.
  2. Very cool. Now, without having searched the sight first, are you guys gonna be doing any coverage of the new Ogre, or even old Ogre by Steve Jackson Games? Thanks Bill
  3. There's ReaperBryan with his legion of disciples, and I've heard a ReaperClark mentioned at the secret meetings. I'm sure there's a few that haunt areas of the forum I don't usually tread. I was just wondering how many official ReaperPeoples there. Bill
  4. Yep. Games won't always agree with each (or so I've heard) but if they're tolerant, there might be a meeting in the middle. If they're not willing to listen, then break out the flamethrower and torch their figures. That's a joke.
  5. One of our LGS (Rhubarb) posts a calender of events and for that reserves a set number of tables and even has little reserve cards on them. And usually saves one or two tables for other games. Of course, those tables usually get covered with stuff by the other gamers. Another LGS (Sci-Fi) are a different bag. They post a sign that the tables are reserved, leaving no spares for others. If you can find a fold up table open, it's yours; but the tables with terrain are verboten. I'd rather have a few set aside for the non-league people. Specially when some stores have league or designated gaming just about every night.
  6. I'm still suggesting the flame thrower. It's not so crazy, this guy did it. Man Accused Of Attacking Victim With Make-Shift Flame Thrower http://www.wftv.com/news/16556868/detail.h...lc&psp=news
  7. I say have a pyro on standby. So when a gamer shows up to play something different on a designated night, a little pfffft, pffffft of the flamer and off goes the intruder gamer. Followed up with a hefty "Cheeeeseneck!"
  8. Those golden clockwork type robots certainly look like something I'd expect to see in Chronoscope. If the rest of the movie matches up to the trailer, it'll be awesome. I just with Colonel Kronen was in it.
  9. He wants the precious. Always he is looking for it. And the precious is wanting to go back to him... But we mustn't let him have it.
  10. Seems our (my) problem is the RTT, not Historicals. It just seems that every other weekend there's some GW tournament going on where they need to take up half the tables, if not all, in most of the LGS and if they're not actually using the empty tables, they have all their gear and stuff piled up on them. GW strikes again.
  11. Ok, ok, there's a tournament in July, at Sci-Fi; for Heroscape. Who's with me? Huh? Huh? Now, HS has a zombie faction, soooooooo, I'm thinking the RotD.Warlord zombies would fit in; as would the elves form Warlord. Anyone? Anyone?
  12. What does your fiancee (sp) think of her and her booboo with his credit? Does he care if she's in the wedding or not? Would he be bummed about you not like her?
  13. The problem with that , because I was there last year , is that one has to bid with ReaperBucks , which can only be earned at the convention . I don't think it will happen , although I could be wrong . Well, I have some Disney Dollars and Chuckie Cheese tokens.
  14. I'd like to also suggest maybe having the auctions online. I saw some cool stuff in those pics I'd have loved to have gotten. I know, I know. Not practical. But I can dream. Anyone out there get any of those black t-shirts and aren't feeling really, really attached to it?
  15. There's more than seven, so it can't be the dwarves and Ms White.
  16. Bryan put up a valiant fight, but in the end, I prevailed. Huzzah! For the Champion, Huzzah! Good job. Will the Champion retain her post in ReaperCon 09? Will ReaperBryan make a come back? Will there be a new Champion? Stayed tunned for more Ninja Warr.........Stay tunned for more ReaperWarrior!
  17. Nice intestinal definition there. These for a fantasy or modern setting?
  18. Most excellent. 1 rep point for you. Looks like everyone is having fun and they have those cool new shirts. Lucky bums. Now I have to wonder who won the arm wrestling contest, and why that one guy at the end has big old paint splotch on his shoulder, AND does the Sonic catering have those wonderful chili cheese tater tots.
  19. My God Man! That's two days AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! We need a quick fix. Nownownownownownownow. *deepbreath* *deepbreath* *deepbreath* *deepbreath* I guess, if we have no choice. Can you at least give us a hint at what the pics will be about? Something to drool over.
  20. I"m sure they'll eventually get posted around Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. I hear due to Sergeant Heisler's boot of kicking, the puppies have sabotaged all the wi-fi and computer upload abilities. It's a sad, sad thing; but, in another two or three days I figure we'll finally be graced with post-con pics.
  21. Well, if you guys wish me some mojo and I win the 10 million dollar lottery, I will pay for all of you to go next year, perhaps with SO's and spawn. I'd love to go see all the people I've been yacking with for the last year.
  22. Dr. George W. Crane? Is that Fraiser's grandpa?
  23. At least he's not kicking puppies like I hear they do at ReaperCon. But that's what I hear on the Cat News Network, and we all know CNN doesn't lie.
  24. Captain Carlson hugged the wall, his Thomas sub-machine gun held closely to his chest. He glanced over to Pugh. Private Pugh was breathing heavily, having just run across the street to the building Reaper squad was know in. At the moment, the American squad was holding up tight, waiting for the Kroids to pass by. "Pssst, Cap'in, they done by now." That came from Private Fremen. He turned away from them to glance back out into the street to watch the Kroid patrol go by. "Alright boys, lets go teach them Kroid bastards a thing or two." Captain Carlson said to the others as shifted his position. ------------- stay tunned for more in the ongoing RotD net saga.
  25. Just make sure you spell my name right Lieutenant Spartan, hmmmm, sounds Italian. You Italian? I could always work in some black shirt stuff. After all, there was the Blue Division which served with honor on the Ost Front.
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