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  1. This is not at all true. The first edition WFRP was one of the longest running first edition game in the history of tabletop RPGs. It's still highly playable and has many players. Every thing I've heard about 2nd edition has been great even from die hard 1st edition players. Of course it's not true. I was just being silly. We all know that it really takes 2.4 years for each new edition to be revised, printed up and shipped from the Eye of Terror. Even the Chaos Gods can't get it turned around any quicker than that. True, true. Not since Slaanesh brokered that deal with GW and TSR back in the day. Of course, I'm sure most gamers didn't realize that the pain and pleasure from constant new editions is due to Slaanesh. Things we learn in public school pay off. Though I'm sure Zuvassin had a part in it to. That would explain the ever changing scale of mini's. From 25mm to 28mm to Heroic fantasy. The constant "undoing". *sigh* Why must the Chaos Gods torment us like this? But, in the end, at least we know GW isn't directly responsible. They're just puppets. Bill
  2. Very nice post there from Balqin. I like how you compared the two. Another factor to keep in mind is source material. If your run D&D, you'll have a ton of modules and other do-dads to help you along. I'm faintly suprised they haven't come out with a Shrek adventure for D&D, they seem rather compatible. WFRP does have a nicer edge towards grim reality. Still a lot of game material out there, but GW will rework it and issue a new set every 1.63 years. Less fantastic creatures and settings, but a more dark, gothic thing going on. Chaos cults and what not. It also seems that every character is a walking billboard for Skulls-R-Us or Angstmart, where skulls are always on sale. Always. Tons of players for both at my FLGS. Personally, I'd go WFRP rules and incorporate parts of the D&D world and make the rest new and fresh.
  3. Counseling for trauma like this is available through most insurances at low to no cost.
  4. Now, I can relate to these. We need to start a Mini-Painting Guide or something akin to that for painting minis and putting them together. I can't tell you how many times Superglue has turned from friendly, helpful tool, to evil, hateful substance that drives me bat-crazy. And since I suck eggs at painting and mini-prep, I'll leave it to the more experienced folk. Bill
  5. Well, at least I'm not the only one that had that extension cord snaffu happen. I feel a bit better about it now.
  6. As if chi's weren't one of the breeds that had puppy mill over abundance already. Yep. Everyone will want to have one, for about a month or two and then the ones who realize the work involved will give the dog away to a friend or dump it at the pound. Meanwhile, the puppy slavers (that's how I think of them) are making some serious bank on this whole thing. I could be wrong, but our county animal control put down almost 15,000 animals last year due to overbreeding and not enough people wanting an animal, and they had a 70% adoption rate. All the animal lovers usually already have two or three. I've got three cats, rotten buggers, already, not counting the six strays that don't seem to want to leave me alone. Of course, I think they just want me for the food and medicine I give them. Rotten users.
  7. Wow, that's one awesome loin cloth the Eldar dude has and the space marine is pretty cool as well.
  8. Heresy you speak of Sir! Unlike GW Inquisitors, the Disney ones aren't covered with skulls and scrips. When the happy looking team of Disney people come to your front door, dressed in golf shirts and covered with Mickey Mouse ears, fastpass tickets hanging from the multitude of pins on their clothes, you won't laugh then. Disney Inquisitors are a cruel lot. When they start applying that Country Bear Jamboree fire iron to the bottoms of your feet... "Sharky, who has bad movies?" "Disney! ha ha ha ha." "Oh, I'm so dissappointed. That isn't the answer we wanted to hear. Tsk tsk." Sizzle sizzle sizzle Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! "Now, Sharky, who makes bad movies?" "Universal! Universal Studios!" "That's better. I see your going to recover just fine."
  9. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?...27397&st=15 Post #28?
  10. Gasp!!! The great and all powerful Wyrm? I thought you were dead? On that last mission, you and Plisken, the cargo of rum and all those Bannana Tropics gals. This is day to rejoice! The Wyrm is back! Let there be celebrations and frolicking in his name. Wonder if they'll be an increase in chihuahua breeding mill sales after this movie.
  11. *grumble grumble* Oh sure, the new guy finds it. *roddle roddle roddle* Is there a direct link to the pic? I followed the one to White Dwarf, and lets say I'm a bit slow, and can't figure out where it's at, which link would I need to follow?
  12. Only peasants re-use the same thing more than once. She actuallys gets a new dog everyday and a matching purse. Bill
  13. Shoot, that narrows it down. Are you thinking on this one? http://uk.games-workshop.com/spacemarines/...ng-chaplains/2/ if not, try here. http://demonwinner.free.fr/usa/2006Atlanta...hp?categorie=10 http://demonwinner.free.fr/usa/2006Los_Ang...php?categorie=1
  14. LOL......your going to Nastrand for that one.
  15. The stars are bright, big and white, deep in the heart of Taltos......... Hmmmm, it just doesn't have the same........grist to it.
  16. What? What? I'm over here, quietly working on my story and RotD files. I know nothing, see nothing.
  17. I think I know what you're talking about. Woofda. Now I have this mental image of Doombringer, Saint, and Ed in matching thongs with the Chrono clock on it. Wow. But, they go with the new Reapercon shirt.
  18. Hey now. You never know when a thong might come in handy. You could be trapped some place and need a zip line and suddenly that thin bit of string is a lifesaver.
  19. Nice, love the wall clock. Any plans to add RotD to the growing list there?
  20. Was that the night Elvis was bartending? Or was that the night Jim Morrison was? Yes. One was the relief bartender for the other.
  21. No no, it's all true. We were having drinks with some covert Black Lighting agents and they slipped us the info. Just ask Hilter, he was there picking up his Dallas Cowboys jersey.
  22. Depends on what the cards says. Sometimes the defender can select which pokemon are affected. There are lots of cards, seems like thousands, with variations for even the same Pokie. Heck, look at the number of Machomps and Pikachu cards (I think I've got at least five different versions for each). Specially from older to newer sets. Older sets are usually weaker as for hit points and damage.
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