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  1. Terminators are pretty sharp in mauve and chartreuse. Use the plague chapter logo.
  2. Rotten video. It's making me break out my Epic 40K stuff and try to finish that travel Space Hulk set I was working on.
  3. Who's Ed Pugh? That's a joke. Happy B-Day Private.
  4. I'm a bit bummed that Space Hulk may not be a FFG product, but I'd be thrilled if FFG could re-do Epic or Man O'war, two other awesome games. Perhaps some new figures, or at least a new run of 'Nids. I know, I know. Dream on.
  5. Very nice. Of course, my son had to mention how the SMs looked like Halo Spartans. Silly kid. To bad FFG can't re-do SH under their new agreement. I betcha that would bank so much cash for them and GW.
  6. Well, from my untrained eye it looks great. What did you use for snow?
  7. Don't forget the "unsubscribe" feature if you foolishly post to a thread and regret getting the added replies afterwards.
  8. Highway 101 - Bing Bang Boom. The good ol'days of two steppin'.
  9. Oh damn. There was about to be a party at the thought of a new Space Hulk. Heck, a new board print of one would do nicely as an add on for out Tannhauser or RotD game. Secret underground lab for all kinds of experiments. Does GW have any decent non-mini games? Heck, do they have any non-mini games at all? Not counting the CCGs.
  10. OMG OMG Please let FFG do some Space Marine pre-pants, and some pre-paints would be awesome as well. Thanks for the info Krist.
  11. Ack, I can't link to it right now. Durn blockers. Can you give me the gist of what it says till I can get home tonight and read it? Thanks.
  12. Excellent. Thanks guys. I was just breaking out the mini's to make some stands for an upcoming game with new some players. These will be great handouts. Were there ever any for unit/warband composition?
  13. This is pretty clever. The animator tries to kill his animation and things get pretty rough. Who knew stick figures could kick butt so well. www.deviantart.com/deviation/34244097
  14. Pre-pant plastics? When did these come about? Does Werner know that he has to put pants on his figures now? Gosh darn, that is the end of the hobby as we know it. <ok, so I'm feeling particularly smart arsed right now> Oh you cheeky lad you. Where have we gone with these gamers. It's all that violence with little lead figures. That's got to be it.
  15. Kinda like when Rackham filed papers and the doom/gloom people said the world was coming to end due to pre-pant plastics. Ah yes, I'm sure everything will work out.
  16. Oh you party pooper. We're looking into long term CDs for the lion's share of it, but I figure a 1% of 1% splurge would be fun. Of course, I could wait till Reaper gets their next batch of mini's out. That requires patience though.
  17. Normally, when you have low-to-no money, it's always nice to dream of the stuff you'd like to get. Now that our tax refund money came through this morning, I can get something cool. And that leads to the hard part. Have to choose one cool thing out of so many. Those new 3 new tiger tanks and Heer soldiers for our RotD games Zombies 6 Wings of War (which seems to be a knockoff of several ealier games. Say, Canvas Eagles) The Blood Bowel Omnibus (I'm so jazzed it's been re-released!) The Ares Colossal three pack and so on and so on It would be so much easier if the new Legendary Encounter figures were out. I'd love to get a few of those ghosts and gnolls. Not to mention 40K 5e.
  18. Ok, so maybe this one will fair better than my clones did. Durn haters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHiOhKNXw_A viked from IMDB: Earth's natural resources have been exhausted by mankind and battle rages between the soldiers of four leading Corporations: the Capitol, Bauhaus, Mishima and Imperial. Mitch Hunter and Nathan Rooker, battle hardened Capitol soldiers, fight a desperate battle against a Bauhaus advance. When an errant shell destroys an ancient stone seal, they find themselves facing a new enemy: hideous necrmutants, with boneblades that grow from their arms. Mithc barely manages to escape. Nathan does not. The mutants multiply by millions and they destroy all before them. The Corporations' leader, Constantine, is about to abandon the planet and leave countless innocents to their desperate fate, when he is approached by Brother Samuel, leader of the Brotherhood, and ancient monastic order Samuel is keep of the Chronicles, a book that prophesies both the rise of the Mutants, and the 'Deliverer' that will destroy them. Samuel believes he is that Deliverer destined to journey deep into the earth and destroy the source of the mutant scourge. He manages to recruit Mitch, along with a handful of like-minded soldiers: Steiner, honor bound Bauhaus officer; sword wielding Severian; street fighter El Jesus; fearless beauty Duval; and stoic warrior Juba. "Mutant Chronicle" follows Mitch and Samuel's mission to venture into the very heart of the darkness in an attempt to save the planet from marauding hordes of deathless mutants.
  19. Puts on respirator. "Ahem, ahem. Is this thing on? Yeah? Ok." Turns to SaintRigger. "I find you lack of faith disturbing." Signals for lackey to step forward. "Take this 10% off coupon and buy the movie and redeem yourself." The new trilogy sucked donkey doo when it came to story line. The clones are cool though and clone/droid battles are awesome. Long as they don't have that Anakan guy yacking too much, it'll be ok. "Come back to the Force SR."
  20. Oh hush now. Don't listen to the rabble. The figure looks fine. Are those blue boxer shorts he's wearing? Matt Damion as an orc? Just kidding there. What other pieces have ya done?
  21. They did, but this is a new series. The previous one was done by the same guy who came up with Samuari Jack. This one is all CG baby! Full length feature movie, oh yeah! With a new series to follow on the Cartoon Network. Of course it's Lucas's marketing scheme. Afterall, he did come up with the Empire. That being said, I'm sure my boy and I will be getting matching Captain Rex t-shirts. Not to mention the slew of new toys for Christmas. Hopefully some better mini's for the Star Wars mini's game.
  22. The Starwars Cops video reminded me of this and made me wonder why it wasn't posted already. http://www.starwars.com/video/view/478.html The story takes place between Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith. We follow the adventures of Anakin (with his new padwan) and Obi-Wan as they, and their clone army with the new Captain Rex, fight General Grevious and the Droid armies. Looks very cool.
  23. Awesome, awesome, awesome. The trailer that is, even though Madjack does stand above the rest as Hellboys stand-in. I read on one of the forums that Kroenen was suppossed to have a part (unknown if big or small) but I don't see anything mentioned on him now. There was speculation it would be a flashback scene. Glad to hear they had some Rammstein (Mein Herz Brennt) going on in the background. Also thought it was cool to see Johann having a role in this one, though the costume threw for a minute. I was expecting something more akin to the one my Clix figure had.
  24. Oh, well. Getting the paddles wrong is worth at least a thrashing, at most, a pummeling. However, getting the French wrong is, well, whatever. I think I would have been irked probably as well, but I'm sure my lovely wife would have jumped in there and suggested like others have; to use this as teaching opportunity to fix the boo-boo's and go from there.
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