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  1. Um....yes? I think 2 hours is about right. I can't remember the exact name of the demon with whom I transacted, but I believe it was something to the effect of Mediocrity. I think I might have a bit of a problem with going to fast.
  2. Sometimes I get excited and begin to drybrush things very quickly (often with very mixed results). I think this critter is turning into a silver-ish dragon.
  3. Well, there's the lineup of colors! I picked up the ones I needed at Reaper HQ, and whilst chatting there about the project we got to rolling more d20s just to see what other combinations came out, the results of which were then shown to Anne. I'm told my actual lineup got a rating of "Meh" from Anne, which is actually quite encouraging given her reaction to some of the other combinations that we rolled. She was quite dismayed when we presented her with an alternative selection of Marine Teal, Lava Orange and Palomino Gold.
  4. Ok, count me in too! WiP thread is here, along with the pictures. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/76990-_ironhammer_-is-taking-the-random-rainbow-dragon-challenge/
  5. Right, so I finally saw this challenge on the forum today and couldn't resist jumping in! Probably a bad move with Reapercon coming up, so I may be a bit slow until after October (alternatively, if the Dragon goes really well it might turn out to be one of my entries ) I picked Kryphrixis, since I already had one handy from Bones III. I rolled Cloudy Grey (16) for the primary color, Violet Red (11) for the secondary, and Lemon Yellow (5) for the third. Not bad I suppose, as I've sort of got all three primary colors going (Cloudy Grey does kind of have a touch of blue to it). This should be interesting! A trip to the store will be in order next to pick up the paints, as I don't have either the red or yellow. I'm thinking I'm going to go for the Star 3*** challenge and see what happens. Oh right, and the objective evidence.
  6. I'm thinking I'm calling this guy done for the time being. I'll be taking him to Reapercon with me and while I'm there I'll be asking some of the sculptors about him. If they recommend changes then I may revisit him, but for now I've got to get going and get my actual competition entries ready :) Cheers all!
  7. Working a bit with the figure, I decided that I would permanently affix one of the weapons. After filling out the arms I really wasn't convinced that it could be cast reliably otherwise (which was part of the whole idea of the exercise). In the end I decided I like the flail best and went with that one. This of course meant filling in all the gaps between the arms, the body and the various bits of the weapon. I felt this could be done readily enough with the left arm from where it was, as the filled-in parts are hidden between it and the weapon (except when looking straight over his right shoulder). However, I couldn't fill in the area around the right arm without having large areas of filler visible from pretty much all angles, so I shifted the left arm over so that it hugs much closer to the body. This dramatically reduced the amount of filler needed and keeps him looking decent from most directions. Right now, the only details left to do are the hands (though I may try to sharpen the sleeves up a bit, right now they seem a little mushy looking to me). One thing that's really worrying me are the ankles. At their thinnest point they're only about 2-3 mm in diameter. I'm afraid that this might be unstable in pewter, especially since the net result will likely have some shrinkage relative to the original green. Any thoughts on what (if anything) should be done about them? Cheers!
  8. I decided to go ahead and make one of each kind of weapon. If nothing else, I can always use one of them on another project. Here is the finished flail and battle axe. I also added a dagger on the back of the belt. It's modeled on a weapon called a Baselard, which was one of the more common dagger designs of the late middle ages and has a characteristic H (or I) shaped handle. Below on the left are some surviving examples. Here are the two weapons test fitted. Part of the exercise for me is trying to sculpt the figure in such a way that it could theoretically be cast. Right now I'm not sure if the position of the arms would work for that. At the very least I think a lot of filling would be needed if it were to be cast while holding either weapon, but I'm also tempted to try and finish it with the hands left open so that you could have the choice of whatever weapon you wanted. This seems like it would be a lot harder to achieve though. I've been trying to figure out a way to position the arms such that they stay as close to the plan of the mold as possible, but it's been proving difficult.
  9. Yeah, the head was originally a practice face which spoke to me enough that I wanted to try and make something of it. At the time I thought it was too large and exaggerated for a properly proportioned 28 mm-ish figure, which is why he wound up getting turned into a dwarf character which was intentionally off-beat. Even so, the proportions are still bugging me a bit.
  10. Managed to get his cap done this evening. I was going for the kind of tie-on cap (not quite sure what the proper name for it is) commonly worn by peasants in the middle ages, with just a little bit of a point at the back just to make the shape a bit more interesting.
  11. From what I understand, in terms of speed there is something of a trade-off. Uniform shapes like scales of chainmail are much easier in digital, but random patterns such as fur are much harder. One big advantage of digital though is that it is a much lower risk medium. If the master gets lost in the mail or accidentally damaged or destroyed in the moldmaking process, you can just print up another one. With a traditionally sculpted miniature, you're pretty much out of luck if something like that were to happen.
  12. I did a couple of cardboard mockups of different axe heads, just to get a better feel for the overall volume. Still don't know if I prefer the flail or not.
  13. Hi all! First post in quite a while I've been working on a fantasy dwarf I've been sculpting from scratch. I'm shooting for something which could feasibly be cast. I'd gotten to the point that I was positioning his weapon, at which point I realized that there seemed to be too many potential undercuts, particularly around the axe head. I looked at some of Reaper's dwarves which have a similar pose, and I noted that all of them are positioned such that the axe head is well in advance of the hand, which would eliminate the under cut. I tried various attempts at re positioning the arms, but in the end I decided that a new, longer axe was going to be in order. Now I'm in a quandary though. I originally was going to give him an axe based on a Petersen type L (see below), but while fiddling around with wire I came up with the idea of giving him a two handed flail instead. These were typically agricultural implements which were at times repurposed for war, and the dwarf's clothing right now could fit with the image of being more of a farmer. I'll be posting more WiP shots as I go, but I'd love to hear people's feedback? FYI, the lack of a mustache is deliberate, I was going for something similar to Balin's look in The Hobbit. Cheers!
  14. They turned out splendidly! The eyes are by far my favorite part.
  15. Yes, it does. With our current volume of orders, this is not a preferred option to offer. In other words, please don't do this. Thank you!
  16. For those of us who are local, does the 12 Days of Reaper promotion apply to purchases at the Reaper Game Store? Alternatively, could an order be placed online and then picked up in person? I expect to be out of town later in the month, so putting in any more mail-orders at this point is kind of a no-no for me.
  17. Finally finished him up! Painted pics are here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/70668-dd-elf-paladan-stage-3-heavily-converted/
  18. So, finally got round to painting up the third rendition of my D&D player character. I feel that the painting is a bit more rough on this one than the others, but I was in a rush to get it done in time for our next gaming session tomorrow. Really the only major difference with him gear-wise is that he has recently acquired a rather powerful two handed sword, but that's all the excuse I need to convert another figure. A WIP for the conversion can be found here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/70250-dd-player-character-keeping-up-with-new-gear/ Here he is with all of his previous incarnations. All three figures were converted from the same original figure (DHL 03369).
  19. So, on to the final stretch of sculpting! Having abandoned the helmet (for this version any way), I decided to go back to the cartoon stocking cap. I think it came out much better, I think it really gives him the level of fancifulness and comical swagger that I envision for the character. Also, I have finally affixed his two handed sword, sculpted his right hand holding it, and tweaked the toes of his shoes a bit. Next up will be painting!
  20. My character is supposed to have a helmet, however given that I've got a either a hat or hood on in my previous incarnations I prefer to think that it is small enough to conceal under headgear. I thought I'd have a go with sculpting the helmet, but honestly I wasn't really happy with the result. It looked OK enough, but it just didn't make the figure come to life. I made the difficult decision to cut it off and start over. Still, I photographed it for posterity first.
  21. A bit, yes, although in our particular setting Elves are pretty short too. However, this particular figure is one of the bigger halflings, and a lot of our players are using old Grenadier models which are quite small, so I actually look pretty tall on table. I don't think this particular figure is available in Bones yet (and I can't remember whether he was part of the most recent Kickstarter).
  22. Added the backside of the chaperon, and glued a buckler in place. Added the hood for the chaperon, and added the boss and a couple of rivets to the buckler. Finished the new pommel.
  23. Ok, next few steps here. What is an elf without cute pointed ears? I felt that the original pommel seemed a bit bulky on the figure, particularly as the size of the sword already has the potential to overwhelm it visually a bit. So I cut it down and squished it out to start forming it into more of wheel shape. Finished up the front side of his dagged chaperon. I was originally planning on adding a cloak as well, but my gut instinct at this stage is that the figure will come across better visually with just the chaperon alone.
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