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  1. Thank you! Cutting and sculpting isn't what scares me....it's when it comes to painting that I get cold feet, lol!
  2. Finished up the short sword and sleeves. Test fitting the sword.
  3. So, a while back I posted my current D&D character (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69530-elf-paladin-figure-converted-for-dd/). I am very happy with how both figures turned out, however my character has since acquired some new equipment in-game, and being an obsessive converter I went ahead and got started on making a new version of him. The old figures will still be useful, as I haven't discarded any of my old equipment and I'm a sufficiently hard-core roleplayer that I wouldn't go around in full battle gear unless I were expecting trouble. I would at least ditch the two handed sword and helmet when in town. I decided this time to try and do a WIP. I tend not to keep up with these all that well, I work much faster than I can usually manage to photograph. But here goes anyway! As with the original versions of the figure, I started out with Del Briarberry, Halfling Wizard (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/halfling/sku-down/03369), as he his a good size for my character (I measure up to a towering 4'10") and his robes match the kind of habit I had in mind for a young Paladin assigned to the Temple of Ulana. I wear my mail under my temple robes, so the basic costume is still the same at this point. Starting out, here is what I had to work with. Even though I have acquired a greatsword (which is a full six inches taller than I am!), I continue to carry a shortsword as a sidearm. This historically was very common, most illustrations I've seen of historical Landsknechts with two handed swords wear Katzbalagers as sidearms. The buckler I've opted to omit, as although I still use it* I thought it would make the figure unnecessarily cluttered. It will be presumably be hung on the back of his belt, concealed by a cloak which I intend to sculpt. *D&D rules allow bucklers to be used in concert with a two handed weapon, worn on the wrist. Personally I don't think this is very practical, however I think that realistically the additional length of a two handed weapon will grant a comparable benefit for defense as would a buckler, so I'm comfortable with benefiting from the buckler's stats. Yes I know, I have a serious case of Nerdism. First things first: Mutilate the body. Head, arms, stand, all must go! Even the arm across his chest has to be cutoff. Next up: Picking a good head. I used a head from a Klocke Warlord elf on one of the original versions of the figure, which I was very happy with and wanted to use again on this figure. However, the only Klocke-sculpted elf I had to hand was an archer with a rather saucy looking expression when turned forward. I think this works, given that my character is starting to get a little above himself these days, gradually becoming convinced that he has received a personal mission from the gods. I have also added heavy copper wire as the framework for new arms, glued the shortsword to his side, and put some extra fine copper wire through his scull to support his ears, which I should like to be rather tremendous. First round of sculpting done. Left hand planted firmly on the hip, belt suspension for the short sword laid in, front side of sword pommel done, scabbard with rain guard sculpted over the sword blade.
  4. Well, while I didn't have Link in mind when I made him, I was kind of going for what I like to think of as the "garden variety fantasy" type of elf in this case, a style of which I would consider Link to be a prominent exemplar. So I guess I succeeded!
  5. Goodness, but it's been a while! So, I joined a D&D group here at Reaper HQ, and finally had an excuse/motivation to take another break from painting and converting X-wing models and create a mini...or two...for my player character. Being that my little elf paladin measures up to a staggering 4' 10" tall, I decided I definitely wanted a figure who was on the smaller side. I wound up picking Del Briarberry (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/halfling%20wizard/latest/03369) as my starting point, as he is fairly large for a halfling and his clothing and pose made for a good base for what I had in mind. I run about the world of Homestead with a glaive as my principal weapon, with a sword and buckler at my side for back up...however given that much of the fighting I've seen thus far has occurred either 1) in close quarters where I would favor a shorter weapon or 2) in the city where I would not normally travel heavily armed, I've used them both pretty equally. I decided early on that I wanted to do two versions of the character, one for each load out. I still don't have much fancy armor, and what armor I do wear I cover with my temple robes and pointy hat. I wanted each loadout to be thematic also, thus my look is a bit spiffier with sword and buckler (as I expect to wear this in town), while the figure with the glaive shows has me in a traveling robe, as I might wear out in the boonies. Here are some WIP shots, showing the conversions I made. Besides the body, the heads, blades, and shield are the only other commercial parts. The rest is just pins and greenstuff.
  6. Thanks for all the kind comments! Just remembered that I had a couple of WIP shots lying around, showing some of the alterations (the scabbard knotwork wasn't done yet).
  7. This is Sir Vincent. A conversion of Reaper's DHL 02803 ("Brother Vincent") made quite a few years ago, and finally painted. I was experimenting with blackened armor, and I'm not at all sure I've got the hang of it yet.
  8. The Delta 7 Jedi starfighters from Starship Battles are actually almost spot on 1/270 scale, going by the published dimensions anyway. I've got a couple of those which have been languishing in my various drawers of shame.
  9. Well, my intention was to make the ends of the guns look white-hot, but I'm afraid they do look a bit more like candy corn than anything else....which makes the mini all the more humorous, I guess. :)
  10. Converted this guy a while ago, painted him up for Artistcon.
  11. I was toying with the idea of something that might look like a hybrid between a Y-wing and a B-wing, since B-wings fill kind of the same role. Nice! Now I find myself imagining various ways to combine elements of them. :) I suppose it might also be helpful to look at some of the Clone Wars designs, because some of those ships seem to basically take elements from the ships of the trilogy movies and recombine them. (I can't help but imagine something that borrows elements from the B-Wing, Y-Wing, and the Clone Wars T-6 shuttle, what with its rotating wing/body effect.) The T-6 shuttle drove me crazy when I saw it. I'd had basically the exact same idea years before! :( Seriously though, they did a lot of really creative stuff on that show. It would be nice to see FFG come out with some of them. Perhaps a Clone Wars expansion will come out one day.
  12. I was toying with the idea of something that might look like a hybrid between a Y-wing and a B-wing, since B-wings fill kind of the same role.
  13. Well, it's been a while since I've posted any spaceships! Here we have a hypothetical example of what an A-Wing might look like during TFA era. Frankly, I'd say it's sufficiently different as to be really a new vessel entirely using similar design specifications as the original A-wing, but no matter. It was made entirely from sheet styrene and tubes, various straight pins, and a piece of balsa wood. It is my first fully scratchbuild using only basic craft materials and no kitbashed parts. The base is a standard FFG gaming base. Some selected WIP shots. I think I'm proudest of all of the teensy tiny droid.
  14. If I recall correctly the game was called "Weapons and Warriors". The main point of the game was shooting at the opposing army with large plastic marbles shot from catapults, bombards, and ballistae. The structures all had exploding pieces which would fly apart quite satisfactorily when hit, however some of the rubber band powered weapons were rather hard for children to pull back (especially the bombard) and the figures were made of a fragile hard plastic, which was a really dumb idea for a shooting game. The troopers were all broken before long, although the commander figures (of which your mini is one) were a bit more robust.
  15. Goodness! So many kind words! Thanks everybody!!! :) :) This is actually what I was trying to go for (which is why I think the effect is a bit off). I wasn't really sure though how big or jagged I needed to make the craters in order to "sell" the idea if you will, and I wasn't sure if smoother objects would have as much impact on the gaming table. In the end, I think I overdid it a bit. Actually foam spheres from the hobby store, which is why they are all so globular. Another thing to work on for next time would be to have more irregular shapes. Yes, it's a starfield. The bases are actually recycled from spaceships which have since received upgraded stands better suited for gaming.
  16. To my credit, this is my first attempt at creating foam asteroids. I can't say I'm 100% satisfied, but for now they fill my demand for actual 3-d objects to use in my games with actual 3-d spaceships. I sometimes wonder if I'm not slightly bats for going to the trouble to make rocks, when I could just get some rocks. But then they would be troublesomely heavy, and very difficult to mount stands on.
  17. Sure thing! Thanks!!! That's great to hear!!
  18. The Tie Punisher is another recent model from FFG with which I am....dissatisfied. Which is a shame, because from a gameplay standpoint they seem like really good ships. In particular, they are actually are a pretty darn good match for what is perhaps my favorite EU spacecraft: The Imperial Assault Gunboat. And luckily, I found two in (ostensibly) 1/270 scale on Shapeways. So far as I know, the Assault Gunboat appeared only in the X-wing series of video games. In those games though, the gunboat served as the workhorse for the Empire. Filling the Empire's niche for a hyperdrive capable craft, it was the ultimate generalist really, capable of just about any task you put it to (unlike, say, a Y-wing, which in the X-wing video games was always rather pathetic). The models themselves suffer from the general defect of lower end 3-d prints. Created in Shapeways' Frosted Ultra Detail, they still have plainly visible stepping. That being said, they still painted up nicely, and I'm quite satisfied with them.
  19. Thanks! I don't tend to get a whole lot of comments, it's really nice to hear such feedback!!!
  20. I decided that the M3-A interceptors I modified before just weren't quite to my satisfaction. They're somewhat alien visage looks fine enough en mass, but when just one or two of them are integrated with other ships they just look a bit off to me. So, I made up two more, this time designed to look as generic and basic Star Wars starfigher-esque as possible. Here's where it began: Sheet styrene fins with guns and cockpit cannibalized from a WoTC x-wing. And here's where it all ended up.
  21. I just got my hands on the newly released K-wing model, and while I think it will be a fun ship to field, I am again rather lukewarm towards the design of the ship (for those of you who have been keeping track of these things I post, you will probably have noted by now that I am rather picky). However, I find it nice enough that I don't really have the heart to chop up the model and re-invent it in my own image. This means: Proxy time! I decided I wanted to try and build a gunship-sized model which captures something of the feel of the K-wing while being a distinctive ship. So, I pulled out the parts bin and started fitting bits and bobs together and see what emerged. The WIP for this model can be found here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64417-another-proxy-model-for-x-wing/?p=1227035
  22. It's now at the "starship grey" level of painting. Everything seems to be blending in nicely now that it's all a single color. On to the detailing!
  23. I decided to turn the lower dome into another gun mount after all. A bit excessive looking perhaps, but that's kind of in the spirit of the K-wing anyway I think. Getting close to calling it done. Adding paneling to the top and bottom, composed of sheet styrene cut in tiny blocks and various polygonal shapes. I'm attempting to mirror to an extent the paneling that's already on the shuttle wings. The underside is a tad shabbier, but no one is ever going to see much of that anyway. I think I'm calling it done. Unless I have a sudden attack of creativity/perfectionism just before I haul out the brushes, I think this tub is ready for painting.
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