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  1. I heard that they are not using growti this year, but has anyone else seen the official notice of when the dates are?
  2. If the glitter comes 5 minutes before it starts, I'll just plain on it being part of the costume.
  3. @Cranky Dog - glad I could be part of such fond memories. Lol. and I’m sad I didn’t make more room in my glass for more maple cream.
  4. More than 5 minutes before it starts? will there be glitter as part of your notification? no problem. I did want it for myself, but I sat down when I saw you guys bidding, but when I saw someone else out bid the budding young painter, I just could sit while that happened. I had to stand up against letting young peoples dreams be dashed. Which heisler read as me bidding. Lol. My reward was the smile on his face when he saw me bringing it to him.
  5. There is a distinct lack of maracas in these photos. I have a fever, and the only prescription is more maracas. 🎊🎉🦜🎊🎉 Im mad I didn’t think to take a photo of the guy wearing business casual (no hat) holding a beer, while riding a horse through a very loud, crowded city street.
  6. glad you finally got some sleep, sorry you didn’t sleep well at the con. 😈 always good to see you my friend. I hope to return to regular nightly paint sessions here in a couple months. glad to hear you’re home to your fam safe and sound, good seeing you again. Next year I will make every effort to have my entries done, leaving me time to finally play in one of your games. Woo hoo, glad everything worked out for you. It was great seeing you as always. and… @klarg1, @Cranky Dog there is a Carvana in Louisville!!! I was right to think I saw one all the time! It was in the middle of being built for a while but it opened just recently! no, as I was driving by, I did not notice what cars were being sold. 🤣 ——- to everyone else, (and I am not going to try to remember names, because I will invariably miss someone) it was great seeing you! It was a wonderful reminder of why I paint minis, why I love this community, and where I want my life to take me going forward. I can’t wait till next year, So I am going to make certain I get myself back to regular paint hangouts (or however the kids are doing it these days.)
  7. I heard that! It sucks we didn’t get to hang with you guys last night. Sunday night wind down is always my second favorite hang time. it was great to finally meet you and chaos scorpion. Hope you guys got home ok, and before you ran out of minis to paint. Keep me informed on what’s up with you’re next kickstarter! and before you wonder if a bot wrote this reply, despite all the vitriol, you might actually be a nice guy. Looking forward to seeing what ways you’ll find to insult me next. glad to hear you made it safe. It was nice being able to putting a face to the name, even though I didn’t get a chance to officially say hi in person. it seemed you always walked by when I was busy with something else, or you were busy chatting with someone else. 🤣
  8. you know I never remember there’s an actual contest speaking of which; Jamming with the cat bard.
  9. I opened this bottle last night. it was a good night. it didn’t like being decimated, so it went and got reinforcements.
  10. Happy belated, even though I told you that in person last night.
  11. thank you my friend. I’ve been thinking about you every time I pass interesting M&M’s. soon I’ll have my organization back up and running where I trust I can buy you interesting things without them being tucked away somewhere, forgotten, left to go stale before finding them again. so soon, I’ll be in touch.
  12. Just hanging and painting I’ll try to score one for you in case they dont
  13. I got no gift! I feel cheated!!!! CHEATED!
  14. Glad you’re here all safe and sound, and not just because I got my bingo card.
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