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  1. Thes Hunter

    Collective Happy Birthday to everyone!!

    Happy birthday all you fabulous fellow Virgos!!! It's almost like there is some major holiday 9 months prior.
  2. Thes Hunter

    Happy Birthday Sirithiliel

    Happy birthday!!
  3. Thes Hunter

    ReaperCon 2019 Ribbons

    Then I'll need ones that say "Twice Shy"
  4. Thes Hunter

    ReaperCon 2019 Ribbons

    Who said it was awkward!!!! Oh, and I will have more ribbons for next year.
  5. Thes Hunter

    Happy Birthday Thes Hunter

    Thank you @hiddenone32 - it is the thought that counts, not getting the day completely right. So it's all good. Glad I got a chance to rat you out to so many. Lol. And @Crowley I'm glad I had a chance to play in your game it was amazing and fun. I too hope this period of revolution around the sun goes well for you.
  6. Thes Hunter

    Happy Birthday Mr Melons

    Happy birthday!!
  7. Thes Hunter

    Happy Birthday Thes Hunter

    What? I haven't already given you a hard time? I'm going to have to try harder. Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes, and to everyone I was able to spend the weekend with. I can not express how much it means to me, and how much renewed energy I have after coming from that weekend.
  8. Thes Hunter

    Happy Birthday Dragoneye

    Happy birthday!!! But I thought you said your birthday was before Reapercon.
  9. Thes Hunter

    Happy Birthday Corsair

    Happy Birthday!!
  10. Thes Hunter

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Hoping everything is still going well.
  11. Thes Hunter

    Happy Birthday Thes Hunter

    Last year was pretty awesome. Being able to spend my birthday at the auction with you all. But this is cool too. I will have many fond memories of the past few days to keep me company on my travels home.
  12. Thes Hunter

    Names and Faces

    Hooray for the picture thread, cause now I know who you are. And congrats on your wins last night.
  13. Thes Hunter

    Names and Faces

    Tgp finally knew who I was, and didn't think I was some spastic stalker. Well he said hi to me first this time. Unlike the last two times when I ambushed him like a spastic stalker.
  14. Thes Hunter

    Names and Faces

    @Darsc Zacal - it turned out better than I had thought it would. I didn't think the blue would work well with my skin tone. However blue is much harder to get out, and much harder to get my hair back to red. While I'm surprised that purple isn't as flattering as the blue. Which makes me sad, because purple is a much more interesting color than pink or bright red. So easier for me to pull off on shorter breaks away from work
  15. Thes Hunter

    Names and Faces

    For those of you at home: here's what my hair looks like at this Reapercon