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  1. I had been using the blue putty until I tried painting a large mini. I have found that using a hot glue really sticks (I now hold the figure I'm painting sideways & upside-down a lot), but comes off easily when I need it to. The trick with the hot glue gun is not to put so much on that the sides of the broccoli base are covered.
  2. Thanks for all the thoughts and ideas. I seem to have decided to hollow out between the legs and glue the tail in, so it comes out from under the tunic. Krazy glue is used for this type of conversion, am I right? Tistur
  3. I'm trying to make what I guess could be considered a streotypical "catgirl" (I'm not entirely certain what that consists of..). My big problem is adding a tail, which I cut of a lioness figure. I'm starting with the old Tara the Silent, and am trying to figure out the best way to attach the tail. The tail, in a GW pin vise to show how tiny it is: I want it to come out from under the tunic, as if it is an extension of her spine - as natural as possible. This is problematic enough, but I'm also not sure how I should attach it at all. I think I have 2 options: I could clip the end of the tail and just glue it in, or I could file a slit in the back the tunic, glue the tail in and hope I develop green stuff skills. I would really appreciate any ideas, hints, or warnings before I procede. Thanks!
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