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  1. They look like the bases that Crocodile Games use. GW's square bases always had a sharp edge/corner to them.
  2. I keep looking at these in amazement. What are they made from?
  3. Way back when I first joined the interwebs, a usename was needed for my isp and email address, so I strung together some work related words and the rest is history. Blue for my work uniform at the time, and sabre was the callsign of our response vehicles, so bluesabre it was to be. That was 17 years ago...
  4. Bright, plasticy armour. Hmm well you could try putting a coat of gloss varnish on the armour plates only, if you use dullcoate or any other matt sealer, put the gloss coat on after that.
  5. Am curious too know what you washed the figures in after assembling them?
  6. Nicw skin tone. Just back to the hunter and her knees, if the boots are seperate pieces, having a close look at your photo I think they may be on the wrong feet, the left foot should probably be angled back with the heel raised a bit is how I see it should be. I could be wrong too.
  7. $100 Au minimum, kinda puts a dampener on ordering more frequently now. Definately have to plan purchases more carefully in future now.
  8. Thanks guys, they do have their own appeal, certainly not buried under heaps of chaosiness, only trouble is, the old models don't rank up so well.
  9. Have some older styled Chaos Knights who are up on ebay at the moment. These chaps have been siiting around for a few years, as you can see by their design, figured I'd strip them down and give them a repaint before getting rid of them. More red box stuff again soonish.
  10. Thanks for all the comments guys, much appreciated. @Patrik Strom: The white on Gregor is just done with GW paints. Dheneb Stone is the base, the shading is done with Charadon Granite, and the highlights are Pale Flesh, simple three layer technique. @bmjoines: The skin tones on all of them are worked up from VGC Dark Fleshtone, with vrying amounts of Mouldy Green, or Goblin green mixed in each layer. On four of them I used a purple wash after the second layer, then added a couple more layers after that. I figured purple would work okay with the red/green coulours being used. As for the free hand, it's really easy if you have a flat surface to play with and just keep your designs simple, the design on Greta's shield was simply copying the holy symbol hanging off her belt, and using the layering method to apply colours, if you make a mistake, just touchit up with base colour that the design is placed on. I used to be worried about doing free hand stuff, the realised "what the hell, just give it a go, I'm not trying to do display quality stuff anyway" Here's some other examples using what I described above: All from my large GW Dark Elf army, done a couple of years back.
  11. Stylistic I suppose, just makes them stand out a bit more to my liking, I guess its from painting miniatures that have raised embossing/heraldry on their shields (GW and Reaper).
  12. Okay, I have actually found some time to do some painting amidst playing SWtoR and building Lego Lotr/SW stuff :D Here we have the full set of Halfbloods that Tre has done for his Red Box Games: Fritjof the Fierce. Gregor the Crooked. Greta the Pious. Sverreulf the Red-Handed. Bruiser Gus. TwoBears Keeper of the Speaking Stones. And lastly an Inquisitor from GW, for my long suffering Grey Knights project. So, next on the RBG painting scene will be a bunch of metal Helsvakt and some shamblers, even a big wooluf! But before I get too them, I must finish off 12 Imperial Guard Storm Troopers and a regiment of Mantic Skeletons. Stay tuned for more stuff eventually ;D
  13. Most recent pic of my pair: Mud Pies anyone? I need to fix the retic, they think otherwise.....
  14. I have 3 ikea glass display cabinets full of stuff, guess I should take some pics.
  15. She was a limited edition model many years back. I ended up with 2 somehow, her name is Eilea I think. Very nice paint job, love the hair and horns. I should get mine out and redo her. Celtos stuff is over the top, but still nice models I think.
  16. This looks great, I think I'll borrow this scheme for a similar type of mini that Tre sculpted for RBG. Though ultimately it wont look anywhere near as good.
  17. And finally after a long wait I have something new painted for you all to look at, unfortunately its only one figure :( May I present Christia the Chaste: More at some point in the future ::)
  18. Oh, and making sure too have a very clear contrast between the colours used on the wood grain.
  19. @ Digital [email protected]: No real trick too it, just used a fine brush and did a couple of layers of short lines so they matched up.
  20. Time for some more photos. Just Njorn this time. Firstly we have Vilhanna the Victorious (nla): Henga Rolfsdottir(nla): Woldvanger the Wise: Ullr the Red version 1 (nla): And lastly Bolverk the Bold: Next on the table is a shireling, after that who knows! Back soonish.
  21. Thanks all. @ Digital [email protected]: the bases are done as follows. 1: I basecoat with an artists acrylic (Jo Sonja's Provincial Beige), large rocks are done with GWF Adeptus Battle Grey. 2: wash everything with Woodland Scenics "Earth Colour" pigment. 3: I drybrushed these with GWF Dheneb Stone, but use what ever takes your fancy, I normally use VMC Stone Grey on rocks etc. 4: Add foliage, in this case, the static grass is from GW, the bushes/scrub from Woodland Scenics and the tufts from Silflor. I pretty much use this method for all my basing, unless it doesnt mach a certain theme that I'm doing.
  22. Finished up these very characterful greater undead by Tre. Am sorely tempted to get another set...... Wraith Knights: Once again , thanks for looking.
  23. Happy new year all! Did these two figures for the kids Christmas. Fairy Queen: Woody , Halfling Ranger: Thanks for looking.
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