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  1. Here is a pic of my Ellen Stone that I did for Ernst. I decided not to use the fence post that came with the kit, I tried to make her look more like a bounty hunter with the dog. I am not the best with the camera, I know that it is overexposed but not sure how to correct it. Maybe I will get it figured out some other time. Thanks Comments Welcome. Steve
  2. Oh Man, Great work Chris. Love the skin tones and cloak is awesome. Steve
  3. Has anyone tried 90% Rubbing Alchohol for thinning RMS. I use it for Tamiya paints with great results, wondered about the RMS. Will have to try it out Thanks Steve
  4. James, I have used Golden transparents paints but not the opaque. They airbrush quite well from what I have read. I have not used Createx but their info states that they are usable for "hobbies" which generally means plastic models. The price is cheap enough to give it a try. I found them at Dick Blick Art Supplies. Have ordered many times from them with no trouble. good luck Steve
  5. James, I prefer Tamiya for both metal and plastic figures. Goes real smooth, no noticable "grain". You can order from many hobby shops. Also, you can use rubbing alchohol for a thinner. Make sure it is the 90% type though. Anymore questions just ask Steve
  6. Ok, Im off to the races. I ordered my figure for Kalapurusha, Reapers Cowgirl. I am going to try and do a shaggy hair texture on the chaps. I need the practice anyway. Have any of you used the Reaper Master paints? If so how do they compare with Vallejo? Thanks Steve
  7. All I can say is WOW. Incredible. I can't believe how smooth you were able to keep this. Awesome work. Definitely something to have reproduced. Steve
  8. Nice, great color choices. Good work on the "Skin". Nice choice for piping color
  9. Skin looks awesome, great work on the rest as well. Nicely based. Steve
  10. Love the dragon and great work on the rest. I like your painting style.
  11. I like it. Great work on the weapons and overall well painted. The only thing I'm not 100% on is the Red/Grey combo. The Red/Green is fine, just something about that grey. Maybe darker grey would work. Great work and technique paint wise. Steve
  12. Wow, I always use pins. Have seen too many pop apart at shows and conventions. I feel much safer traveling with my figures as well. I assemble and paint as much as I can, and then paint the rest while on their pins, stick some epoxy in the mounting hole and stick the parts in. It's worked well for me so far and it gives me a sense of securtiy. Depending on the age of the figure and the manufacturer, fit problems do occur. Verlindon is tops in my book for fit but are kinda static in pose. Pegaso is great in both areas, while Andrea I have found to have many fit problems. They try to market it as part of the "hobby" but I get PO'D when I spend upwards of $100 and then have to do a lot extra work to just get the original pose together. Oh well Steve
  13. If you have not opened and used the Aztec, I would take it back and use the refund for paint. Have not liked the Aztecs for anything. Good call on the Iwata. Just my opinion though.
  14. Yeah, I use an airbrush for nearly everything. I do basecoats, shading, highlighting. I do work mainly in 54 and up but I do use my airbrush on the smaller scales as well. Batch painting is quick. You do have to handle your figures a little more carefully depending on the type of paint being used. Some paint needs to be thinned quite a bit and is easier to rub off. The airbrush or air gun is especially suited for terrain. Also, you use much less paint and have much better control. Hope this helps Steve
  15. Well, in my experience, one item I ordered was out of stock, so they held everything else to wait for it, unfortunately, that item was also discontinued so it became a deer in the headlights type thing. It took a few phone calls to get it straight. Otherwise, their shop is jam packed with stuff. They do only carry 1 of each figure they offer, so if it is out of stock then your stuck. Not real good at letting you know about it. Red Lancers has always been 1 - 2 weeks. Normally only 1 week.
  16. I think it's Erol Otus (definitely Erol, probably Otus). Yes, Erol Otus is correct. I remember when his art was new. Not a big fan, but my favorite was the cover for Rouges Gallery
  17. I use to play MOA, have played at Historicon with the author many years ago. Real nice guy, down to earth, laid back. MOA definitely looks at the big picture. Too bad it never really caught on. I do like Warmaster Historical. I prefer the 10mm scale because I feel more like a general than a colonel. Warmaster Historical is very well put together, much like Warmaster Fantasy. It includes individualized rules for the armies much like WAB. Steve
  18. Wow, Old Glory is a sore subject with me. The best thing is that you get bang for the buck with OG. I have a ton of Republican Romans that are so poorly cast, ( I know they are ancient, the molds that is) that the figure is shifted from top to bottom. I got burned out painting them doing a Greek army. I hate the 15's even worse. Can't paint them for anything. I will take Essex stiff bodies any day. Steve
  19. I live about 2 hours away from Mich Toy. I like to go there about twice a year. Really cool store, lots of displays set up that they change around every now and then. They have a painting club on thursdays but I have not been able to make it there. They are pricey and I have found that ordering from them online can be quite slow. My preference is Red Lancers. Steve
  20. Hey, I'm in. I paint in these scales most of the time. Have lots sitting around. Steve
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