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  1. Starting this weekend, Reaper Game Store will no longer be open on Sundays through the remainder of the summer. We're a college town and everyone has gone home for the summer. We will re-open Sundays starting in September!
  2. No, no plans on a hardcover. A special edition has my brain juices flowing though... It would have to be expensive. Like $100 expensive. But if we could make it worthwhile... Perhaps a hardcover with all 19 factions and a color section of painted models for each of those 19 factions? Hmmm...
  3. With the exception of several SAs. New SN ones not listed in the 2d Ed core (cause SN didn't exsist yet), and some core SAs not listed in the SN (mostly because no SN minis use the SA - but I seem to remember coming across 1 that should have been in but was not - sorry didnt write it down at the time - BSGs? perhaps). Correct, we didn't print core rulebook SAs in the Savage North book unless SN models actually had those SAs. I am unaware of any SAs being left out of the SN book that are in use though. Would love to find out about it to correct in future printings!
  4. Man I love that Demon FA! Leads to such interesting possibilities. A Marilith in charge of the entire army! I'd read that book.
  5. I had looked at making Fearless auto-pass all DIS checks, but it raised the point cost for that SA above what I wanted for a number of Fearless models. I'll admit I am still unsure if I did the right thing...
  6. I'll be trying out this list very soon: Icingstead - 999 points Troop 1 Deathsleet Troop 2 Svetlana, Frost Giant Princess Winter Wolf x 2 Troop 3 Dorog Frostclaw, Yeti Chieftain Yeti Warrior x 2 Troop 4 Frost Wyrm Troop 5 Frost Wyrm Troop 6 Frost Wyrm Obviously it's all about those 3 frost wyrms. Wanted to see how many giant models I could get on the field. No idea how well this is gonna work... Perhaps I should drop the yeti and get a group of barbarians in there for numbers?
  7. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Warlord/sku-down/25101 The core rulebook is now back in stock! This book has the exact same rules as the Savage North book. It simply has different factions in it. You do not need both rulebooks to play - just the rulebook for the faction you want to play.
  8. Page 31 - How to resolve a Fight Action. Step 1 = declare all attacks. Here is where you resolve anything that adjusts the #MA. This means you would have to Frenzy at this step to declare your attack. Step 2 = Adjust MAV. Here is where you resolve anything that adjusts the MAV. This is where you would Enrage. Step 3 = Adjust DV. This is where things like Parry resolve. So when doing both, you first Frenzy, then Enrage.
  9. While I don't foresee a SC, I think a digital copy is likely. Hopefully that would fill your needs. The extra $15 isn't just for the hard cover, but also for a 16 page color section in the back (8 pages of painted model display and an 8 page painting guide).
  10. Thanksgiving hours will be the same as our regular hours: Monday-Thursday: 1pm-9pm Friday: 1pm-Midnight Saturday: 11am-6pm Sunday: Noon-5pm We will be closed for a few days around Xmas, but we're open for all other holidays!
  11. Since putting me in charge, I have been actively growing the store. As part of my take-over, I am rebranding the store. We are now no longer The Asylum, but are Reaper Game Store. Our web page is: http://www.reapergamestore.com/ Like us on Facebook: Reaper Game Store Facebook We are open 7 days a week: Monday-Thursday: 1pm-9pm Friday: 1pm-Midnight Saturday: 11am-6pm Sunday: Noon-5pm
  12. The idea here is that the assassin is behind the model, and while the model is bleeding out, it could still swing wildly at whomever is in front of it. That was my reasoning anyway.
  13. Defensive strikes do not count as performing a Fight Action. Your gaming group is wise.
  14. Hooray! Although one can build lists on the ReaperGames list builder the FA's are completely absent so this will help. Also when will you guys correct Alliance on the price of Savage North because our local FLGS refuses to correct the price and is over charging for the book. I just checked and Alliance does indeed have the correct price. Dunno why your LGS is selling it higher, sorry!
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