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  1. We have talked about doing the Taltos book in hardcover, likely accompanied by a layout redesign so it looks fancy like the Savage North book does. No decisions have been made yet though.
  2. Dark Heaven Legends 2976 Astral Mauler
  3. Yep, hardcover. $35 or $40, we're still not 100% sure. It goes to the printer next week!
  4. Hopefully Castlebuilder can chime in to answer that 1st question. I can answer the rest. The Origins tournament does indeed provide the limited edition 2010 tournament mini Razig will not be legal for Origins, but will be legal for GenCon Since the Savage North book will be on sale a few weeks before GenCon, those factions will be legal for the GenCon tourney. Only the Core 10 factions will be legal for Origins.
  5. Yep, I've been there too. It is for this reason the Warlord Tournament System will use standardized terrain for its scenarios. This has the unfortunate consequence of eliminating the option of power matching, since the only way to do that would be to set up every table for Scenario 1, then make the players stand around for an hour while you change over 18 tables of terrain for Round 2 (also necessitating the need for 18 tables of the same terrain). In the upcoming 2010 Tournament System book, both ways will be presented as options, so that Tournament Organizers (TOs) who are able/willing to make such massive swaps can do so. As for scenarios, the aforementioned upcoming tournament book will publish 9 official scenarios for use in officially supported tournaments. A TO looking to run a tourney a their FLGS will pick any 3 they want to run. As for rounds, previous attempts at multi-day tournaments have failed, so this time we'll be going with 6 hour blocks in which three 90 minute rounds are played. There really is no perfect solution, as some people can only make a con for a single day, while others can't devote a 6 hour block to a single event. If this doesn't work out, then future editions of the annual Warlord Tournament System book can try different methods. But it is a lot more convenient to schedule a single 6 hour block with a convention than to try to fit in multiple smaller blocks over multiple days.
  6. If you plugged him into a unit of chaos marauder foot he would need at least a 40mm square base and would displace 4 warriors. The base he is on in the Reaper pic is either a 50mmm or a 2 inch (51mm) square. So right out of the box he could fill in for two Chaos Marauder Horse. I like that idea, giving them a 'mascot'... In the pic, he is on a 40mm base
  7. You only take burning damage if you perform an action other than putting yourself out while Burning. So if you are both Burning and Stunned, and spend your single action putting yourself out, you will not take burning damage.
  8. $152.74 Bloodstone - 998 points Troop 1 Kurand the Ever Living Kulgurk the Cruel, Bloodstone Priest Glaktu, Beetle Rider Hero Lesser Bloodstone Golem Tunnel Knight x 6 Guard x 3 Pinner x 3 Troop 2 Spike, Hok Sergeant Hok x 8 Troop 3 Greater Bloodstone Golem You can bring that price down $10-$20 easily by using equipment instead of 1-2 models.
  9. "How much does it cost to play Warlord?" I get asked this question a lot. My past calculations have provided my standard answer of "About $150-$175 for the minis" I just calculated the cost of a handful of the top 10 armies from the ReaperCon tournament. I skipped #3 because it was the same faction as #2, and I skipped #5 because it included a mini we don't make yet (Reptus Broodmaster). Below is the MSRP to buy all the minis in the winning armies: 1) Franklin Baker: Crusaders - 996 points = $134.89 2) Vince Hendricks - Mercs - 999 points = $185.63 4) Daren Puryeur - Elves - 997 points = $153.75 6) Kenneth Warren - Overlords - 1000 points = $146.79 So it looks like my answer is spot on. It will cost about $150 to buy a 1000 point Warlord army.
  10. Just to chime in with an "official" standpoint - I could absolutely see doing some type of 'best painted army' award. I won't ever require painted armies in my tournaments though. Too many people are there just for the game, not for the painting. Hopefully our Legendary Encounters line grows to the point that people can just field their armies in pre-painted plastic.
  11. Only directly from us ATM. I'm planning to get it on amazon.com though.
  12. Heh, advertising fail on our part, eh? It is a novel set in Taltos. No pics, no rules, just fluff.
  13. It starts at noon on Saturday. I'll get that first link updated!
  14. Never again. Please oh please don't do it. Give me the 3 simple rules during tournament play over trying to figure out what model's stats changed ANY day. The Scenarios look sweet. I can't wait to show everyone in Texas how Warlord is handled in Ohio. As long as I am in charge, there will never be changes to the datacards in the core rulebook. If we need to restrict/modify anything, we will put it in the annual tournament book. Even there, though, I will not change a datacard. The 3 rules changes you see are indicative of what you can expect for tweaks in the future (although at this point in time I think we've caught everything). Local groups can decide for themselves if they want to use the latest tournament rules changes for their casual games.
  15. Something that shouldn't be discussed in the public forums. If you have access to the playtest forums, please post there. Otherwise, send me an email: [email protected]
  16. I have a Frazetta calendar up every single year. On years when they don't make one, I use an old one with the same dates. Like last year, I used the 1981 calendar.
  17. The Sisterhood faction is only missing 4 models. 2 will be out by GenCon, the other 2 will come out early in 2011.
  18. Already going to be in the Dark Elf faction. The green pic probably won't be online for 6 more months, so stop teasing people that far out!
  19. We lost a great man today. http://blog.newsarama.com/2010/05/10/frank-frazetta-dead-at-82/
  20. Added: Page 39 - Immunity(Support) means that enemy models do not gain the Support bonus when attacking this model. This model can still gain the Support bonus as normal against enemy models. Page 39 - Immunity(X tome) means the model is unaffected by any spells (Attack or Non-Attack) from the specified tome. Page 95 - Bounty Doctrine only applies to datacards and equipment found in the Lands of Taltos core rulebook (the book that has this doctrine in it). This doctrine cannot use datacards or equipment found in other Warlord books.
  21. Yes, they are still being made. The current one is still #26. We'll have a new one by June.
  22. I calculate it at 12" for a 2" river and a 1" base, as there is 3" of movement with part of your base in the water.
  23. Correct, bring a single 1000 point list to play in all 3 scenarios. No specific forms. I will check them manually.
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