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  1. If you're talking about the tall bottles of craft store paint, this electric shaker will work just fine for it. How it works is that you lay the bottle sideways on the machine and strap it down with an elastic strap. The 2oz bottles fit just fine on it. :D
  2. :oo: Yeeeeowza!! I'm gonna pretend that that huge link in the center of the page was never there before this morning.
  3. When will she be available in the Reaper store?
  4. Thanks, but that was the page I had found already. Nowhere on that page do I see the 60 Game colors, only the 220 Model colors. What am I missing?? :oo:
  5. OK, I must be blind or stupid, but I cannot for the life of me find the Vallejo Game Colors on the fantization website. I can only find the 220 bottles of Model colors. :oo: Can anyone provide a link?
  6. Oh yeah, they also carry the plug-in (non-battery) version too: AC paint shaker
  7. Just thought I'd pass on one of my "secret weapons" to those who might be interested. :D Electric Paint Shaker Works wonders when trying to "resurect" old paints, or just getting a new bottle of paint properly shook.
  8. Thank you, I'll try that tonight. I don't think I gave them a good enough shake. I do have an electric mini paint shaker. I'll throw them in and turn it on for a few minutes. :cool:
  9. Well, on the recommendations of the people on this thread, I went out and picked up a half dozen different colors of Vallejo Game Colors paints and tried em out last night. 2 things: 1) I found the pigmentation unbelievable. Supurb! 2) I thought they were a little too watered down. The extreme pigmentation helped this, but the paint was almost wash-like it was so thin. A far cry from their Model Colors line (which I really don't like, as it's too thick and I got better things to do than thin my paint every time I use it). Anyway, just thought I'd provide my 2 cents. Overall I definatly like the Game Colors, but found them a bit too thin to replace my reaper paints.
  10. Well? How did it go? How glossy does it dry? Did it make any paint run?
  11. Your best bet is to start with this article on coolminiornot NMM Article
  12. That would be awesome! Reaper NEEDS a ton of dungeon critters. Unber Hulks, Carrion Crawlers, Green Slimes, Beholders, Cave Fishers, and Blue Diamonds!
  13. "Kiss the person sitting next to you" -my last fortune cookie's fortune :oo:
  14. What size brush do you use to basecoat a 25mm mini? What about a bigger mini?
  15. My brother is a big fan of Krylon Matte spray, and I myself like the tiny black-cap cans of Testor's Flat. One bit of advice - make sure you spend a good deal of time shacking the heck out of the can. I've had matte come out glossy if it isn't sheaken well enough.
  16. I would LOVE to see any of the following: City Guards (basically fighters that aren't overly armed/armored) Merchants (Could come with acessories like fruit cart and table of goods) Hirelings (gotta have my torch bearers!)
  17. Just thought I'd update anyone interested with how my trimming is going. I decided to use a small curved manicurist scissors to trim off any stry hairs near the base. So far I have trimmed a dozen hairs (on my W&N Series 7 size 3), but the occurance of stray hairs has slowed significantly. The brush is slightly smaller now (duh), but the point is as sharp as ever. It is when I base coat large areas that I get the most stray hairs. If I don't wash the brush after every other dip in the paint I'm almost sure to get a stray hair. Anyone else have this problem? I NEVER let the paint get even half way toward the ferrul. I only dip the top 20% of the bristles in the paint and always pull my brush across the figure, never push.
  18. OK, so i just (finally) dropped $100 on a couple of really nice W&N Series 7 brushes. When using the #3 brush for basecoating, after a few paint reloads I get 1 or 2 stray hairs separating from the brush. Is it OK to just (carefully) trim these off? Will trimming off stray hairs end up ruining the brush? Also, how frequently do people wash their brush off while painting? Is there a rule of thumb like "swish in your water cup after every 3 dips in your paint" or something?
  19. smokingwreckage - Do you know the best mix of diluter (water+future) to paint? Should I use 1 part Future, 1 part Water, and 2 parts paint? Enchantra - I found my bottle at Target in the floor cleaner area. It was a decent size clear plastic bottle.
  20. OK, I finally picked me up some of that Future floor polish stuff I hear a lot about on this board. I'm hoping some of ya'll can tell me what I can/should all be doing with it? Do I add it to all my paints to thin them a bit? Do I only use it to make washes? How many parts water/future do I add to how many parts paint to make a good wash? Do I add any to inks? I know many of these questions have been answered on these boards, but I'm having trouble finding all the different posts people have made about using Future. Thanks!!
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