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  1. Welcome to painting! Drybrushing can be tricky, but it can also be really flexible. By this I mean the kind of brush isn't necessarily as important and the state of the paint. I've drybrushed with anything from small cheap mini brushes to brushes used to paint walls. One thing you mentioned that caught my attention was the idea of thinning your paint out, and I'll tell you right off that this is a bad idea. When you're painting the mini proper, you'll thin you're paints with thinner or water, or what have you, but if the brush you're drybrushing with has even trace amounts of water, you're "drybrush" will bleed and blob and look sloppy. This is something that's screwed me up time and time again, and it can happen very often unconsciously. If you use a wet pallet, that paint is no good for drybrushing, because of the water at the base keeping it all moist. Just drop a spot on a piece of tile or something water-free and work from there. One reason drybrushing can destroy brushes is that you're intentionally letting the paint dry and clog in the bristles. Hope this helps, good luck!
  2. All very nice, it's cool to know that other jewelers are on here. I really like 12, and did you paint that plate in 14?
  3. I can't remember for the life of my if I posted this already, but couldn't find any evidence that I had. Sorry if it's a repost. Anyway, this is what I put together for the summer exchange. The base is the Children of the Zodiac: Libra. I tried to convert her to look like a seer in the process of scrying for some lost truth, endless in its value and worth, etc, etc. The picture's kinda dark, but I think you get the idea. Thanks again for everyone who participated in the exchange, it was great.
  4. I think it's great. I never got pics of mine, but if the recipient wouldn't mind taking some, sure. .
  5. Hey, just because you're a better painter doesn't mean you can start acting older than me, I've got you by some years buddy. :P
  6. Not to nitpick your photography or anything, but I really don't think the picture quite does it justice. Beautiful mini, thanks again.
  7. I just received my mini from Valloa. She looks absolutely amazing Maya, thanks a ton (now I can look to a real mini for questions xD)
  8. This is finished isn't it? Come on we're dying to see some pics :P
  9. That is absolutely the coolest thing ever. Had I known about this while I was in Minnesota I would've tried to see it.
  10. So that's actually paint, you didn't chemically oxidize it?
  11. Looks Wonderful! I love what you did with the fencing at the bottom, did you intentionally stain the copper that way? Is it just paint? How'd you do it? Great diorama overall though, your tones are amazing as always and your metals are spot on.
  12. Mine's done, and should be in the mail tomorrow.
  13. congrats, that's a really cool photo tip, thanks for educating everyone.
  14. That's what I was thinking, but was having trouble deciding whether or not the reflected image was different. This kind of reflection is possible, you just have to be at/above the critical angle for the camera. All that's left is to practice for yourself.
  15. So far so good. I like your solution to your problem, though I can't see your problem, where did you GS it?
  16. It's coming together wonderfully, really true to the sketch!
  17. Well enough.... What does that actually mean?
  18. Very nice, much appreciated.
  19. I forgot about the buttons.... Thanks! I might just go back and touch those up.
  20. Alas, she's finished. I really wanted to do some freehand on the coat, but I'll have to muster up to courage on something else. Thanks to everyone who helped in the WIP thread, all C&C greatly appreciated.
  21. To whoever got me as the recipient, I advise you take/post pictures before sending it off, my camera has been in its death throws for a while now, and I have no guarantee I can post anything upon arrival.
  22. Kimonos might be harder than some other dresses.. Fortunately they're usually made up of relatively straight pieces of fabric, other than the bottom. I'd suggest working slowly, piece by piece, though I'm not a very good sculptor. It's a cool idea, good luck! I'd love to see pics when you're done.
  23. Very cool. Your sculpts continue to amaze me. What did you do to darken the putty on top?
  24. Just a question on general principle. I know these minis are required to be Reaper, but are conversions okay? I actually already did them.... but it's good to know for the future.
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