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  1. Always. How quickly can we get to 10,000 posts?
  2. Over-achieving suck-up... ~v hahah, I just happen to be unemployed and prefer this over piles of physics homework
  3. Got my assignment, picked up a mini, prep is almost done. I hope to start painting sometime this week.
  4. Er, thanks for including me, but money's kinda tight ATM. I'll forfeit my spot for someone else; the age range thing just made me curious.
  5. Only if they're using a grill.... How has this gone for 8 days unanswered?
  6. So I actually finished her up with weekend, but my camera died, sortof. I'll try to get pics up here soon, but no promises. Thanks for the help everyone.
  7. Thanks for participating everyone! Let's try to not have anyone miss out....
  8. I decided I liked black better, so here's a more or less finished coat. I should go back and blacken up the deep areas, among various other things. Unfortunately my painting abilities seem to wax and wane over the course of a mini, and I think this one's just going downhill from here. Hopefully I can break this cycle before the exchange gets going.
  9. If you don't mind my asking, why the 20+ years old?
  10. Sanael's is a good question. Also I assume we're doing standard heroic mansized models?
  11. "For myself, a good portion of the fun was not knowing who was painting a mini for me. Since there are varied levels of painters who participate the "don't know" method prevented cherry picking your painter." I understand this and agree entirely. It's merely frustrating to have to wait for everyone to be willing and crack out the logistics every time you feel like exchanging with someone. I was just suggesting a casual outlet for small exchanges.
  12. You are ridiculous and amazing. Are you casting these sculpts? I'd personally like to buy a few of them. And by a few I of course mean ALL OF THEM. This is really cool, keep it up!
  13. Nicely painted models. I really like the overall feel to the pieces. What game is this for? From a fluff perspective it looks really cool....
  14. Something else I was considering; would it be workable to have an open exchange thread? Someone could say that they were willing to exchange minis with one other person, specify the parameters, and leave it open ended. Then whoever wanted to oblige could PM them and make a formal post stating that the spot was taken. This reduces the logistical nightmares at least.
  15. A little work after a long time. I'm still not exactly pleased with the stockings or pants, and the blue for the coat is acting really chalky, probably lighter than I want it too.
  16. I'm up for another exchange. Over the summer would be preferable, and I might be willing to help organize it too.......
  17. Good choice. Alternately, Winter themed elves always look really cool. You could run with pale blues and browns, or maybe do an entirely greyscale color scheme.
  18. hahahahaha. That's hilarious, I did a half sculpt of the exact same model. It looks really good, I like the stance and the color scheme. The pics are a little dark, but otherwise it's all great.
  19. These are all beautifully painted! I love your bases and color combinations. My only present concern is actually with the pictures. The filesize is absolutely huge, and it takes a good long while to load even with highspeed. You may want to crop and/or resize your images before posting. Thanks for the contributions, keep it up.
  20. This is really cool. It does look like you ran your images through a filter while editing them though. Was that intentional?
  21. After all that work with red scaly stuff you must be wanting to do some nice, soothing elfy greens right? I'd love to see your take on Nienna. Also, are you really up for another dragon after Cinder? I wouldn't have even left that as an option, you're vigilant.
  22. A little more, mostly basework. I did touch up the stockings, though now they're probably too white. I can go back to those later... I did a quick job on the shoes, but as you can tell they won't really be an issue.
  23. I use picfu.net for image uploading. It won't give you an account, and you can't find the image later, but it's great for a quick posting. I can't wait to see your progress on this one!
  24. Overall these look pretty good. My only real trend I see is that they all look kinda bug-eyed. I think your eyes are slightly too tall (from base to top, not the positioning). Perhaps some contrast around them would do a world of good, I'd suggest this tutorial here: http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft/12 Keep up the good work.
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