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  1. For some reason the savage with a gun reminds me of Brave New World. The gender's wrong and that character never had a gun but hey, compelling mini you have there! Your use of color and basework is really nice, keep it up.
  2. You might want to get a new bunch of GS if it's still flexible Great mini otherwise, nice work!
  3. Here's some progress. I've got my own various opinions on what needs to be done, but I'll wait for input first. The only things I did were the hair, the stockings, and I touched up the eyes and lips a little bit. Also the horns. Thanks!
  4. I support this tattoo idea, if you're up to it. Tattoos just have a way of making a mini awesome. Regardless, I would definitely suggest highlighting everything more. The face and hair look pretty good, but overall the mini is too dark (sans the skin, the skin is fairly solid).
  5. That looks fantastic for a first mini, and it's not even done yet. You could do up a nice base for it, the eyes could use pupils, you MIGHT add some darker shades on the teeth, blah blah blah. These are all minor details that you'll pick up over time, but so far you've got an overall great looking moleman on your hands, keep it up.
  6. Alright, thanks, I'll try darkening it a little bit. I probably won't be able to get much work done on her anytime soon, but will post any progress as I go.
  7. The face, hair and skin looks really solid. The rest, however, is harder to see. I want to suggest highlighting to a brighter red on the clothing, and the wings are almost too dark to comment on. I would say taking another picture with a light source to the right/front of the mini would lighten things up.
  8. The green over the eyes was supposed to be eyeshadow, or maskera, or whatever devilries women apply above the eyes (I can proudly say I'm not very familiar with these). I primed it black with the GW brand primer, the lighting might just be weird.
  9. I've pretty much finished up the face and the skintones on this one. I'd like to do something with the lips, but black seems to be the best choice so far. The plan ATM is to make the stockings white, the pants tan/brown, the coat blue, and the hair a reddish color, I'm not really sure how that fits in though. I did do some slight converting on her; she was wearing a lacy bra or something (looked like hell to paint) under the coat, so I cut it down and GS'd it over. I'm open to suggestions and critiques, things are easier to fix in the process than at the end. I'm either going to do the base up as a labratory/workshop setting or a forest setting. All comments are appreciated, thanks.
  10. Oh man, that looks absolutely amazing. I wanna lay down on that rock xD. Are you going to do that to the other side as well, or just leave it barren? The one thing that really strikes me as being out of place are those white spots on the elven rock, especially at the bottom of the 2nd pic. Was that intended to be snow?
  11. Here's my latest. I'm actually more interested in photo advice on this one, that seems to be my real issue lately. Any C&C appreciated though. Front Back Linked for naughty bits. (SOOOO sorry Sergeant, I realized my mistake while out today, it's fixed now.)
  12. Wow, that looks great flynn. The skintones are great, but I'm especially impressed with the basework and the amount of detail you got in on the scales.
  13. It's nice to be able to stop trolling and post once in a while, so here goes. The image edits are pretty rough, but I'm glad to finally get these guys done (the banner on the knights is, regrettably, not done). Dark Elf Sorceress & Back And 5 Cold One Knights Also Also It's been a while since I've done much painting, and I'm still extremely frustrated with metallics, but serious Critiques and Comments are always appreciated. For that banner I was thinking of going for a base of blue and highlighting gently with purple, going for a luminescent look like on the knights' flanks. Thoughts? Edit: fixed the double post, sorry.
  14. That mini looks perfect, unfortunately it's 32mm scale. I think most of the other reaper figs are 28mm-ish scale, so she'd be about as big as one of the trolls.
  15. This is going to be awesome when you're done, I can't wait. If you want some really active elves, I'd suggest using 03004: Dorva, Female Dark Elf by Werner Klocke. It's a fun model, and it's posed oddly enough that if you wanted to hack off the base, there's plenty to be creative with. Others to consider might be : 02543: Elladan, Elf 02735: Baerwyn, Elf Archer 02834: Deladrin, Assassin 02909: Nienna, Elf Ranger 14066: Danithal, Elven Warlord 14217: Meridh, Elven Sergeant 02998: Dorian Starbow, Elf Hero Best of luck with this.
  16. Looks sharp so far, good work. Those spites can be sneaky little suckers. Usually they're just there to be a quick paint job, generally a purple or red er something. Maybe a cool green color would work well with this color scheme. Anyway, great job, I can't wait till it's finished.
  17. So far so good, keep up the work. I'm really looking forward to how this one comes out.
  18. Yes, that is a somewhat bad thing, and it'll break off if you do it too much. However, if you can do it slowly enough to get the sword or whatever it is you're working with back into place, there should be no noticeable difference in the model ( just be gentle with it while/after painting).
  19. oh hah, I just realized I did something terrible. I meant 8 feet tall and 3 feet wide.... Anyway, thanks for the input, that does help to get the ideas flowing.
  20. This isn't by any means miniature, but here goes. I'm working on ideas for a large icicle object for an upcoming event. I was thinking it should be around 8' tall and maybe 3' in diameter. Plexiglass came to mind for things to construct it with (it needs to be transparant for lighting underneath), but that's looking like it'll be more trouble than it's worth. Does anyone have any input/experience with this kind of thing? Anything is extremely helpful, thanks.
  21. There was alot going on in that book, you may want to clerify which parts you're getting at. I like the socialite idea though, seems like a Sophie thing to be.
  22. What about something more fantasy based? I know the straight Succubus has been done, but something like that. For some reason Gargoyle comes to mind...
  23. It looks really awsome so far. The face looks a little like something out of Gumby at this point, but it's all good.
  24. Nice job froggy! Something's been killing me to ask: how long does it take you to make those bases? or did you just make thousands and thousands of them in the beggining?
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