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  1. You don't use those anime casts for gaming do you?
  2. Usually, if you're applying greenstuff in chunks or layers it can be pulled off with some degree of ease once it cures (that's if the layer you put it on top of had been cured before application of the later layer). Otherwise, I've found that a good sharp knife or a nice dremel bit work fairly well with greenstuff. If you want to remove it before it finishes curing, usually just scraping it off with a modelling knife works out. I'm no pro with epoxy, but these are what I've found out. Go team Colorado~!
  3. Here's the final product, tell me what you think! Thanks
  4. Looks good demonelf, one suggestion I would make is try to cast a shadow on the cloud somehow. Maybe lightling inking or drybrushing the cotton just next to his legs or beneath the model with some darker colors would give it immensely more depth. Great mini otherwise, I look foreward to your other minis!
  5. There were some shipping issues with sending mine to kazmania7, but to they were resolved and I sent it out again. Haven't heard from him since though.
  6. Here's what more I've done. Any advice on what to do with the pupils would be much appreciated. I Think they look fairly striking now, and I want to keeop them that way if not make them better.
  7. I belive the rule is that a model has to have at least 50% GW bitz on it to be tourney legal, and if it's scatch built it must have a least 1 GW part incorperated.
  8. Yeah, this is definitely one of the more indimidating models I've painted so far. The things I still need to work on are the base, the bags on her back, the book, and her glasses (the pupils too, not sure what to do there). The problem lies in that everything else is supposed to be finished. Maybe it's just bad photos again. I'll post better pics when there's more progress. Thanks again!
  9. Yeah, I know everyone else is doing this one too, but I may as well join in. Comment and Critique as much as you please, I'd like this one to be REALLY good when I'm done with it. Thanks!
  10. Looks great IG88! Honestly the bull part does look a bit disproportional to the human part, but that's probably just from being used to seeing more slender Centaurs. Maybe a tuft of hair here and there would add flavor, but it's fantastic so far! (that poor, poooor elf)
  11. Here's to frightening the children on my end:
  12. I laid down the base coat of purple on the hilt end of the blade, did a lighter purple over that, but carried it past where the basecoat had gone (note that this lighter coat is much thinner, so it will be toned down by whatever primer you used), then I laid down a basecoat of blue starting just before where the first coat of purple ended, and continued to highlight with blue, but each coat starting farther and farther down the blade. I may have (probably did) use a midtone/blend of the blue and purple at some point too.
  13. Does anybody have any plans of setting another standard exchange up any time soon?
  14. Nice conversion on that warhorse. I never really did like the skeletal horses thing myself.
  15. Here's a method I found. It's pretty similar, but it's more contained. http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.p...howtopic=110635
  16. Here's the final product. I'm pretty satisfied with it, but there's always room for improvement right? Comments are always welcome
  17. Here's what progress I've made. Seems this mini was also to help make progress with my photos as well XD
  18. Heh, I thought those were Wood Elf runes. Also, a nooby question, what exactly do you do to give the mini that background? I understand you're manipulating it with software, but I have no idea WHAT it is you're doing....
  19. Looks good. And technically I think it's a "she", though I won't go into the details. As far as blending goes, how much are you thinning your paints, and based on that, you may just need to take more time with it. Patience is really key when blending, or at least the way I do it. The base looks fantastic as always.
  20. Not loading here either. Edit: there they are.
  21. Yeah, looks good. She's definitely got the basics down, and those are amazing eyes for #2. I honestly didn't start doing pupils until I was through 2 or 3 units of models.
  22. So I tried the ruler thing, and it didn't really work. None of the numbers were in focus, but an object about 8 inches behind the end of the ruler was. That means that even in my Macro mode, I have about a 20" focal point. WhaddIdowrong? Also, if you have to take pictures from a long way off in order for it to focus, yet I wanted detail, doesn't that defeat the whole purpose?
  23. ok, here's some more progress. It probably doesn't look like much, but I focused more on the skintones. C&C please.
  24. Well, damn. My mini just got back home from about a 3 month trip through the post office, and I have no idea what happened. It all looks intact and everything, I guess Kazmania will just be receiving it later than expected (sorry about this). I'm sending him a PM to confirm mailing information before we give it another go.
  25. Aaaaand, a month later, I've got some progress. I've finished up the greens to where I think I want them, the flesh tones can use a little more contrast, and the sword & staff-gem are finished as well. C&C please.
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