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  1. Yeah, those really are amazing. Honestly I think those are just as good if not better than the GW paintjobs in the book. They're a little lacking in random bloodspray for ogres, but that's fluff. Great work, keep it up.
  2. I think it's just patches of sand painted & highlighted with green. Don't bet on that though. Architect, what did you use to prime those? seriously, you got EVERY spot in an incredible evenness, please share.
  3. Here's a brilliant OSL tutorial that should help. keep in mind that it's one of the more advanced tecniques out there. http://www.brushthralls.com/painting-techn...the-basics.html
  4. Might I suggest someone compiling all of this and adding it to the Wikipedia page? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Figure_painting_(hobby)#Techniques) There's a fair bit there already, but I'm sure it would be a notable addition.
  5. Thanks all, great advice (keep it coming though..) @ stubbdog: Thanks, that should help. What I've done untill now is do one basecoat on one section, then another base coat on another section (varying colors) just to keep it all even, but perhaps that's the wrong approach.
  6. Here's the newest peice off the line. I know where to go from here ( I've only gotten about 40% done), but any advice at this stage would be helpful as well. So far I've done a basecoat of green and tanned shadow mixed with black to darken in down a bit, then I've done a layer of unmixed base over that, then a mix between the base and the midtone, (working my way up waaaaaay slower than I had intended). I haven't touched the hair, partially because I don't really have good hair colors, partially because I don't know what to do there. Some of the traps and bands on her arms are also untouched, but I'll probably end up doing those in green. I intend to gently highlight the edges of the crytal until it's either white or a very bright green; the sword I think is finished (sans the runes, still need to think of something there), and I tried some NMM's on the hilt and her right bracer. The staff will ultimately be just black. Please input, and I'll keep throwing out pics as I get them, thanks!
  7. Well done! There are a few things that could use cleaning up, but most of that just comes with time. She looks great, keep it up!
  8. Just got mine from TomBom, it looks FANTASTIC. I'm really impressed with it (and the level of detail in the packing XD). Thanks so much, I really enjoyed the exchange! NB: Kazmania, you got yours right?
  9. They look great man! Keep it up, and enjoy the game. Just a little advice before you get in too deep; when painting Brettonians, notice that they're all almost identical models. Also notice that they all have massive sheets hanging from the horses' flanks. These make for great canvases and can really help make each model different than all the others if used properly. Otherwise they just start to get kinda tedious and Deja Vu kicks in. Like I said, keep up the good work!
  10. I'm with Kutz on this one. Honestly you can pick up some geodes or somesuch at your local nature/smithsonian store for pretty cheap. Also, have you tried cutting little crystals out of polystyrene bits? It's cheap insulation, and cuts nicely, though it is kinda brittle, all you really need to do is coat it thickly in elmers or something.
  11. ok, thanks all. @ Vil-hatarn: I really do need to work on deepening the shadows, but I start with a dark base and highlight from there; generally my brush control is shaky and I get the lighter colors where the darkness should be, so it kinda kills the shadow effect. I either need to perfect my brush control, or figure out a way to go back over (under) it with a darker shade w/o getting it all over the lighter colors.
  12. Here's my exchange mini for Kazmania7, and while it's supposed to be a ghost, she's kinda fleshy lookin. Well, comments welcome/invited, thanks, the exchange was great fun! post scriptum: perhaps taking the pictures in dramatic lighting was a mistake, I'll try and clean it up next time.
  13. I just wrapped up the paint job, and am basing it now. Should be in the mail tomorrow.
  14. I finally got more primer (looong time coming) and a few new minis, which means I'll probably get in a few hard hours tonight at least!
  15. Just to clarify, I got absolutely no parameters, that means any mini is fine as long as it's Reaper right?
  16. Ya know, it just occured to me from the other sculpting threads. You could always thry the illegal thing and make a cast of the other breast. Perhaps a little late now that you've started painting it, but it's an idea.
  17. I'm looking foreward to all the children of the zodiac. Any hints as to what goes in the center of the circle they make?
  18. Ok, I recently repainted a bunch of minis using the techniques and advice I've picked up here, and I'd like some input. The one on the right is what I repainted, and the one on the left is roughly what she used to look like (technique-wise).
  19. Fantastic work! The face on your scribe is offensively good (I'm still working on faces), and the storm steed is awsome, nice job on all of them!
  20. Great work, I love the color scheme. Nice use of the subjunctive too :)
  21. Is that blood spray on the first model? Ah, I remember my first box of peasants; the red drybrushing was irrisistable. Otherwise nice choice in models, and the painting is a good start, keep it up.
  22. @ Flynn: I won't be able to make any of the classes which I'm horribly annoyed about, but I'll see if I can stop by for a few minutes if I can. The other wargames take huge amounts of time...
  23. Great work on the bases, that's fantastic. Those are just pennies right?
  24. Yeah, those are all true. Blah. I can't find the actual product in any store sites, but if you just go to a local Home Depot or Ace Hardware or something like that, you should probably be able to ask where the big pink sheets of styrofoam are (Protip: It's generally used in construction, so you could ask a construction firm for their supplier, if you don't want to nab any off the side of a building.) Well, Good luck!
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