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  1. Alright, thanks alot everyone! I'll try those things, as I've got another one en route. Another general question: about how long does it take all of you to finish a model this size?(everything minus the legs is about the size of a standard Reaper humanoid), I think I spent about 3 or 4 hours on this one. Too fast, too slow? Thanks again!
  2. Ok, this is the second one of these I've done, but I'm still dissapointed with a number of things. First off, my metallic paints are really clumping, and it's getting on my nerves. It IS one of those cheap, larger bottles of paint, but the reaper pot I bought is far too watery to be effective. Secondly, I tried to focus on lighting affects and a good use of my triads, but I'm having trouble getting a nice transition between the various shades; what now looks like stripes on the legs was SUPPOSED to look like a nice smooth gradient, bit I'm not sure how to go about it. I've been thinning the paints with water, which I should be ashamed of; how much does an actual thinner change the effectiveness? I also botched a number of things as far as just being careful goes, but I want to get a good gradient before I bother going back over that part. Lastly, probably the most technical part of this model, I tried to do some Object-source lighting from the central eye, (best seen in the first picture) but any input is strongly desired. If you all could be brutally honest, I'd really appreciate it; I wanna step up my painting significantly, and this on eis kinda disappointing in light of things. Thanks!
  3. Excellently done, all three. You really need to do some tutorials on these things, they all look beautiful! The one thing I noticed was the teeth on the brash dragon look a little flat, they could be slightly more rounded, but it all looks great, keep it up!
  4. From a completely fluffy point of view, GW's Green night was supposed to be ghostly and ethereal. Flesh tones mildly detract from that element, so I should think that blacking it out would be fine too.
  5. Well, I hate to give a simple response, but isn't fur pretty much the same technique as hair? The hair you did on those elves was damn good fieldarchy, it may work again for the fur.
  6. By the way, what is that second model you're painting? Also, they look beautiful, I'm seriously impressed, keep it up!
  7. I've done a few Pegasi, so I may be able to help. Just base coat dark and drybrush lighter, each time with less and less paint ( with drybrushing less paint can be rediculous, but you'll get it after a while).
  8. Yeah, looks great, I just recently started painting ABOUT that well. Looks like the face could be a little more detailed, but that comes with time and brush control practice. Nicely done, good luck on your next project!
  9. Great job everyone, everything looks beautiful. ( voted for the Vampiresses Crypt due to the godlike use of lighting)
  10. Alright, here's what it looks like painted. Thanks again for the help, tell me what you think!
  11. Thanks for the help guys. In case you were wondering, this is sort of a WIP that I've been working on for a while, but alas, the preportions were all wrong.. It's my first full sculpt, and the head is still pending. Edit: Here's my progress with the head so far, it's also my first head sculpt, so input as you see fit!
  12. I was wondering if we could get a head sclupting tutorial/description of method from one of the Reaper sculpters. I saw the tutorial on the german site, but all the Reaper greens are far cleaner than his, and look significantly better.
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