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  1. Thanks for the reply. What color do you think this dragon was? It looks like a 3.5 D&D black....
  2. Hi, I have the new Young Skeletal Dragon (03644) and have begun assembly. After caliing customer support, I was informed that there was no slot base provded for this miniature... So, I have a question about this miniature. What is the tab on the bottom of the rib cage? Is that supposed to be there for a base, or is the sternum, o r what is it? I've contemplated cutting it off and pinning the feet to a new base. I see it the pictures of the painted model showing it, but I'm still not sure. Thanks for any help with this. Aluvial
  3. The stonechild is in Races of Stone page 93... The suggestions for updating a mini by weapon swapping is great, but there is only one orc with a double-axe that I've found... Here is the picture. I would lose the mask, because not many people would want that... but the rest is good. Aluvial
  4. I am in absolute need of a female figure, human, warrior type with a double-axe. That is the axe on both ends. Armor is not really an issue, but some is preferable to none. Cleavage is a must. I am playing a character based on the Stonechild, the picture is in the Races of Stone book by WotC. (P 96?) The picture in the book is exactly the way I picture my character... I suggested human so that the figure could be used by more folks. Is it illegal to post that picture here? Thanks for the consideration. Aluvial
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