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  1. ironmani

    OK, Fluff Trivia

    Borig Spline (Dont have the book near by for the spelling) and the CAV was the Ogre. In Rach, what is the mid point of the Season of storms called?
  2. ironmani

    OK, Fluff Trivia

    Ok, I'll try again. Where does the Dictator Chasis #650001 reside?
  3. ironmani

    OK, Fluff Trivia

    It was the Koda Works SP152. As part of the Aeneas Peace Agreement, the Terrans asked for an apology from the Rach. What did the Rach Ambassador say insted of an aplogy?
  4. ironmani

    d20 Future

    I am just starting a d20 modern game. (Urban Arcana type setting) I do plan on getting the d20 Future. Hehehehehehe "As the portal disapates, you see the street. Unchanged. And then a hover car shoots by." "A WHAT?"
  5. ironmani

    OK, Fluff Trivia

    Would that be the Tiger CAV made by KDM? Which disguse itself to look like the Rhino? I dont have my JORs in front of me right now, but I am guessing.... BTW picked up the THunderbird! It rocks!
  6. I though you picked a familiar to get the alertness feat.
  7. ironmani

    OK, Fluff Trivia

    OK, on what planet did the population rise up in rebellion against the Ulkarath Tribe in 2270. The inhabitants of the city of Arwell on Kai II the Kai(142) System. Whats the first thing tech crews do upon getting a new Merlin Attack Transport?
  8. ironmani

    OK, Fluff Trivia

    What's the 'Lycantrope Effect'? This is when the Thugs repair system made repairs, it altered the shillouette of the Thug. How did the Terrans of colony Garna in the Lacetta system disguse thier Ashigaru to hide them for a Fornaxian pirate attack?
  9. ironmani

    Even more CAV

    Amen to that brotha! Amen to that!
  10. ironmani

    OK, Fluff Trivia

    What did the Karak of the Empire say and have done, after seeing the Emperor CAV slag a target in four seconds?
  11. ironmani

    Even more CAV

    Ooooo I know where you've been hanging out. Janna wouldnt like if you swiped her clan's name.
  12. ironmani

    Even more CAV

    Well lets see. I have run thru several names with my force. There have been The Hitmen, Demon Dogs, The Dark Dragons, The Spectre Legion, and the Iron Men. The current name (And one I think I will stick with) is Lucifer's Choosen. Since all the members have been either kicked out or left, their nations standing army.
  13. ironmani

    Any idea when....

    Any idea when the Emperor is going to be released? I need a few for my army. ;)
  14. ironmani

    Starhawk VI

    The Demon Dogs Starhawks are "in transit limbo" My CAV forces are at least 2 years old on average.....I'm jonesin for some new CAVs. I want my Centurion. Stupid FLGS....
  15. Ok, ok, ok.....I am happy as the rest of you that Warlord is going to the printers, but lets not forget the point of this thread! Lets make with the artwork previews!!!!!!!!!!!
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