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  1. Hi all, Starting another project and this time it's actually a reaper. I'll have to take my time on this one, don't want to screw it up. Enjoy
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    Hi all, Here he is all finished, well as far as I'm concerned anyway. I think he came up okay. Next up are the Harlequins. Hope yopu all like him
  3. Well I've finished him, I will post pics in Show Off in a minute.
  4. Just a photo update, I decided to change a couple of the colours, well one colour, White. I hate painting white, it has never worked yet. So I'm going to make the front thingy a red/orange, much like the rest of him. Not sure if it's going to make painting the icon any easier but we shall soon find out. The marking on his forehead is in bone. Any tips for painting the icon would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hi all, I'm back after yet another break. Here is my latest, I've started painting Eldars on the suggestion from a workmate. I haven't given up on the Space Marines though, the new Techmarine looks cool however it could be a while before I start one of them as this guy is going to take a long time. Enjoy
  6. Hi all, Back with another Space Marine. He the first and probably the only, Iron Lord I will make as his insignia is a mongrel to paint. As he is the only one I thought it only fair to arm him well hence the multimelta. Enjoy
  7. The Tau look very cool. I like them. I tried to find the Space Marine on the GW website and came up empty. Nicely done though. The pose looks fimiliar. Again great work on all.
  8. Hi, the colours used for the blue was a mix of Reegal Blue and Ultramarines Blue, he's actually not as blue as he looks in the pics must be the light, he's a little darker. Which metal part? Thanks, I'll need all the luck I can get.
  9. I'm back! I was gone for a couple of weeks and had a bit of trouble logging back in, but now that's all sorted I can show off my latest. I painted him to enter in a local store comp. I don't know how tough my competition is but I'll find out in three weeks. I tought he came out okay considering I had to paint him twice, started out with the standard paint scheme said "yuk" and used my own. Hope you like him.
  10. Hi, Here he is all done. Hope you all like him.
  11. Well I've gotten around to taking a pic of him completed, I'll be posting it in Show Off soon. I like the name for the swords Tombwalker, if there are no other suggestions to consider it will stay. I was thinking of entering this one in the local Golden Demon, not that he would win but it might be fun to show off a bit.
  12. This could be very interesting.
  13. Hi all, Just an update. He's nearly finished, I just have to do some more detail painting and do up the base. If you're wondering why the swords are gold, it's because when I made them out of the brass and fitted them I liked the look so decided to paint them in the same manner, you can come up with some futuristic alloy name for it if you like, points will be awarded :)
  14. Jack? It's a reference to a cartoon called Samurai Jack. It's was a really cool show, if you look it up on youtube you'll more than likely find millions of clips from it. Just checked youtube, fair enough. I think the name will stick.
  15. Hi all, Well I'm at it again, no standard pose is good enough. I was going to post more pics but this one should do. I cut his katanas from brass strip and his cape is a piece of plastic which I heated and bent to get the right wave as well as cutting in the tight folds with a scapel (don't know if that's visible in the pic). Let me know what you think.
  16. Here he is. I had to repaint parts of his robe as I forgot they had to be red, I almost left them but he would've looked a bit bland without them. Hope you all like him.
  17. Well he's done, I'm posting pics in Show Off
  18. I wish I could paint like that, I'm extremely jealous.
  19. Your Eldar will what? My Eldar will win against your Dark Angels should we meet in battle. Hows that? Maybe, but he has friends.
  20. Your Eldar will what?
  21. Hi all, Just an update showing his twin chainswords and his robes.
  22. wurzel


    Very nice job indeed, I like her. I was actually going to enter the comp as well(with my Alastria), but as I could not get any details on how to do so I didn't bother. Again nice work.
  23. Here's another Dark Angel, he'll eventually have two chainswords mounted on his back.
  24. Hi, Another one finished, May nedd some more work but for now he's done. His eyes are red it's just that he has a large brow ridge which gives quite a shadow.
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