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  1. This came out great! Did you brush on the color shift paint, or was it airbrushed? My experiences with this sort of paint from other places is that it needs to go on a black gloss base and that it works a whole lot better when airbrushed.
  2. It is a beautifully painted model, but I have to disagree on the expression. To me her face says "really?" Like someone just said or did something and she is mildly disgusted/annoyed. Still a great sculpt and an awesome paint job, though!
  3. I have a strange problem. Since the weather started getting warmer I've been sitting down to paint more ... and getting ants. They seem to be most interested in my paint water, which I find bizarre. Anyone else run into similar issues with your paint stations? If so, how did you fix the problem? I obviously can't just stop using water or anything. I suppose I could try to get a seal-able container to keep my paint water in for the time being. It's just been so annoying to sit down to paint and find my water full of ants and them scurrying all over my desk. Also, it's the only part of the house I have ant problems in. Nothing in the kitchen or where obvious sources of food would be. Just my hobby desk.
  4. So I'm painting up a big project at work and have had a heck of a time figuring out how to get a good looking yellow gemstone. I don't want it to be orange, but really yellow. I've been fiddling with using red browns as the base, but it comes out more like a muddy yellow than a crystalline yellow. You folks are some of the best painters out there in World Wide Web World, so I figured I'd try and pick your brains :) Any help would be appreciated.
  5. So these were painted up for a DND campaign that a group of friends and I are running. Trying to get started on. The dwarf is my PC. Arik is representing an Anti-Paladin in our quest so I pretty much just stuck with the studio scheme and am quite pleased with him. I tried a couple of new techniques on these ones. Namely, two brush blending. I'm quite pleased with it actually. Even on my sub standard NMM.
  6. I finally finished a Reaper model! Though it suffered some while getting it onto the base and now needs some definite clean up. I decided he had kind of a crazed witch doctor look and wanted to go with something other than the studio job.
  7. The plumes are washed out, but a couple extra highlights probably wouldn't hurt either.
  8. You'll have to forgive the pictures. I currently have no way to get pictures off of my REAL camera, so these are edited iPhone pics. They're a little washed out, but not bad besides that. Eldar Guardians Howling Banshees Tau Fire Warriors Always looking for some good 'ol C&C Up on my desk are 3 Warlords, a Pathfinder and whole lot of Warma-hordes.
  9. If I were you I'd try to paint the whole army to those standards! Even if you never win a game, you'll get the "Best Looking Army" award every single time!
  10. Holy frijoles! That is quite the 'lovely' paint job there! I especially like the way the color from the cloak carries over onto the pauldrons and greaves.
  11. Can't wait to move out of the place I'm living and have room to paint again!

  12. I think you're off to a great start! Clearer pictures would be helpful, but he looks lit by the flames to me.
  13. Yeah, that's primarily the fault of the camera. Her hair is rather washed out in the pictures but you can see the highlights and shading in real life. Same with Ian's boots and pants. Though those were kind of a rush job. I just got to the point where was I like "Brown! I dont' have to do much to brown!"
  14. That is some awesome black. Not too grey or chalky, actually looks like it's black.
  15. Well done! Somehow I get the feeling that he's playing some futuristic football or something.
  16. So these are the two most recent figures that I've finished. I realize that Ian is rather chalky looking and I believe that's the result of the gesso I used for primer. The next few I post up after this were sprayed so they'll be much smoother (hopefully). For Ian I tried a little bit of OSL, as if he were casting a fireball. Seemed to fit given what's written on his character card. For Elsabeth, I pretty much followed the way it looked on the card. I really liked the colors and look of the studio job. As always, I'm looking for input to try and improve on future projects.
  17. I think it looks great! Loads better than any of the NMM I've posted up here. The whole thing is excellently done.
  18. I think the roughness is mostly due to my switching to gesso to prime most of my figures lately. I just don't have anywhere to use sprays, and gesso gives a nice solid, even (though rough) coat that doesn't obscure details while being brushable.
  19. I brought the skin color up a couple of shades and added some to the eyes. I hope it makes it a little easier to see him now. I didn't do anything with the golds though. I see that shading would bring out the contrast that's missing, I'm just not too sure where to add that shading.
  20. So I decided to go back to real metallics. I'm just more comfortable with them and I feel like I usually get better results with them. I'll keep trying NMM, but I don't think it's going to be a staple skill for me. So here's what I came up with some regular metals. The noses on my paint jobs, I'm noticing, always look rather bulbous. Anyone have any thoughts on how to avoid that?
  21. I wish I could something looking that nice after a year of painting nothing! It's fantastic!
  22. So here's another attempt at some NMM. I'm pleased with the silvers, but I just can't seem to get a good contrast on my golds. I think I'll stick with doing shaded true metals. I'm not so bad at those. (Larger clickable images available by following the link in my sig) As always, looking for hints, tips, advice, comments, criticism and thrown veggies.
  23. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this; I've been agonizing over another figure and trying to find the time to work on it with compacted summer classes eating at every waking moment. The base is a standard Reaper base, fine ballast a piece of broken up 1/8 in cork coaster. Hope that helps!
  24. I'm headed to my LGS tomorrow, so I'll have a look and see if they have anything like the villagers that I can practice blending on. I'll try cropping the photos closer as well, but last time I posted up photos here I was told to not crop so close as a zoom in that much accentuates the errors in the paint job instead of letting it be seen as a whole. Eh, maybe I'll just do both.
  25. After seeing some of the NMM 'practice' pieces on here lately, I'm very hesitant to even show this one. I've been trying for some time to figure out NMM, but my blending leaves something to be desired. I think I at least got the lighting down this time though. I'm going to try to get a couple of plate wearing minis that I can practice on. Hopefully they'll come out better. Anyways, always looking for tips and what not.
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