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  1. What is proficient and non-proficient in terms of overcoming challenges is negotiated at the table. Some tasks are assumed based upon class, folk, and background. A character with a rural upbringing and farmsteader trade trying to calm scared livestock or drive a cart would be proficient but an elvin wizard with an urban background and papermaker trade would definitely be non-proficient. Rogues picking a lock or looking for traps? Proficient. Fighter intimidating or using strength to push aside a boulder? Proficient. A "skill list" won't be in the core rules. Earlier editions of D&D didn't have skill lists for over a decade across numerous editions. Skill lists are exclusionary and force players to make hard decisions. We don't do that with DDRPG and we won't be devoting lots of space to creating detailed systems per D&D 3.x/Pathfinder. Backgrounds will be somewhat expanded for the sake of adjudicating the sorts of tasks considered proficient vs. non-proficient. Again, it's on the GM and players to come to agreement over a PC's qualifications. Unlike in D&D 3.x - 5e, the skill system is innocuous and runs behind the scenes and best of all, even if you're non-proficient, you still get a bonus of +1/4 levels (drop the fraction). Make sense? I dislike saying 'no' so it's more for temporary instances of scores going to 0. This may be a NA by the time we ship next Spring. 🙂 Con of 0 is death, Str is immobility as is Dex, as for Int, Wis, and Cha the body is an empty shell which could, I suppose, stumble mindlessly and insensate about.
  2. Another is in the works with Fatigue (Weary and Spent conditions) with little checkboxes for easy referencing. Stay tuned! >>ReaperWolf
  3. Very kind. Lots to do before ReaperCon. So very, very much to do! Thanks for the kind words! >>ReaperWolf
  4. Ooh, great question. We should tree the DDRPG forum so it's got it's own headers like playing, feedback, house rules, etc. I'll stir the pot and see what happens. Thanks! >>ReaperWolf
  5. If you're more Discord inclined we have plenty of chatter going on at the DDRPG Discord server. >>ReaperWolf
  6. You betcha buddy! I do too. Hirelings are simple named NPC allies who fulfill a specific purpose: shieldbearer, scout, torchbearer, camp follower, tailor, valet, etc. They follow a simple format for their ability scores, proficiencies, defense, etc. Most only have a single hit die, usually a d4 or a d6. They have another trait: Loyalty which fluctuates based upon how they are treated and how the adventures go. Over time it's possible hirelings can graduate into henchmen. Henchmen are evolved hirelings. They have names and a wider range of ability scores, proficiencies, and gear. Like Hirelings they'll have Loyalty. Henchmen can gain levels. In time Henchmen can evolve into Companions, permanent additions to the retinue representing boon companions, buddies, and sidekicks. Companions can even be groomed as proteges and can be activated as a PC if the "owner" is somehow killed or otherwise incapacitated. Still very much a WIP but my high school homeboy playtest group is planning to rope in some hirelings and possibly a henchman or two before their next expedition into the Westbarrow Hills as they hunt down the Horror on Howling Heath.
  7. See attachment... >>ReaperWolf DDRPG_Character_Sheet_v1.1.pdf
  8. Tune in tonight to hear @Reaper Ron and I chatter on about all things DDRPG. https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures
  9. @Reaper Ron and I have been asked to do a thing. Tune in and make with the tidal wave of questions about what we're doing with Dungeon Dwellers RPG. https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures
  10. It's in the queue amigo. It was written ages ago but for D&D 3.0, then later Pathfinder. I think I've run it for Savage Worlds as well. Anywho, it needs converting to DDRPG. Stay tuned!
  11. Ooh! Linguistic questions!!! Each folk starts with their native tongue and one other tongue selected from those listed under folk. Humans know a human tongue and one other, either another human tongue or a non-human one. Humans are the most versatile 'cuz they're found all over. As for non-humans, they get their native tongue and a human tongue. If you have Int 8+ you also are literate with your languages. If you have bonus languages you select from the list under folk although if a player really wanted to know dark elf or giant I'd probably bend the rules to accommodate. Languages are easily picked up and good thing too 'cuz without language communication hits a wall. Yes, cantrips and their divine equivalents - orisons are usable at will. You don't expend or unlearn them although I allow PCs to swap them out between adventures under certain circumstances. GURPS 4e is great! Welcome!!! Very kind words. We're very excited to be giving you bigger and bigger bites of DDRPG as we sprint to the Spring 2023 release date. It's gonna be a wild ride and we're so happy to have you along! Hold on tight, it's gonna be a rollercoaster!
  12. I realize the player primer beta is very light. It's not intended to get you playing and running DDRPG. That comes later. We are working on a more significant something something for ya'll by ReaperCon 2022. More details as we get closer. In the meantime anybody have any questions while you have the developer's ear? We're eager to hear from you. DDRPG is for all of us. It the edition I love running and we hope ya'll fall head over heels for it as well. So make with the comments and questions I'm all ears.
  13. Glad to help. This was asked about during the Reaper LIVE stream. @Reaper Ron is hard at work putting the finishing touches on the Ring of Truth adventure. This is the one we played live during the Reaper KS wrap week event. After that, Ragestone part 1 and part 2 are next up. A trigger warning: Ragestone 1 and 2 are not kind or pleasant adventures. Beastmen are the deranged offspring of the beastlord G'narl. The adventures are very much rated PG-13. It's very Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Lord of the Rings. Stay tuned...
  14. Thanks for the bump! See me in all my blather-haggardness!
  15. Never underestimate the utility of a well-timed prestidigitation cantrip.
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