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  1. Hey hey! Six weeks to go till the big event. I've submitted all seven of my three hour events. They should be ticketable very soon. As in previous years all seven events are themed so get ready to buckle your swashes 'cuz they don't call it the Savage Coast for nothin'. The events are tied to this years big narrative arc. Barty has been busy and he'll stop at nothing to see Brinewind burn to the ground. Time for blood and thunder!! >>ReaperWolf
  2. I posted my recap on the RMI forums. No disasters, it was smooth sailing thanks to Ron and Adrienne. Big props to Dallas for making sure I had what I needed including lunch breaks. >>ReaperWolf
  3. And Stonegraves too. ;) >>ReaperWolf
  4. <Cross-posted to my Facebook feed> It's time... ReaperCon 2019 recap... I always take a week (or two!) to come down and recover. ReaperCon takes a lot out of me and this year was no different. Par for the course, I am in the neighborhood of fifty, however this time around I caught the edge of the con crud, which sucked. Hard. It took me out of work for a day and sucked the wind outa my sails forcing me to sleep. A lot. Nasty frickin’ germ, let me tell ya. I wasn't the only one, a few others came down with the plague. Thankfully this is the first year I caught the cr
  5. Sadly, neither was I. Too much going on and I caught the edge of the crud so I retreated to my room after my on-schedule games. Will post recaps this weekend. Suffice to say, my events were full to bursting and everybody was awesomesauce. >>ReaperWolf
  6. Hey! I've reserved my evenings Fri, Sat, and Sunday after 8 PM for some awesome afterhours gaming. Bringing: Tunnels & Trolls Mercenaries, Spies, & Private Eyes >>ReaperWolf
  7. The last of the pregens are coming together and the pile of to be painted minis is getting smaller by the hour. This year I pulled out all the stops and sculpted some vargouilles. <maniacal cackle> Brace yourselves, the Wraith King Murkillor doesn't recognize the notion of the "fair encounter". :P >>ReaperWolf
  8. I'll be done with the pregens (all 42 of them!!!) in an hour or so. As usual I'm not messing with gear and spells, players can sort that out themselves while we play. Three nights to go and I'm off. So many minis to paint... >>ReaperWolf
  9. Well... I'm sad to report we lost Rick Loomis today. For the past many decades Rick Loomis ran Flying Buffalo, makers of Tunnels & Trolls, Nuclear War, and countless other titles. I wasn't a friend to Rick, not any more than any other game nerd going to Origins, or Gen Con, or any of the many many cons Rick attended. That man knew how to work. He attended pretty much every convention I went to, even some of the more obscure like DunDraCon. I missed him at KublaCon a few years back but that didn't prevent me from purchasing a few of the Citybook
  10. I'll be bringing a few games to run "after hours" outside of the official RC 2019 Dreadmere events. Definitely want to bring Timewatch and Ashen Stars, would be a nice breather from all the high fantasy I'm running this year. >>ReaperWolf
  11. 7 dungeonscapes to design, more work on the Dreadmere manuscript, and a ton of minis to paint. Pretty much every waking moment when not at work... >>ReaperWolf
  12. Me too man, gonna be the best year yet... The Hand of Light members are able to channel their will, faith, and zealotry into a white hot flame surrounding their chosen weapon. This provides light as a torch but also radiant damage based upon the degree of evil in the target. The more evil, the more damage. Even a lawful good person feels a sting as the flame touches them but according to rumor the truly virtuous will feel no damage whatsoever. The Lightbringers have yet to encounter anyone of that level of purity. The light also grants some of the protections associate
  13. This year promises to be extraordinarily fun. This is year four of Dreadmere. The setting has grown and changed over the years due in part to the illustrators, sculptors, and the fans. The Big Reek (as the Dwarf's call it) is a real labor of love. We now have seven playable outlaw bands and while some have been knocked out of the top four slots, the Bonehenge Covenant and Disciples of Cthon aren't going anywhere. As in previous years, we're premiering a new outlaw band. All of the heat from previous years due in part from the Wraith King Murkillor's malevole
  14. My events are submitted and approved but I have a LOT of work to do on this years events. 7 outlaw bands, on adventure each all centered around Murkillor's mega-dungeon lair Stonegraves. A lot to do... >>ReaperWolf
  15. The official Dreadmere ReaperCon 2019 RPG events have been submitted, accepted, and posted to GrowTix. Have at it and remember, seating is limited although I reserve the right to add +1 or +2 on a whim. >>ReaperWolf
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