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  1. As with anything we share this is very much a WIP. Anything and everything can change before we go to print. Enjoy! SUSTENANCE Conjuration Level: Clr 1 Components: I, G, M Casting Time: 1 action Initiative: 1d4 Duration: Instantaneous Range: 6 paces (6 pace cube) Saving Throw: None Creates up to 10 gallons of potable water within range. The appears on the ground or fills open containers. Alternatively, the water falls as a heavy deluge within the space up to a 6 pace cube. The water extinguishes a proportional amount of fire. Scaling: +1 Spell Point for +10 gallons of water. +1 Spell Point increasing Range by 6 paces. +1 Spell Point increasing area of effect by +6 paces. +4 Spell Points to create 15 lbs of bland but nourishing food. +1 Spell Point for +15 lbs of food. NOTE! Unneaten food spoils after 1 day, the water remains potable but can be contaminated. Material Component: a sip of water and a morsel of food (a few drops and crumbs are sufficient) I'm considering an option of +1 for palatable food and +2 for good quality food (mostly for roleplay purposes). NOTE! I may roll Heroes feast (6th level available to 11th level casters) into this but the scaling would be very expensive i.e. the scaling option would be around +10 spell Points. DESSICATE Conjuration Level: Clr 1 Components: I, G, M Casting Time: 1 action Duration: Instantaneous Range: 6 paces (6 pace cube) Saving Throw: Negates (Con) When cast on a source of water this spell destroys 10 gallons of water within range. The spell destroys fog in a 6 pace cube. A water-based creature such as a water elemental, water weird, or marid is targeted or caught in the area of effect, they must make a Constitution save or take 1 level of Fatigue and having their hit point maximum reduced by 2d4. Scaling: +1 Spell point per 10 gallons of water destroyed. +1 Spell Points per +1d4 max hit point reduction +1 Spell Points per +1 Fatigue level +1 Spell Point increasing Range by +6 paces +2 Spell Point increasing area of effect in 6 pace cube. Material Component: to destroy - a pinch of sand for destroying are expended. Stay toon'd! >>ReaperWolf
  2. Yup, we always offer late pledging options in the Pledge Manager. The prices will differ a bit owing the the late pledge but still amazing deals to be had!
  3. Hah! Welcome!! It's a hefty box and definitely worth the buck$. We have a ton of previews, updates, and whatnot coming your way. I plan to give ya'll regular sneak peeks behind the development curtain, at least one a week in addition to whatever Ron and Jon provide. Stay toon'd!! >>ReaperWolf
  4. Modifiers throw a lot of sand into the gears. A die roll is a die roll and easily consulted during gameplay. If you forget, keep the die in front of you till your turn comes up. Some weapons are unbalanced, hafted and pole weapons are notoriously unwieldly not on the swing but on recovery so those might be penalized by having a lower die than normal. Right now we're going with simpler but not too simple. All weapons having the same initiative hammered my design sensibilities since D&D 3.x/PF and that's too simple. I've actually tinkered with a 5 beat mechanic in which you roll for when you start acting within the round, say a d8 and when you take an action it eats up so many beats. Fast weapons will have a lower heft, slow weapons will have a higher heft. Take a dagger with a heft of 2 while your opponent has a greataxe with a heft of 5. You, with the dagger, roll an initial Initiative of 3 and the greataxe opponent rolls a 1. On 1 the great axe swings On 3 the dagger swings On 5 the dagger swings again on 6 the great axe swings. Alternatively each action would have a die type range indicating the range of beats it takes for the action to complete. Once you start to burrow down all the complexity becomes a bug instead of a feature. Video games model weapon speeds and frequency of attacks easily 'cuz it's just a button or mouse tap. Thank you for the feedback. We're still exploring all the options as we march towards July. Stay toon'd! >>ReaperWolf
  5. RE spell points. They're new and not in the Beta 2.0 but they are presented in the newest version of Sunstarved Shrine available as a freebie download on the front page of our Kickstarter. Spell Points evolved out of an old ~1.5 year conversation between Ron and I. I mentioned I wanted to push spells and magic around a bit to remove the staleness accumulated over the past 40+ years. Ron mentioned Spell Points in some form but I dismissed 'em. Slots were grandfathered in and one of our "sacred cows". The spell slots have served admirably but they don't really hold up with modern design sensibilities. So we played another 6 months or so with the spell slots. D&D 5e pushed the mechanics further along and did well by them but there were so many holes in the levels combined with the caster level vs. spell level disconnect and some spells just plain sucked compared to others. So as we neared RCon 2023 Spell Points were more and more on my mind and after running 21+ hours of DDRPG demos and seeing the same spells used OVER AND OVER again not because the spell was cool but because it was effective I was convinced the spells needed to be taken down to the brass tacks and rebuilt and while I was there we might just as well fold in a spell point system. Many of the so-called useless spells are being reduced in level to make them more viable and the upper echelons of spells like Miracle and Wish won't be appearing in DDRPG anytime soon. Maybe in a ring of wishes or a luckblade or genie lamp but PCs won't be casting these spells because there's no point. Anywho back to the redesign many spells are being reduced in level to put them into the caster's hands sooner. All or nothing spells like hold person are being rewritten so the spell works for a round before the target gets a save and whether or not it's a one and done save depends upon the spell. Every spell is scalable allowing casters to tinker with the effect, number of targets, area of effect, etc. Some spells are being combined such as Cure Wounds, Restoration, and Resurrection, and a few others. The caster being able to cast the spell at range and over an area of effect are just scaling options. So what prevents a caster from going all in on their spell and laying waste to game balance? Caster level. Since all spells are being redesigned and rebalanced caster level and spell level have been brought into sync. A 3rd level caster can cast up to 3rd level spells but a 3rd level spell in DDRPG may not map to a 3rd level spell 5e or PF. Another limiter is each spell has a maximum effect based upon its level, take magic missiles. A single casting conjures two 1d6+1 hp force missiles but invest +1 Spell Point and that's now 3 missiles; up to 5 missiles (casting the spell as a 4th level spell for a total of 4 Spell Points). Pure spellcasters (clerics, druids, and wizards) have 4 spell points per level. This may change to 2+spellcasting ability mod per level. We're still playtesting it. Semi-spellcasters like bards, paladins, and rangers will have 2 per level or 2+ spellcasting ability mod per level. Again, still in playtesting. We're crazy busy but getting an updated Beta 3.0 up and available to you all is a priority. I'm currently working on the spell redesigns for levels 1-5. Stay toon'd! >>ReaperWolf
  6. Thank you! Just a reminder, all text and content is a work in progress up until we go to print. Once we move into the playtesting and feedback phases we will definitely NEED your eyeballs. 🙂 Stay toon'd! >>ReaperWolf
  7. Typo!! The beta 2.0 is ancient at this point, we know. We're a small team. I'm hoping to have this fixed and a new Beta 3.0 in your hands soon. The point is to accentuate most weapons are versatile. The two-handed weapon use needs to be scrutinized and better presented to remove all doubt. Here's what we ultimately want to do: One handed or two handed needs to be crystal clear so players can choose to be speed and damage focused or defensive (with a shield). Two-handed weapons in spite of what you might see online were not lightweight, agile, etc. They were cumbersome due to the length and distribution in proportion to the wielder. An ogre wielding a great sword is very different than a human. I've watched the videos too and watching two great sword wielders shows off how much space was required for these weapons to be used effectively. The wrestling matches following a close are amazing! So heavy weapons have to be slower, lighter weapons should be faster. One thing we may do is use a simple numerical system representing heft starting with 1 for knives and going up linearly to reflect relative heft. Heft is consulted on a table with 1-H easy, 1-H average, 1-H awkward and 2-H easy, 2-H average, 2-H awkward for easy consultation. This allows me to move past the weapon size and fine tune with the weight distribution to make each weapon a unique and potentially viable choice as opposed to simply going with damage. I may scrub out the d6 and d10 initiatives using d4, d8, and d12 instead although I do like these intermediate Init dice TBH. Ok so weapons with two-handed shouldn't be versatile. Two handed mandates two-handed use. You can't fire a longbow with one hand same goes with polearms and quarterstaves (sorry Gandalf). If it requires two hands there's no bump to Initiative die or damage bonus. We've gotta make sure this is crystal clear on the damage tables and We WILL! 😄 Two-handed use does get thrown for a loop when the weapon is wielded by a Large+ sized opponent. I would have no problem with an ogre wielding a two-handed sword or other great weapon one-handed. This makes sense but what about Polearms? Hrm... Bows are easy, a longbow to an ogre would be like a short-bow. You've probably noticed the damage ratings on weapons are standardized with tiny weapons dealing d4 (like daggers) and large weapons dealing d12. The weapon table is extensive and it needs another going over as we move back onto the Players Guide. Anywho, thank you for your comment and feedback. We'll work hard to ensure perfect clarity as we move forward. >>ReaperWolf
  8. Dude, I feel you. This is where I fire up my sales pitch... Nah. Here's what I tell folks, buy what you think you can use and/or will enjoy on some level. I know I'll never GM every game on my Library of Alexandria-like shelves, and that's ok. I absorb these games, learn from them. Sometimes I rant and rage and fume as I read some disagreeable mechanic or I don't like the worldbuilding. In either case, I love flipping through the pages, looking at the art, and digesting a new game. New books are very much my groove. So there's value there. Also... you're supporting us and for that we're eternally grateful. Without your support, no DDRPG. This is a new path for us and we're determined to take it as far as we can. It's uncertain and scary and exciting but totally worth it. I love what I'm doing and ya'll are making that possible. If your means don't allow it do not back our project. Simple as that. We don't want you hurting yourselves. On the other hand if you do have a few shekels to throw our way, we're happy with any amount as it helps us realize the dream. So back or don't back. It's a heckuva value but it's also more than a burger and fries. In either event we're proud and thrilled to have ALL of you along for the journey. It's gonna be a very interesting few months leading up to RCon 2024 and ya'll will be there front and center to witness every triumph and misstep. 😄 Enjoy the show and stay toon'd! >>ReaperWolf
  9. Here's a pic of the Fortune Point token prototype. The final may differ but they are amazing. Very heavy, about the size of a medal (halflway between a quarter and 50 cent piece.
  10. The limitations are by design. We're already playtesting many, many new folk and classes. A kitchen sink approach, we believe, dilutes your setting at least at launch. Once we have our stakes in the ground, then we'll release player options expanding folk, classes, magic, talents, you name it. Rest assured, this isn't a one and done sort of thing. As for wanting to play something other off the menu, you can easily reverse engineer the Denizens entries. Keep in mind, the Kargir Horde figures prominently into the Hillsedge Province setting so humanoids aren't exactly welcome in Vestonia, Anhur, etc. Now there's nothing preventing you from running an awesome humanoid focused game playing orcs, bugbears, and the like. I encourage you to do so. Nothing preventing you from doing so. Maybe Anhur provoked the Kargir and Gragg Elfslayer's infamy is more of a Gengis Khan sorta deal. Your game, your call. I look forward to reading what you do with DDRPG. Stay toon'd! >>ReaperWolf
  11. Yup, all good options. The absolute wording is the issue. The intention of the spell is to allow the caster to traverse water as if it were normal terrain instead of swimming, wading, etc. The description of the spell varies TREMENDOUSLY from edition to edition. So to me the rougher the water conditions the caster would need to make an Ability Check of some kind and possibly the terrain would count as difficult for tactical movement. This is why we're taking the spells down to brass tacks and make 'em our own. Thank you for sharing chum! >>ReaperWolf
  12. By offering a different experience, simpler mechanics, etc. It's an uphill battle but we want to own what we create and that means taking the game system in new directions such as our spell point system. I have no interest in writing for 5e. That market is absolutely saturated. OSR it entrenched in 40+ year old designs. And yet both extremes have something to offer. DDRPG bridges old school and new school offering the old school feel and peril with intuitive, consistent mechanics. Yeah, it's a struggle. There are easier roads to travel but we believe we're on the right one. It's the game I would have given my 12 year old self so many, many years ago.
  13. Indeed! The Kickstarter is running right now! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/reaperddrpg/reaper-miniatures-dungeon-dwellers-roleplaying-game/description Yup, right GM and group any game can be fun. We played BECMI D&D and AD&D 1e for ages before the later editions came along (2nd, 3rd, etc.) What we're attempting to do is to recapture the earlier edition groove but with consistent, intuitive mechanics so no rolling 1d6 to find secret doors or rolling 1d100 to bend bars/lift gates. All of the non-combat stuff is handled with very flexible system of Ability Checks adding either level or level/4 as a bonus depending upon the PC's familiarity with the task/challenge. Simple.
  14. Lots of chatter going on at the DDRPG Discord server. We also have a Dungeon Dwellers RPG section on these forums. Hit our kickstarter and all will be revealed. We have a FAQ and lots of updates rolling out throughout the day. Anywho, someone asked for the elevator pitch: a high fantasy romp through a perilous setting. DDRPG takes the best of the d20 game system and injects it into vibrant fantasy setting. If you've played any edition of The Worlds Most Popular Fantasy Tabletop RPG, you'll know 85% of DDRPG. There is lots of secret sauce pushing the system in new and exciting directions. This is your platform to ask questions so... ask away. Ya can never have TOO many goblins!
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