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  1. odinsgrandson

    Kingdom Death White Lion

    Also, he spawn camps.
  2. odinsgrandson

    Devil May Cry boardgame by Steamforged Games, Kickstarter

    Your numbers there are a bit off. Basically, they would absolutely never put a single sculpt into a mold here. Rather, models that share a SKU can share a mold (meaning that the price per sculpt/mini goes WAY down for the board game full of minis, but if you want the same quality sculpt sold individually, it will cost a great deal more). Fairly early in the days of Kickstarter, CMON learned not to split SKUs in Kickstarter bundles (doing that caused a mess for Relic Knights and Wrath of Kings). Kickstarter exclusives will also share molds with one another, bringing the cost per sculpt down quite a bit there as well. In the end, I think Devil May Cry is not unreasonable. I just worry that they went way over budget on Dark Souls, and won't be able to finish delivery there anytime soon.
  3. It seems to me like the awareness that "Kickstarters sometimes fail" has grown, but the reasons for failure have not. Many projects are decried as scams- sometimes for almost no reason. I was really surprised that during the delivery of one game (while people were receiving it) that there were a LOT of backers talking about how it was a scam and that they had given up on ever receiving their rewards. I see a lot more people warning backers against certain companies, but a LOT of the warnings I see have no basis in reality. I've seen very few Kickstarters that look like real scams. I mean, if you're a con artist, you don't want to work very hard for your money. Getting together art, renders, 3D prints, a professional looking rulebook with appealing rules, a prototype board and a decent video and front page pitch is a lot work. - The only way to get that kind of work into a scam is if the game creators are also victims (ie- one partner runs off with the money while others are left holding the bag). Generally, I think that mismanagement is the culprit when a Kickstarter fails to deliver. There are warning signs to look for, but it is harder to predict. I do worry a bit that Awakened Realms and Steamforged are biting off more than they can chew (like Ninja Division did) but I'm not concerned that they don't intend to deliver. But Sans Detour only had to photoshop some of the old Confrontation photos for their Kickstarter, so I think it is far to think that one might be a real scam.
  4. odinsgrandson

    Greebo Primal Scales

    I got a few minis from their Alastoran Kickstarter, and I've been super happy with them. I agree that Greebo is currently doing some of the very best fantasy football minis (even though Games Workshop really stepped it up, and Willy are doing some nice things.
  5. odinsgrandson

    Pony Bowl Team Fantasy Football

    Yeah, this one and some of the Greebo Kickstarters (I got some Khorne Kittens to paint right now, and a few of the super cute bears in the mail).
  6. odinsgrandson

    Kingdom Death White Lion

    This is a White Lion from Kingdom Death that I painted pretty recently. I think it is really easy for white to look plain, even when it is done well, so I went with a very colorful white. I did a quite write up on some of the techniques I've been doing recently to make painting white more interesting. Anyway, here's the lion. I haven't posted anything to Coolmini in a while, so I decided to post this one up. Here it is if you care to vote.
  7. odinsgrandson

    Confrontation: Classic

    I get the feeling you're new to this project. The project was for plastic confrontation minis. Only five backers got the "everything in resin" pledges (and an unknown number got individual add ons in resin). Nearly all of their updates since the Pledge Manager closed have focused on the resin manufacturing, while none have addressed concerns that the plastic minis aren't going to be made. This update is the first time that they've every really addressed plastic production: This could mean a number of things.
  8. odinsgrandson

    The Faceless

    The Faceless is a neat game with some really interesting miniatures. The player token is a compass, and all of the miniatures have magnets in them to manipulate what direction the compass points. When the players move, they have to follow the compass direction. It is a really neat game, and most of the minis are little double sided dioramas (they have one side that’s a poor child about to be abducted by a monster, and the other side is the creepy little chimera that he turns them into). Anyway, here are the minis I painted:
  9. odinsgrandson

    Kickstarter failures and moral/financial choices.

    Yeah- the first Kingdom Death Kickstarter looked like a failure for a little while. It ran super late with only a little communication. The scope kept escalating as Adam worked on the project, and it is very clear that it eventually ran over budget. Fortunately, Adam Poots has Ash Ketchum syndrome, so he never gave up. The result is a pretty cool game, and a LOT of confidence in his second Kickstarter (which has partially delivered, with several more waves on the horizon- nothing that we should be too worried about at the moment). That's definitely a case of 'doing right by your backers.' I totally see why it would garner a lot of confidence in Adam and his brand. And yes- if something terrible were to happen to Adam Poots, I think the company would probably be over (even if Anna Poots designed the awesome Dragon King campaign).
  10. odinsgrandson

    Planet of the Apes The miniatures Boardgame

    Yeah, it turns out that they announced that they were cancelling the project (in Update 18, I think) but didn't do it. I have ho idea why they didn't actually cancel after that update. And I do think that the front page of this Kickstarter looks really good and professional- then the updates are some of the least professional I've ever seen (and I followed the Star Wars Unlicensed MMO project). Update 15 is amazing- it truly looks like some random spam bot hacked their account! So- I guess id doesn't work to just start out looking strong and professional if you completely fall apart after that.
  11. On that subject- I gained a LOT of respect for Adam Poots of Kingdom Death when he announced that the game would be delayed BEFORE the Kickstarter was over. The reasons were obvious, but I was impressed with his ability to be open and realistic with backers- even when they still had a chance to pull out.
  12. odinsgrandson

    Wedding Cake Toppers

    Thanks. I'll go back to posting them regularly.
  13. odinsgrandson

    Wedding Cake Toppers

    I think it has been a long time since I've posted wedding cake toppers up here, so I thought I'd fix that. I really loved the dress that this bride picked out.
  14. odinsgrandson

    Kickstarter failures and moral/financial choices.

    That's definitely a good sentiment, but at the same time, I don't know that it is enough. I mean, by the time they got to doing Starfinder, Ninja Division had a few projects up in the air. But when they ran Super Dungeon Legends, they were squeaky clean. They had run two successful Kickstarters, both delivered really well (neither was very late). I think that we should keep out eyes out for the warning signs on a project, but even if there aren't any, we should still make peace with the idea that the whole thing might fail. (according to the folks at Paizo, SPM have rid themselves of the guy responsible for the poor financial choices, but they're still in a hole with way too much digging to do).
  15. Should a company start a new Kickstarters before delivering their last one? I think it depends very much, and makes me consider how much I trust the creator. If the creator is one with a very strong record and reputation on Kickstarter, then I have no problem backing them. On the other hand, I believe that Kickstarter will block a creator from making a second campaign without delivering their first. I completely agree with this- I think the first campaign should be fulfilled before a second one is started. Any company that does this does make me worry that they're trying to bring in more money to delivery on their last campaign (which could put the current campaign at risk). I'm more worried about that with a smaller company, but that is a real concern with a larger company as well. And in any case, no matter what red flags are not present, it is entirely possible that the game will fail to deliver (I'm a Super Dungeon Legends backer, and that project was Red Flag Free until well after it funded). Now, should a company start working on its next project behind the scenes (or even openly) before they're finished with delivery? Absolutely they should. But sometimes they shouldn't start their next Kickstarter before the first one is delivered.