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  1. I've got a bunch of minis to post from my Cthulhu: Death May Die set. Here are the first ones- I'll be back to update as I get more pics.
  2. Here are a couple rhinos for the Grey Knights chapter. Painting silver in this style was a lot of fun, and I'll be posting other units for the force as I pull the pictures from my memory card.
  3. Thanks. I'm so glad that you can recognize a diet coke can. The artwork for him in the game used a Campbell's soup can. I decided that I really wanted the can to be white so that the rust runoff would show up really well.
  4. Aftermath is a dungeon crawler board game that is the heir to both Mice and Mystics and Stuffed Fables. The game takes place in a post apocalyptic world where rodents have formed colonies to scrounge resources for survival, cobbling together the things they need. For the set, I went with a lot of textures and a lot of wear and tear. Nothing these mice have is brand new, and I really wanted to express that.
  5. Evil has many faces, even when it is kind of cute. Here are some of the generals working under the Dark Consul. They represent the highest caliber of evil in Super Dungeon Explore. This is a set of bosses for Super Dungeon Explore that I painted for a client.
  6. No, that's a very high compliment, considering how much more time many of us have spent online this year.
  7. Ok, this is a mini that I made as a joke for a friend of mine. He GMs a lot of games, and has always been a bit fascinated by the fact that the Half Dragon template can be added to almost any kind of creature. Including ones that reproduce by dividing. Truly, the biology of dragons is a wonder. Anyway, he got to completely wreck the party with this Half Black Dragon Gelatinous Cube. I made it by combining some parts from an invisible dragon and gelatinous cube minis (both from Reaper’s Bones line). I used water effect for gap filling and a bit of sculpting, and added a little color with some thinned down paints. I wanted to give the impression that it picks up debris from the floor as it moves along. Except for the eyes, which are totally opaque so that they can show up. Seriously, I think they’re the only part that really shows up at all in the pictures, but you get the idea. In an unrelated project for the same friend, I found a really strange bit that I think is supposed to be the head of a dragon, but seriously looks like a half dragon spider. So that got painted too. Man, dragons really make some poor choices.
  8. Yeah, the cross hatching works for the old comic book style (and I remember some really nice busts at Reapercon last year painted this way). Since I was going for '90s cartoon, I didn't do that. What I'm mostly wondering about is how much contrast can the technique take before it stops working. These minis were all done with relatively low contrast areas so that they'd appear more flat (not completely flat, but more than what is expected). I've seen some done with obvious layers in their shading instead, and that works well too so long as you get the lines super sharp. I've got a few Starcadia minis that I'm doing right now with lots of really dark black lining and edging, but with my normal high contrast, so we'll see how that turns out. That idea goes to my client, actually. When he first described it to me, I told him it wouldn't work, that the two styles weren't compatible enough for the transition. But when I got the minis in hand, I realized I was wrong, so I went with it. We were both happy with the results.
  9. These old Battletech miniatures were painted using some fairly recent techniques I’ve generally seen referred to as “Comic Book Style Painting.” In addition to normal dark lining, I added dark edging to areas that would normally be the highest highlights on the minis. This creates an interesting cell shaded effect. These particular minis were painted to match the old (and adequagely cheesy) Battletech Cartoons. Sometimes, they would forgo normal animation to employ then-state-of-the-art computer generated animation with everything outlined in green. This is why these minis are all in a transition state between the two styles.
  10. There is a common argument about whether 28mm is a measurement of the height to the top of the head or to the eye. This leads some miniatures to be called "28mm" when they're taller than others. But the real issue is that scale creep is a very real thing. This is why so many lines claim to be 30mm, or 35mm but end up the same size as supposed 28mm minis. Privateer Press' Warmachine game started out claiming 28mm, but later claimed 30mm (I don't think they've shifted from there). Games Workshop claims 28mm, which is pretty bonkers. Also, they've taken to writing the scale creep into the fluff (Orks are bigger than they used to be, and so are Space Marines). As for the size in heads, you'll find that they vary quite a lot more these days. A lot of lines are heading for less heroic proportions, but keeping some of the exagerations like the weapons sizes (like Infinity or most CMON games). Some are exaggerating in completely different ways (like Malifaux or Kingdom Death). And Dark Sword remains a bastion for close to true scale minis (though some exaggerations are still present).
  11. One of the things that I really enjoy doing with chibi miniatures is creating tributes to classic video games. The style lends itself to this so well that often all that I really need to do is pick a color scheme that fits. For others, I create more elaborate conversions. When I decided to create the Light Warriors from the first Final Fantasy game, I did both. Some of the characters worked by just putting the proper color scheme onto existing minis, some required a little conversion, while others required lots of sculpting and customization. Fighter and Thief are just stock minis. Black Belt has only a little conversion for his hair. But the three mages are all heavily converted custom minis, using bits from Super Dungeon, Ninja All Stars and even Rail Raiders to get the look they have here.
  12. I've got a couple more older ones that I missed posting for some reason.. Neither of these are super new, but I hadn't realized that I missed posting them. The Warrior of the Sun has always been one of my favorite characters from KDM. I entered this at Reapercon last year and got a gold medal for it: And while Cola's presence in Kingdom Death is usually as an accessory to the Candy miniature, I decided that he'd do fine as his own survivor. I started painting this at Reapercon last year as well, but I didn't finish it until I got home. I've got more recent ones to post, I just need to get all the photos sorted out.
  13. That's sad to hear. I've had experience with their customer service for screwed up orders and lost packages in the past, and while they took a long time, they did get me or my friend what we ordered.
  14. There may yet be more. The project and company are dead. Some backers are sending their claims to the lawyer in charge of the company's liquidation, and I'm honestly interested to find out whether any of their claims are honored. I expect the lawsuit that backers were forming will fizzle out now that the company is gone.
  15. The resin miniatures from Red Republic Games have some of the finest sculpting in the industry- both in terms of fine detail and dynamism. They are wonderful to paint. I've had the opportunity of painting quite a few Arena Rex commissions over the years. Here are some of the results.
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