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  1. Here are a few more. No theme here- just kind of a random group
  2. Thanks. I've long since given up on trying to name parts of fantasy fashion.
  3. There are some people who say that the original Nagash miniature was the worst miniature of all time. There are others who say that it is only terrible because Games Workshop rejected a decent head and decided to go with the clown skeleton face for their supreme lich demi-god of the undead. But I think that there's something to be gained from leaning hard into the "Giant Lich With A Christmas Tree On Your Head" look that I've really never seen on any miniature pull off like Nagash. So few skeleton miniatures are unafraid to wear skull embroidered Christmas tree hats. The Lich's little helper and tree started life as Reaper miniatures, before being drafted into the Christmas Lich's employment.
  4. Yeah- I posted them on the Discord a while ago, and I realized that I wanted to show them off to the forumites as well.
  5. I though I had posted this here for Halloween, but it looks like I didn't. Here is a Blood Bowl team that I made from some Reaper Minis. Most of the skeletons are made from Mr. Bones, while the Tomb Guardians are made from Wraiths and a Jack O Lantern pack. I decided that the pumpkin headed bugbear would make a good Werewolf Star Player for this team.
  6. Thanks. It if funny how red is tricky. A lot of the trouble that people have with red OSL (and in other situations) is that if you go too light, it ends up looking pink. With an OSL, it needs to be super light (I think I went to pure white or very close) just like every other color. The color ends up being defined mostly by the colors of the things that are lit.
  7. I did a diorama for Gencon a few years ago in which I took some Dark Sword minis and turned them into Jedi, then painted it dark with all OSL. This year, I decided to do something very similar but with Mouslings for Reapercon. And it went over well- I received the Silver Mousling Trophy- the cutest trophy in miniatures painting.
  8. Much has been said about the Very Serious photographs we took of the Very Serious Second Annual Reapercon Gummy Bear Painting Competition Well, here are the photos of the entries. Here are the winners 1st place David Diamonstone 2nd Drew Olds 3rd Heather O'Neal And everyone else: And we maybe had a couple NSFW entries as well This one is definitely NSFW- at least insomuch as a gummy can be. This one doesn't seem like a problem at first, but then you see what is on the Care Bear belly stamp Also- there were two gummies that accidentally got left in the convention hall when we got kicked out (sometime after midnight) But I went and found them the next morning and here they are. I didn't get pics with the nice three point lighting, but I'd rather they not be forgotten. It was great that we had gummy worms and two different brands of gummy bears (classic and Primaris). I do gotta say that there is something serene about painting the sublime atrocity that is the classic Haribo gummy bear face.
  9. This is a Slann team for Blood Bowl. Yep, GW doesn't make Blood Bowl Slann anymore and this team is from Greebo Games.
  10. I've been playing Blood Bowl for a few decades now. During the "dark times" I got used to making new Blood Bowl teams out of other miniatures. Anyway, here is my Tomb Kings team. Most of them are converted from Mr. Bones. The Tomb Guardians themselves are made from some Bones wraith miniatures and the Jack-o-lantern pack. Linemen Skeletons played by Mr. Bones Mr Bones as two blitzers (designated by their paldrons) Mr. Bones as two throwers The Pumpkin Kings are the real stars. And this one is for when I want to hire a werewolf star player to join in on the action.
  11. I bought it at Reapercon last year. It is from Aradia Miniatures
  12. I've learned over the years that I REALLY like using the Dawn of Worlds game to generate a setting for D&D. Everyone contributes some cool ideas and when we start playing, it feels a lot like we've all got a more than solid handle on the setting lore- even though it is all entirely new. And the people I associate with are rarely satisfied with creating something very normal. So this setting is filled with nations of anthropomorphic animals. Yes, this is also a very good excuse for me to get through my backlog of Jason Weibe minis (and I'll be posting those as they get finished). But here is the party: We have a scarred Mousling warlock A Pirate Red Panda (converted from a Darksword cat) And a baleen whale to tank for the party That last one needs more angles Yes that character is massive, and yes I'm quite proud that I somehow made this miniature playable on a 50mm base.
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