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  1. This is a vehicle that I painted up for Seedy Tea Publishing. I rather liked working with it and within their setting- everything is pretty dirty and damaged, and the bases can have wreckage and detritus spread around. I created this base for the tank using a number of different pieces bits and a little bit of sculpting. It took quite a while for that much water effect to dry, and I needed to do several layers so that I could create the ripples from the hover tank’s fans.
  2. It has been a while since I posted some of these here. The first wedding cake toppers that I made featured the bride and groom as zombies. But since then, most of my clients prefered to be on the living side of the zombie apocalypse, and eventually they started branching out in genres a little. Here are a few cake toppers that feature brides and grooms that are back to back ready to fight. I think these toppers all say “I got your back.”
  3. Here's something interesting: - Frosthaven set a record for the first day in games (and probably for the first day on Kickstarter) since it brought in 5 million in its first 24 hours. - If Frosthaven follows the thirds funding pattern, it will top Kingdom Death 1.5 and be the top funded game ever. There are reasons Frosthaven might not follow the pattern- mostly because it lacks add ons which usually fuel most of the end spike. However, Gloomhaven 2 only came short of tripling its initial funding by 10%. If the same thing happens here, Frosthaven will end up very close to the funding total that Kingdom Death 1.5 brought in, and it is impossible to say whether it will end just a little higher or lower. - So far, Frosthaven is bringing in enough to make it (ie- the slump is still being strong enough to bring in another 5 million before the end spike begins).
  4. They're doing the big monsters in resin- but they're also doing the 'alternate' monsters in resin, right? I don't have a whole lot of experience with Awakened Realms PVC. Right now, I'm feeling confident enough in my PVC-fu to try them out.
  5. Someone mentioned to me that the Dung Beetle Knight looks especially grumpy. That probably fits. I always imagined the old master is the 'get off my lawn' type.
  6. I could describe these next ones, but I think we just want to skip to the pictures anyway.
  7. Well, they look like they'd fit right in with my Dark Sword critters.
  8. Yes. I have heard that it is less watchable simply because for Batman, the solutions are usually about Batman being clever and outsmarting his opponent, while for Superman, his solutions are too often being more super than we previously thought. That tends to be true of Superman films as well (like when he flew so fast it turned back time, or when he picked up a continent made of Kryptonite and flew it into space, etc).
  9. I love almost everything about the first sculpt. The only issue I have is that I kind of want the wings to feel a little more dynamic.
  10. The Lord of Change has been one of my favorite minis ever since I first got into miniatures. Maybe it is that they kind of remind me of The Dark Crystal’s Skeksis, but I have always loved the strange bird daemon. And unlike many characters, I’ve continued to love them through the many redesigns that they’ve experienced. While I liked the earliest Lords of Change, I’ve likewise enjoyed the larger metal miniatures, and the later move to very large plastic. And Forge World’s obviously too large Lord of Change is a fantastic mini as well. Here are a few Lords of Change that I got to paint.
  11. The game mechanics look simple- which would normally seem like a worse thing, except that Eric Lang tends to do streamlined games really well. There has got to be something going on with the X-Men rights. There is no way they passed on a Chibi Deadpool on purpose.
  12. I didn't watch the old animated Batman show much. The things I'm excited about on here are the ones that crossover into the current Harley Quinn series. They seriously need to add Kite-Man
  13. Well, would retailers and the FLGS actually be into this game anyway? I mean, they did that with Riot Quest, so they'll have those numbers for comparison. There are definitely scenarios in which this is a better distribution plan than normal retail. It has worked very well for a lot of board games- I wonder if this will make it work for a tabletop miniatures game. So I am interested to see how the experiment goes for them.
  14. I was really surprised to learn that they haven't delivered on their previous campaign (Wild Assent). Did they partially deliver or something? Because Kickstarter doesn't usually allow multiple projects unless the creator has previously delivered on at least one of them. The only reason I could see for the exception would be because they were involved with other companies that delivered. Starting a bit more than a year ago, a LOT of Kickstarter projects started emulating Kingdom Death and Gloomhaven's co-operative massive campaigns- so they're definitely going after the Kingdom Death crowd. I looked at the company profile, and it mentioned that they worked with other companies on their Kickstarters. The problem is that one of the two they listed was Ninja Divisions Starfinder minis. I doubt they were involved with any of the things that went wrong there, but I know that there are people who will hold it against them (maybe even more than having an unfulfilled Kickstarter to their name).;
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