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  1. I know I've put cuts and open wounds on my chibi minis before, but I'm having a hard time thinking of an example where I put scars on them like these ones.
  2. I got to paint up some of the preview minis from Bones VI- these are a few of the Pathfinder Chibis!
  3. This is my Atnas the child eater for Kingdom Death I made the base myself and I adjusted him to fit in with my chibi survivors (ie- the baby heads are larger, and his eyes are just a little bigger than standard).
  4. At the first event, our judges considered whether taste should be part of the judging criteria. Their final decision (against eating the painted gummies) holds true to this day
  5. "Scratch? But I know that mini, it isn't even altered! What's it doing in open... oh. Oh yeah, that makes sense"
  6. It started when Cathy Wappel threw down the challenge and it will never end. Here are the entries for the 2023 Reapercon Gummy Bear Painting Competition First place Skeleton Bear Fis Second place Owlbear Third Place Pony Bear Creativity Award Eviscerated Bear Those were the winners- but there were over 40 entries this year, and it wouldn't do to not see all of the lovely bears If you're wondering, mine was the Kingdom Death Bear
  7. Thanks. I was also feeling the nostalgia on these ones
  8. Warmaster was one of GW's 'specialist' games and it featured much smaller scale Warhammer minis for fighting massive battles in the Old World. The round bases here are 25mm, so these pictures are significantly larger than the miniatures themselves
  9. Sign me up I'm teaching some classes. I'm honestly not sure what makes one a Reaper Peep, so I don't know whether or not I should be disqualified for that. Odinsgrandson (Drew Olds) Go ahead and use my forum portrait- I still look like that I will be there the whole time, and probably after hours quite a bit as well.
  10. Here are a few more. No theme here- just kind of a random group
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