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  1. Thanks. I was really happy with how these two turned out.
  2. I've changed the image link. I hope they're working now (I'm not really sure why they wouldn't have worked before though).
  3. Well, here they are. Happy Valentine's Day, and gain +1 population.
  4. I'm having the same problem now. I wonder what is up with that. Here is a link to where I posted both of them elsewhere: Garden Ninja Studios
  5. Yeah, I've painted these minis before, and those are some extremely tiny faces. They look great.
  6. I love those fairy girls. I'm so glad that I was able to get a set of them before Thunderbolt Mountain stopped making them. But I didn't get any of the unicorn pegasus ones. Part of me kind of hopes that Dark Sword takes them up as a sort of legacy line.
  7. Here are a couple great characters for Modiphius' Fallout miniatures game that I got to paint up. The first one is the Nukacola girl- sort of a pinup girl used in advertising for the brand, so she's wearing more makeup than most Fallout characters. The second is the alien. If you don't recognize him from the game, that probably means that you didn't explore his location yet.
  8. I tend to disagree with people who don't like scenery on their miniature bases, but there are plenty of people who get all clear acrylic bases just for that reason. I rather find that matching base styles across a force adds quite a lot to them, and that is something that is often lost on the vehicles (the rhino here was part of a Movie Marines force where each marine had a fairly elaborate 40mm base with wreckage). In the wargaming context, I find that I prefer working with bases as this makes measuring things easier, but adding a base definitely changes the footprint of the mini (still legal for GW games, since they only require that you not decrease the mini's footprint). Again, that's something that plenty of gamers disagree with me on. I do like your point about making the treads uneven. If I ever make the Razorback for this force, I'll find some reference photos and go with that.
  9. While it is standard for most miniatures to be set on bases, for some reason, that doesn’t always apply to vehicles. Probably, gaming bases are seen as a necessity to allow troopers to stand up, so vehicles with treads or wheels that can exist without basing get a pass. But I have found that adding an uneven base to a vehicle can really add to the dynamic appearance. It isn’t something I’ll always do for gaming vehicles, but I do like it. Here are a few examples. These bases were made with a lot of different elements- a lot of green stuff and apoxie sculpt as well as realistic water and water effect and some scraps of plastic bits for debris. Two of these are 120mm bases that I actually used old CDs to make
  10. I've been painting up a lot of Starcadia Quest. It only seems fitting to start out with the Star Wars characters. For most of my Starcadia Quest, I went with a Borderlands style- with lots of black lining against bright colors and even black hard edging to create that Borderlandish look. I plan to convert a few Starcadians into Borderlands characters as well. Also, it just seemed right to start out with the Star Wars inspired characters.
  11. Lol, I'm glad I would be of help. I'd give the game a very positive review as well. The sense of exploration is really cool. In our last game, we actually managed to take down the cat (which was epic- you're definitely supposed to run away from that fight).
  12. Here are the rest of the Aftermath miniatures- all of the antagonist crews
  13. I like to imagine it is filled with something extremely volatile, and is positioned there to encourage the driver not to run over any rocks.
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