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  1. I've been playing Blood Bowl for a few decades now. During the "dark times" I got used to making new Blood Bowl teams out of other miniatures. Anyway, here is my Tomb Kings team. Most of them are converted from Mr. Bones. The Tomb Guardians themselves are made from some Bones wraith miniatures and the Jack-o-lantern pack. Linemen Skeletons played by Mr. Bones Mr Bones as two blitzers (designated by their paldrons) Mr. Bones as two throwers The Pumpkin Kings are the real stars. And this one is for when I want to hire a werewolf star player to join in on the action.
  2. I bought it at Reapercon last year. It is from Aradia Miniatures
  3. I've learned over the years that I REALLY like using the Dawn of Worlds game to generate a setting for D&D. Everyone contributes some cool ideas and when we start playing, it feels a lot like we've all got a more than solid handle on the setting lore- even though it is all entirely new. And the people I associate with are rarely satisfied with creating something very normal. So this setting is filled with nations of anthropomorphic animals. Yes, this is also a very good excuse for me to get through my backlog of Jason Weibe minis (and I'll be posting those as they get finished). But here is the party: We have a scarred Mousling warlock A Pirate Red Panda (converted from a Darksword cat) And a baleen whale to tank for the party That last one needs more angles Yes that character is massive, and yes I'm quite proud that I somehow made this miniature playable on a 50mm base.
  4. Here's the big demon
  5. It seems an appropriate way to start page 2 with Wolverine. You can hardly find a Marvel team that he hasn't joined.
  6. And here is Storm in her "they don't know if she's wearing black, white or silver so they made three different actions figures for her" outfit from the Jim Lee era.
  7. I pulled up some '90s art to figure out how to deal with the helmet shines in comic style.
  8. Thanks and of course that's okay with me. I was definitely aiming to cover his skin with textures.
  9. I picked up this mini at Reapercon 2019 intending to paint it up for the next year. As it turned out, I hadn't started painting it yet when I started packing for Reapercon 2020. So I got to working on it and surprisingly got it finished in time to enter it into the competition (even though the judges chose another of my entries to judge). One advantage to painting him at Reapercon was that I could ask Jason Weibe about some of the details on him that weren't cast quite as clearly as we'd have all liked (he was great and even found the original render to show me).
  10. This is an odd mini that started life as a Halloween decoration. I picked it up from Michael's last year, mounted it on a 50mm base and added some green stuff for the muscly bits, eyeball and crystal growths.
  11. Thanks. I really love pushing these neutral color schemes and I'm glad that's working here.
  12. White Gigalion from Kingdom Death: Monster. I really liked playing around with the color shifts with this guy. And yes, his victim this time is not a chibi.
  13. I thought it was just a marketing thing- they kept getting requests for Bones specific paints, so they relabeled their HD line of paints as Bones paints. Anyway, if you want HD paints, buy Bones paints.
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