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  1. Thanks. I really love pushing these neutral color schemes and I'm glad that's working here.
  2. White Gigalion from Kingdom Death: Monster. I really liked playing around with the color shifts with this guy. And yes, his victim this time is not a chibi.
  3. I thought it was just a marketing thing- they kept getting requests for Bones specific paints, so they relabeled their HD line of paints as Bones paints. Anyway, if you want HD paints, buy Bones paints.
  4. I did some more- and I've been pushing for even more elements of comic book coloring with this set.
  5. Just a little while ago, CMON delivered their Marvel United game filled with wonderful super hero chibi minis. I’ve started painting them using a sort of comic book style (a lot of black outlines and some really neat stuff). Some of the minis take to this a little more than others, and I plan to keep experimenting with the style and find new ways to push the comic book style further. I’ll have a lot more to show off as I work my way through the whole set, but here is something to start with. Somehow, I chose mostly less saturated characters for this first group (which gives them a slightl
  6. The Mountain Man is a Kingdom Death character that is still a ways away from hitting our gaming tables. He was part of the Kingdom Death resin range and later added to the KDM 1.5 Kickstarter as the final showdown for the Inverted Mountain campaign. So far, we only know a little bit about him aside from the fact that he resides at the top/bottom of the inverted mountain. And that he makes a great chibi. This is a Chibi Kingdom Death mini that I made for a collector. I have plans to make a second one for my set, but I haven’t gotten around to it just yet.
  7. Chibi Gloomhaven continues with Jaws of the Lion heroes: ]
  8. Thanks. They are a really strange set of concepts. The PC minis are kind of hodge podges of various adjacent concepts, and the rest of them only get weirder form there.
  9. Etherfields has some strange miniatures concepts. I wanted to embrace the dreamlike quality of them all by giving them a unified mood. So all of these minis use purple shadows and pale green highlighting.
  10. At first, I was definitely thinking that they'd have an X-Force expansion with Deadpool, Cable, Domino with a villain (maybe Sinister). And I still think that'll be the case if they want to create an expansion that would work at retail (it would match the MU pattern of three heroes and a villain per expansion). Add in one extra promo hero and we're set. But the First Class expansion really changes the pattern. We've got five heroes and two-ish villains in the set. So it is really unclear how many heroes we should expect out of any new expansions they reveal.
  11. I used to think that way, but I don't think it is possible to bring these to a normal retail release. No one wants to stock shelves full of expansions for any single new game, so they either exist as exclusives or not at all. But at least they are offering the old exclusives in the new Kickstarter. They have teased Deadpool, and I don't think you can start off with Feral and not do the rest of the prime X-Force members. They are just holding off on a lot of the bigger names, like they did last time (so that the last few days aren't filled with C-listers). Darkes
  12. Ok, I know it has been a while, but here is the Flower Knight
  13. Thanks. This is one of the cleaner factions in the setting. On the other end of the range, I've painted vehicles with basically all rust.
  14. I'd like to share some of the vehicles that I've painted for Simulacrum Protocol (from Seedy Tea Publishing). For this group, the challenge was largely how to make the 'black' faction look super awesome. So I painted them using a deep grey that I could shade with a bit of red and highlight with some blue. I think the contrast is really working here to make them feel interesting.
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