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  1. It looks like this one is starting to deliver.

    It sounds like they're mailing them at a pretty slow pace (30-50 in a week- probably just means they didn't hire anyone in to ship).

    Perhaps against the odds, they're getting this game out.  That's great news for everyone except Sans Detour who really just wish the worst on Signum and their backers.

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  2. 45 minutes ago, Orlando_the_Technicoloured said:

    archon (well Prodos) are basically just as bad still not having delivered AvP to many of their backers so while I hope something can be worked out people need to be very careful about thinking of them as saviours



    I WISH!  If Ninja Division handled this like Prodos handled AvP, I WOULD HAVE MY STUFF!

    If I could buy a $20 Super Dungeon expansion and have the stuff I pledge for, I'd be happy.  The AvP backers who don't have their stuff are the ones who got so sour that they are unwilling to buy an expansion for about what I've paid for shipping on other Kickstarters (and I've been told the deal is still open).


    Seriously, AvP backers have NOTHING on SDL backers.




    37 minutes ago, Werkrobotwerk said:

    it is a bit off. it should probably be broken out more, to things like inhouse art staff costs, inhouse writing staff costs, contractor art costs, contractor writing costs. 


    But these charts don't really look to be configured up in such a way as to be useful. All it seems to show is that their project management and budgeting is at best a joke.


    I don't know about useful- I mean, what do we plan to use them for? 

    I would hope that they have better charts (but looking at how over budget they've gone, I kind of doubt it).  But what are we planning to do with the dollar amount that they spent on contract writing?


    I suppose it would paint a clearer picture, though.

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  3. Campaign finished off at a respectable 701k.  I think that outperforms the prediction model that I made.

    Most campaigns do about a third of their finished funding in the first 24 hours, but I think this one was only at 200k after the first day (maybe a little lower, even- I don't remember).  So it has definitely exceeded that expectation, even if we give it a standard 10% margin of error.


    The last time that a big campaign contradicted my system, it was also a CMON project.  That time it was Cthulhu: Death May Die.  That campaign went the opposite direction- it funded extremely well in the first 24 hours, but slowed WAY down for the rest of the campaign, and came in well under my prediction.


    If we contrast the two projects- I think a lot of people weren't sold on Munchkin Dungeon right out the door, but as they revealed more, I think it gained momentum.  On the other hand, I think a lot of people were excited to see Studo McVey and Adrian Smith do Cthulhu, but the excitement deflated as they revealed so many stretch goal investigators instead of monsters.  Perhaps it is also a factor that Death May Die put its biggest add on up front (the megathulhu) while Munchkin had many add ons that came in after the campaign was rolling.

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  4. 9 hours ago, NomadZeke said:

    This update was laughable. Basically "We're financially dead in the water...but we'll figure it out!"



    Yeah, I'm really not sure where they're getting their optimism.

    Also, it should be noted that EVERY project went significantly over budget.


    I really want someone to work out something with Archon.  It seems really sour for the minis to be made and just stored in a warehouse, then dumped.

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  5. On 2/7/2019 at 10:27 AM, Disciple of Sakura said:

    I've only backed 2 CMON KSs, but I got both of them, even though the first was delivered behind schedule. I feel I got an excellent value for the price paid, and some wonderful miniatures. I'm not sure why people would be upset about the company on the whole, but to each their own.



    Complaints about CMON are as follows:

    - They don't communicate a whole lot.  Expect few updates.   But they have always delivered.

    - Two of their early Kickstarters had some poor quality miniatures in them- especially Sedition Wars.  In my opinion, they have been improving their quality quite a lot, but some folks just feel burned forever.

    - Some people feel that Kickstarter should only be used by tiny startup companies, and hate on any established company running a Kickstarter for something that they could (in theory) just produce for retail.  To be fair to CMON, they do produce games that go straight to retail, but people don't seem to talk about them nearly as much as their big Kickstarter projects.


    - Some people have had bad experiences with their customer service, and dislike them because of that.

    - Some people hate Kickstarter exclusives, and CMON are well known for adding a lot of exclusive gameplay content to their Kickstarter bundles.  They also make sure to never offer those exclusives again, so if you missed the Kickstarter, you probably missed some potential part of the game forever.


    - CMON does not feel the need to support all of its games outside of the Kickstarter.  So many of the games will never receive another expansion after the all in Kickstarter bundle.


    - Recently, CMON has had a few non-exclusives that never made it to retail.  According to CMON, those items will go to retail if they believe that there is demand for them, but backers who decided to wait on some of the non-exclusives feel burned by this.


    - Some people don't like their games.  Honestly, I don't see any flaw that applies to all of them, but some of us do get annoyed when something we don't like is more popular than we think it should be.




    All together, I think they're pretty decent.  I like more of their games than I dislike, I dislike Kickstarter exclusivity, I like most of their miniatures, and while I would prefer for them to spend more time updating their Kickstarters, I feel that their delivery record keeps me from being nervous about backing them.

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  6. CMON generally don't communicate a whole ton, so know that's what you're getting into, and it'll be ok.

    I must say, it feels totally surreal to see a CMON Kickstarter take so long to hit its initial funding.  Mind, the initial goal is really high, but it still seems crazy.


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    2 hours ago, Guindyloo said:

    ...Surprise, people selling things purchase their goods for cheap, put their name on it and then sell it at a big markup to make a profit. That's nothing new. I find it amusing that he's calling out big companies for it at the same time....


    - I think there is an issue here, because this is how he is posturing.  He presents 'big company' markups as if they were malicious money grabs, when in reality, he saw what was going on and figured he could do it too.

    - The quality that he seems to claim for his brushes is that they are cheaper than similar brushes, but the comparable brushes that you can currently purchase are quite a bit cheaper than his (and not have to wait six months for Kickstarter fulfillment).  That takes away any reason I could see to support this KS.


    - I wonder about Kickstarter rules.  I mean, he is really only adding his brand name to brushes that are already being manufactured and sold.  Possibly adding the name "Ghost" makes it unique enough to Kickstart, but the KS rules seem to indicate that adding your brand label doesn't make it 'new and unique' enough.  I figure it is best to report him and let the KS investigators decide where this falls under the rules.

    On the other hand, the potato salad was new and unique enough, so who knows?

    - I do think it is weird that people are defending the quality of these brushes with claims that the KS creator isn't really making.  He just promised cheap, and that's kind of the only point people have argued, and in my mind, disproved.

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    - Back on topic- it looks like there's someone on the Kickstarter who is sending out links to WAY cheaper synthetic brushes, and getting quite a bit of backlash from the backers who want the overpriced synthetic brushes from a Kickstarter that say Ghost on them.

    I'm starting to think that the guy who made this Kickstarter looked at the price of cheap brushes and decided to sell them to gamers at a large markup.

    It looks like you can order brushes that look identical to his $2 brushes on Alibaba for 10-90 cents each- including putting your own label on them.  Some people are speculating that this is what he's doing, but at very least, I think it tells us what his Chinese manufacturer is charging.

    It gets me because the selling point on the Kickstarter is that these brushes are cheaper than your normal gaming brand brushes, but they seem on the more expensive side of nylon brushes, and don't seem to have anything new or unique to offer.

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  9. On 1/25/2019 at 10:57 AM, Glitterwolf said:





    I always love the close relationship Nurgle has with his followers.

    He's not as distant as Tzeentch, Khorne, Slaanesh or even Sigmar.  Nurgle is your Papa.


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  10. 14 hours ago, ced1106 said:

    In general, the base game will sell on sale at half or so the price of the KS plus shipping. I've seen this more often with CMON games.





    If we're using CMON as the example, the Kickstarter base pledge can be had for $300 or so.

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  11. 14 hours ago, paintybeard said:

    Somewhat aggrieved to see this is already being advertised by Wayland Games at a heavily discounted price.

    Also, they can take pre-orders whenever they feel it.  They are nice enough to have a countdown (just sixty something days to go!).

    But pre-orders aren''t any indication that the retailer will get the game first or anything.  I've seen pre-orders go up before the store knew for sure what the MSRP would be (they just guess, and then discount that). 

    I've even seen some pre-orders (still up) for items that have been cancelled.

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  12. On 1/16/2019 at 2:00 AM, redambrosia said:

    I honestly can't say if I noticed. I'd have to pull the game out again (havent played it since last we moved) and take a look to be able to give you an informed opinion on the scaling. All I remember right now is that my Hubby was enthusiastically playing with the turtles :lol:



    I didn't back, but from what I've seen, the scaling issues were limited to some of the Kickstarter exclusive minis (which leads me to believe that they used a different manufacturer for the exclusives and retail game).



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  13. On 1/16/2019 at 2:18 PM, Gadgetman! said:

    Actually it sounds as if he noticed what GOOD sice 0 brushes costs, and never bothered to check what a size 6, 10 or 20 of the same material costs...   

    For those who haven't checked what a size 10 Kolinsky costs... Don't... Your wallet will scream out in terror...   

    'our sizes' are actually the cheapest in the series... 


    That's exactly what I thought.  Large quality Kolinsky Sable brushes are way more expensive.

    But I think he's selling cheap nylon brushes as a replacement for good sable brushes.

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  14. On 1/16/2019 at 9:52 AM, Cyradis said:

    Well now I want to know on that - Sir Cyr got the Dark Souls board game (not KS) and we need to play it still! 


    I'm sorry.  Ok, it is off topic, but here's how it went down:

    Steamforged didn't have a finished game when they did the Kickstarter.  They did have a finished demo- boss fights use AI cards similar to Kingdom Death, and other monsters use pre-set AI commands.  The combat was really fun, so the game generated quite a bit of buzz.


    When the game hit, there was a huge wave of disappointment.

    You see, Steamforged didn't manage to string the combats together properly, and that's where the whole thing falls apart.  The game simulates the way that the videogame respawns your character over and over again to fight the exact same fights.  It doesn't work- the game takes five hours to play, and seriously overstays its welcome.

    Other issues-
    -the mini boss is kind of a nice climactic battle, and going back to fighting grunts is a downer (makes the game feel like a long slog)
    -the Dancer's AI is super wacky- it behaves really dumb, and makes for a pretty easy boss fight.

    -any character death is treated as a party wipe- and this encourages heavy handed quarterbacking



    There are community fixes for all of these problems, and other things that I did not find to be problematic.  I would encourage new players to use the official "Classic Dungeon Crawl Variant" which gives you greatly increased rewards, but only allows you to fight each battle once.




    I guess this ties into the initial topic in an odd way.  What do you do if your Kickstarter is super disappointing?

    - Steamforged try to ride an odd line with Dark Souls.  They seem to insist that the game is fine as is, but they also have been supportive of community fixes.

    - Studio McVey released an official errata to fix their rulebook (I've heard that the fixed rules are good, but not a lot of people tried them out).  They also disavowed the quality of the second wave of miniatures- and before they did miniatures with Guillotine, they did a test run of plastics with a new manufacturer- and even sold one of them in plastic before going back to Kickstarter.


    - I've definitely seen other creators fail to acknowledge the problems with some of their deliveries, and I think that's the more standard way to go (even if they fix those problems for their next project).

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  15. Board game that delivered on its promises of cool minis but had unplayable rules that were taken by the community and revised extensively... you're talking about Dark Souls, aren't you?




    The Dark Souls rules made for a REALLY awesome demo, but the game is pretty awful unless you heavily revise it.

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  16. Yeah, if Overturn Rising Sands hadn't plagiarized the rulebook OR if CMON hadn't filed a complaint with Kickstarter, Overturn would have gotten away with it.




    I get the impression that video games fail much more often than board games.  I get the feeling that the Kickstarter platform makes it really easy for a game designer to turn into Peter Molyneux.

    For those of you who the development of Fable.  Peter Molyneux loves to talk about the game he's developing, and about how fantastic everything is.  It is clear that he sometimes spit balls with the press before asking his studio how viable some of his concepts are.


    So each Fable game was going to have a world that ages with the character- people would all get older, trees would grow taller, seasons would change, the NPCs were supposed to have fleshed out lives that made them feel authentic, the economy was supposed to react to the player's serial killings... the list of crazy things just goes on and on.

    Ultimately, Peter would talk to the press about how cool these ideas were, and maybe even start work on them before scrapping the concepts because they cost ten times what he was expecting.

    But with Kickstarter, if you've made those promises and realize that you don't have the money, you don't have a whole lot of options.  I think that the best success story is Shovel Knight.  They released the base game, and started working on the promised extra content as DLC.  Shovel Knight is a massive success at retail, and that's allowed them to pay for the extras (after the first release, they've been quite open about how they cost more than the stretch goals).

    *by the way, I definitely recommend Shovel Knight and all of the alternate character campaigns.  That game is a blast.

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  17. 13 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:

    They do a good job of making their sportsball minis not look so much like sportsball minis.. they have some amazing undead from their first KS



    I've been told by an esteemed sportsball manufacturer that this is how you make sportsball minis work as a business model.  A lot of them will work great as RPG minis or Warhammer substitutes, etc.

    A good number of them even have optional shoulder pads or optional weaponry, so that they can be used as either.

    And, of course, Guild Ball is somehow a sport that uses weapons.

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  18. On 1/8/2019 at 3:50 PM, Evilhalfling said:

    I really want to paint up the Lord of Change.

    just not enough to pay Warhammer prices for him. 


    that is a great paint job. 


    Yeah, he's an expensive one.

    One thing I've discovered is that I can easily afford to buy absolutely every mini if I actually paint them.  Time is definitely the more scarce resource.

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  19. I personally feel that Super Dungeon Legends and LOAD broke the risk assessment mold.

    SDL had all of their renders finished, they had delivered two Kickstarters already, and been involved in several others, and the KS was for a known successful property.  Their own Kickstarters had good communication, one was basically on time, and the other was a couple months late.  It was pretty red flag free.

    LOAD had all the red flags- shady past of a notoriously undelivered Kickstarter, hiding their identities, caught lying to backers, and a plagiarized rulebook.  No way that one should have delivered.

    I'm losing my faith in my ability to predict these things.

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